Americans are fed up with weakness and stupidity

Do you know that more than 75% of the voters in the 2020 election voted for Trump? No, it was NOT a close election, as the main stream news media wants you to believe. The election was a fraud, a coup on our government. Then why is Trump not sitting in the Whitehouse right now? This is a question we must keep asking ourselves and more importantly search for answers.

Are You Living In FEAR?

Folks this question and many others like it, have to be answered and we all know that there is a plan to bring back Trump. But it takes time to make this plan work. People must first wake up. Remember the prophets told us over a decade ago about this time and what would take place. You know I am big on the prophetic word as God brings these people (prophets) to us now to inform us and keep us on our path. So we just have to watch it all play out and take our turn helping out when we can. The key now is “involvement” as we must all now be engaged. No more complacency, laying back and being a couch potato!

If you end up in some future FEMA camp, destitute and hungry, don’t blame me!

What happened to my FACEBOOK site?

It is apparent that the deep state trolls and fact checkers did not like what I was doing with over a quarter million followers. I was getting too popular. They simply asked FaceBook to shut me down and then to come up with some laim, “legal” excuse to back it up. No, this is not just another temporary harassment but permanent this time. They did this just before Easter Sunday 2020. I guess I was getting way too popular as I spread the truth about the Covid virus scam, the migration crisis, sexism, racism, BLM and Antifa efforts by the leftist and their “social Communist Democrat Party to destroy our country”. Maybe I hit a nerve? Talk about blatant, out in the open censoring?

Oh, but FaceBook uses the excuse to shut me out that they must secure their site. Folks I have been on Facebook for almost a decade now without any problems. The only problems that did occur is when their trolls and so-called fact-checkers got involved. Don’t they have a secured firewall? So what’s the problem? This new so-called “security issue” is all made up and is just a pretense to shut you down and try to justify it legally. They are doing this to anyone with a large audience and whom is confronting the real issues of today. We know how the deep state works and the tactics they use.

Even supreme court justice Clarence Thomas recently commented that the censoring of FREE SPEECH in social media and the propaganda news media must end and is bad for this nation. He said it was an infringement on our 2nd Amendment US Constitutional rights. I think we can all agree with justice Thomas. So where do we go from here to get the TRUTH? Folks I am trying to help but it is not easy. You would not believe the attacks on me both in the physical and in the spiritual since I have started this journey as Mnt Goat. I have many connections, I have a ton of information to share and I want to share the information. We all need to know it.

When will the lies end?

P.S. you can still reference my past materials over there on FaceBook, as I am not planning to delete the site anytime soon.

Auf Wiedersehen Much love to ya all, Mnt Goat Yodel Lay Hee Hoo

Why do I Yodel?

Yodeling is a triumphant exclamation of feeling and communication that can be spoken and heard as a spirited celebration or of earnest sorrow.  The yodel was, and still is, used in the high mountains of the Alpine regions of Europe to greet fellow herders/shepherds of grazing cattle and sheep in the green, nutritious Alpine meadows. These men drive their livestock up to the meadows in the mid-springtime and then back down at the end of the summer. It is a very lonely job as they live in small secluded Alpine cabins throughout the grazing season away from civilization. These are rugged individuals as this job is not for the faint hearted, but somebody has to do it. Throughout the summer other family members hike up to their site with provisions to resupply and also to give them occasional company.

The Yodel is thus tradition and a salutation or greeting to visitors. Spending each year in the Alpine mountains gives one a sense of attachment to nature and the mountains. It is hard to explain, almost a sacred element, a spiritual experience, a kind of blessing enabling a closer communication with God. Other fellow herders/shepherds also use the yodel to communicate with each other since there are no cell phones or wires to communicate. This keeps them company and a sense of fellowship, kindship and friendship to help them cope with being alone in the mountains. The yodel is sometimes also used to greet occasional hikers that might happen to pass by on the trials. I have experienced this many times on my hikes in the Bavarian Alpine mountains. I have learned to yodel back to them as a result. It is an excited thing to do.

Then at the end of summer the yodel represents a form of goodbye or salutation to the mountains, like a short prayer of thankfulness for the bounty of the green, nutritious meadows bestowed upon his herd that season, now a fat, plump herd, ready for the market.

Let’s not also forget about the alphorn, consisting of a straight several-meter-long wooden natural horn of conical bore, with a wooden cup-shaped mouthpiece. It is also used by mountain dwellers in the Alps to communicate and often accompanies the yodeling.

Yodel Lay Hee Hoo


The push for socialism is right in our faces! Do you see it too?

Phrases like “you will own nothing and you will like it” actually means we are going to take everything from you, as they have to for you to own nothing….right? This means cleaning out your 401k, IRA, Savings, Pensions, taking your land, etc, etc to pay for their social programs. Yes, basically you give them your wallet. Then there is the phrase they use for the recent $4.2 trillion democrat spending package called “Build Back Better America” agenda. Yes, another agenda. This really means we are going to tear apart the very fabric of society and reform it to their social communist/Marxist agenda. Haven’t you caught on to by now how they name these bills and agencies? They are meant to confuse you as they have just the opposite intent.

So let’s also look at the global warming scam. Yes, a scam since there is more proof that we can not do anything significant to change the cycle the earth is now going through. Our impact is a myth. The reality is that the science is all there but they refuse to tell it to you. But you can research it for yourself, if chose to do so and just not follow this nonsense and fear. So through this global warming narrative is nothing more than yet another platform for their social change and to implement their agenda. Any laws passed under FEAR MONGERING should raise a red flag in your mind.

With this global warming scam, they have created a bunch of tree huggers. Yes, people who now worship the planet earth and not the creator. WOW! Does this sound like pagan idol worshiping to you? Again, if you are worshiping the wrong God this is Satan pulling us away from the one true God. I also find it very sad how they can cherish the earth so much and worship it, yet they have no problems killing unborn babies through their abortion laws. Do you see the contradiction? Do you see how they manipulate your thinking?

Papa Bush – fooled everyone with his global warming rhetoric

No, this is not a Hollywood James Bond movie bad guy. This guy Klaus Schwab, grew up in Nazi Germany and was indoctrinated with the Hitler Youth propaganda. He was still a child when the war ended. He is brainwashed into thinking the only way to solve all problems on this planet is total control by one “centralized” organization. He believes the state should decide who lives and who dies.

Okay….so you are still skeptical and don’t believe me that this anti-life agenda is real and is their goal. I know its seems unbelievable but they hope you see it this way too. This gives them time to implement their agendas towards this goal. Please go and read the UN Agenda 21 / 30 documents and then watch this video below. Of course this is not all the evidence there is, as you should also just look around you to see what the United Nations and its slick associate organizations like the World Economic Forum, UNESCO and others have as their goals for the world. These organizations are just more platforms to reach the masses and accomplish their satanic goals.

Its right out in front of our noses now.
You will own nothing and you will be happy! Really?
Who the hell are these people anyhow, trying to dominate the world using their crisis after crisis to expand their socialist platforms?

Where did they come from? Why are we even listening to them? Aren’t we a sovereign nation? Can’t we decide for ourselves how we want to live? Who voted them in?

So let's put this all together then and sum it up. It is anti-life and this is their agenda. But why would any sane person, politician or organization have an anti-life platform? Don't we lock people up for thinking like this? 

Folks, you have to realize the fullness of their intentions. Its not about caring for the masses but rather all about a tremendous amount of POWER & CONTROL. So much power and control that they can even decide life or death for you and me. If they ever should get this much power only God can save us then.


Biden administration is nothing more than the New World Order implementation on steroids

So what are the main objectives of the Biden administration towards the goals of Agenda 21/30? We already see them coming into play. Let’s take a look at them today.

MIGRATION: In 2018 president Trump refused to go along with the UN Agenda 21 forced immigration quotas (a treaty that was signed my Obama). Yet another one of these treaties, like the bad trade treaties is to destroy America. Open borders are part of the “One World Government“. So what does Biden do on his first days in office? He overturns Trump and goes along with the quotas. Why one must ask. If the Trump policies were working why change them? Is there some underlying conspiracy here?

(172) SHOCKING: Protestors try to battle D’Souza over Trump’s wall, fail miserably – YouTube

Oh… don’t know about these quotas? What quotas? Yes, that’s my point. they are doing all these radical changes right in front of our noses and not informing the American people. We are being FORCED into submission. Don’t you think we should have a voice in these matters since they can drastically change out way of life? But not just in the US but in all developed nations dominated by WHITE people. Yes, for the One World Government to be successful it needs dumbed-down, more controllable populations.

Are these UN migration policies really to HELP the world or to CONTROL it?

MASSIVE DEBT: In order to make an eventual excuse for the UN to step in and help the US out of the monetary mess of financial massive debt they must first create this massive debt. Why are the democrats on this massive spending spree? The democrats wasted no time putting us into a $1.9 trillion so-called Covid stimulus debt. Only 4% of this money was spent on Covid stimulus. So what happened to the other 96%? Is it is going to payoffs to the inner cities for the damage caused by the riots and learning. Something they allowed, knowing they would get a payoff later for reconstruction. We all know these riots and looting were a tool for creating yet more chaos (part of stage 4 of the subversion).

Then just weeks later a 2.5 trillion so-called infrastructure bill. Only 6% of this new infrastructure plan actually is going towards infrastructure. So where is the other 94% of the trillions going towards? It is going towards implementation of the Green New Deal which is nothing more than the UN Agenda 21 implementation in disguise. Of course they new the democratic process of passing such a rediculous bill as the Green New Deal would never pass. So they bypass this process and sneak it into the infrastructure bill. Is this a democratic process? Are these democrats really concerned about preserving our democratic process? Oh.. they talk all high and mighty but to they “walk the talk”?

There is a deep state plan underway to blackmail the US into financial submission to create their North American Union. This is why Trump was so supportive of getting out of the Central Banking system. When the time is right they plan to cause a very severe financial crisis beyond your imagination. Then the UN to the rescue. But this rescue will come at a price, a huge price. It will be so bad citizens will scream for help and accept easily what they propose. This is why we have had many of these wars in the middle eastern countries too. They do not want to join this Central Banking system, which essentially is the banking cartel of the One World Government. This is why Iraq too is being held back from opportunities and progress thus delays in getting the dinar reinstated. Yes, they make up excuse after excuse. You see it and I see it. They do not want the Central Banking system to control their independence and sovereignty. This is really why they delay it. Their excuses, as we see them as bad for our investment, are actually good for Iraq since they delay what the deep state wants them to do with their country, which is not a good thing.

So, this new planned union for North America already has a name called “Amero” (or something like it) and they plan to take the US Dollar out of circulation and replace it with a new currency for the new union. This Union will comprise of Canada, US, and Mexico. NO nationalism, NO sovereignty, NO borders, NO military but plenty of free flow of people, goods, services and of course this means illegal drugs. Can you connect the dots now as to the deep state policies we are seeing play out in the Obama and Biden administrations? (109) Blackburn rips Biden for failing to “serve this country”; calls infrastructure bill a ‘boondoggle’ – YouTube

(109) Robin D. Bullock’s Powerful Message: The Revival Has Begun – YouTube

(113) The Eleventh Hour S12 #9 ll Robin D Bullock – YouTube Many of you need to listen carefully to this one!

(118) Robin D Bullock’s Magnificent Dream “STRONG WIND CAME DJT STANDING UPRIGHT” – YouTube

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan

The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe | Western Spring

The essence of the Kalergi plan

In his book ‘Praktischer Idealismus’, Kalergi explains that the citizens of the future “United States of Europe” will not be the people of the Old Continent, but a new mixed breed, the products of thorough and widespread miscegenation. He states that the peoples of Europe should interbreed with Asians and other non-White races, to create a multiracial population, with no clear sense of tradition or identity and therefore easily controlled by the ruling elite.

Kalergi proclaims the need to abolish the right of nations to self-determination and outlines the break-up of nation states through the use of ethnic separatist movements and the destruction of the nations themselves through mass migration. In order for Europe to be easily controlled by the future elite, Kalergi proposes the creation of a homogeneous mixed breed population, and as to who should be the new elite?

Do prophets scare you? Just because you don’t understand them, then they are not real? (153) God’s Powerful and Strict Message To B.I.D.E.N – Robin D. Bullock – YouTube

RACISM NARRATIVE: Is there systemic racism in America? (158) AOC called out over response to Chauvin verdict – YouTube We already see this plan to push and push this racial narrative on us. Just listen to all the lies. Is there really systemic racism in this country? Who is behind this narrative? Who is funding these rioters? We are wise to the game and we are not going to go along with it.

Will the Biden administration destroy all the work Trump has done to make peace in the middle east and stop terrorism by Iran? (164) Gen. Keane: Reports coming out of US-Iran talks are ‘disturbing’ – YouTube

So we can see the use of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa in funding and orchestrating the riots and looting of our cities. Are these organizations even legitimate or just scams for funding notorious goals of the deep state? Let’s look at some of the FACTS of BLM:


You know, I really feel almost sorry for those people who supported this Black Lives Matters 501 (c) (3) Charitable Global Network Foundation organization and freely donated millions to it. To date they have collected over $100 million dollars for their cause. But wait….what is their cause? Do you even know? Did you check them out or did you just donate because of the catchy title to their organization? Did you do it because you felt “sorry” for George Floyd?

If you did donate did you know that you unknowingly supported a Marxist / Terrorist organization? Let me explain. Yes, I think I can say for most of us that we do believe that “black lives” do matter and in fact “all” lives matter. Don’t we have a Bill of Rights already in our US Constitution that protect against discrimination? Sometimes kind people with the right intentions make mistakes and vet their good nature of being decent human beings to the wrong side. We tend to do this because we are inherently good people. God just made us this way. But there are charlatans, bad apples in the bunch rotten to the core, who will take advantage of our God given good nature. This is the real travesty. I believe anyone who can stoop so low as to do this are demonized. Anything to push us away from God. The leaders of BLM know this too and so they created this organization to prey on us human beings. They can prance around and make their fancy nice sounding speeches and do their interviews on television to convince you otherwise, but like I always say “watch what they do, not what they say”.

We have traced most of the millions from your donations to BLM and found that not one (1) penny .01 has gone to actually helping the black community. Surprised? Oh… but I thought this is what BLM is all about? So where did all the money go?

The money actually went towards the purchases of many multi-million dollar real estate deals by the co-founders as well as to buy campers, fancy sports and luxury vehicles. But that’s not the worst part. The money was also spent on funding BLM paid rioters and looters you witnessed in the streets in almost all major cities in the US in the summer of 2020. Yes, BLM funded the destruction of your cities. Did you know that BLM also funds what is called “crisis actors”? Yes, they are real people not imaginary in my mind…… These are highly paid actors that come to the scene of a crisis. They get on the cameras and sometimes even get interviewed to dramatize the direction the deep state wants to take the crisis. For instance, they even sometimes get a script they have to follow to emphasis the pain and suffering going on in the community as a result of the crisis. They cry and sound fearful for the cameras. These actors are not even citizens of these communities yet pretend to live there as normal people. They do not share in the pain the community just experienced. Here is the worst part – these crises are always deep state manufactured crises being used in the process to subvert our nation (go watch Robin D. Bullock’s presentation of How to they are Subverting our Nation). So they create the pain then exploit it.

Crises like school & nightclub shootings, riots, tearing down of statues, Jan 6th capital breach, etc, etc. These of course are all knee-jerk reactions and seemingly good causes at the time. They recruit innocent people standing by to watch. Later they attack them too. Yes, these same characters show up on personal cell phone videos and security cameras over and over again. Who the hell are they? People like the Viking Man with the naked, tattooed chest, horned Viking hat and chaps. Or how about the guy with the Trump hat and wearing the police vest?

Worst is that your donation money is also funneled to other global terrorist organizations to fund the same types of activities we witnessed here in the US like the riots in France and the UK. For example, anytime France or the UK steps out of line we see the sparking of yet another nasty riot in London, like during the BREXIT and mass migrations of Syrian refugees. Who is dropping off the piles of bricks at convenient locations on street corners for the rioters to use to smash store fronts just prior to the outbreak of the BLM riots? There is so much more to tell from my research. Why is the FBI not doing anything substantial to bring BLM to accountability and thus justice?

In other words BLM is a front organization for laundering money (your donations) overseas to fund these Marxist like organizations. BLM works through local BLM chapters founded worldwide. You might even have one in your own community but don’t know it yet. These chapters recruit unknowing, innocent people to their Marxist beliefs. They tend to migrate around college campuses. They use them to collect funds and pressure businesses to contribute. These funds go into the BLM Global Network Foundation.

Maybe BLM is a front for an organized terrorist organization started by the globalist Marxists? Could it be the same people in the United Nations who support this One World Government concept also support the BLM organization by allowing it to exist and protect it because is good for their cause on implementing their UN Agenda 21 / 30 plan? I will even go so far as to say that BLM was orchestrated from the start by the UN. Of course these are just rhetorical questions as we all already know the answers before we even ask the questions. We all must see the connection between the overall globalist plan and what is now taking place in our society. Nothing is coincidental!

Oh… you might say…. Mnt Goat you are making all this stuff up. Really! Then you go and research like I have and you too will find the TRUTH. Don’t want to know the TRUTH? Well….. someday then all you TRUTH haters may just find yourselves in FEMA camps and then maybe the TRUTH will finally sink in.

What are some of the stated goals of BLM?
BLMs connection to Biden’s White Supremacy movement
Where did all the money go?
Time to call in and use BLM to keep the borders open by any means!
What can we do about BLM?
  • Immediately STOP all gifts, donations, and any corporate funding to the BLM organization. Why does it still maintain the IRS 501 (c) (3) status? ;
  • Demand full disclosure, accountability and transparency of all funding received and spent by BLM. This means AUDITS by the IRS to ensure they abide by the nature of their tax exemption status;
  • Contact to your congressmen and senators and demand that the 501 (c) (3) status be immediately revoked;
  • Freeze all BLM funds nationwide and globally;
  • Demand that a full investigation of BLM founders for fraud;
  • Add BLM to the global terrorist list;
  • Confiscate all BLM funds nationwide and globally, freeze all banks accounts;
  • Demand BLM co-founders be investigated and prosecuted for Terrorist and Marxist activities within the US;
  • BLM confiscated funds (if found guilty of fraud) be turned over to other legitimate charitable 501 (c) (3) organizations that do help the black, white, spanish, etc. and poorest communities.

This obvious Racist narrative being pushed by the democrats is to cause chaos and agitation. If they can divide us they can conquer us. I don’t care if you are black, white, yellow or red. If you love you country you must stand up to this nonsense and refuse to go along with it. So who are these democrats anyhow? Why do we keep voting for them? Oh….maybe we didn’t and they stole the 2020 election?

Where does this stuff come from all of a sudden? Its a last desperate push by the radical leftist, socialist, communist (democrat party) to spread hatred and racism. They need to keep trying to divide us and create a civil war. Karl Marx says in his book that you can never subvert a nation to your thinking when there is stability, security and prosperity. Instead, you must first create an unstable and fearful society. This is the way to change society. Former president Obama wanted “change” and this is what he was talking about.

This kind of change is the only way you can then come in and take power and control telling the citizens that you have all the solutions to their problems (of course that you just created). So now we see yet another series of propaganda creeping up on us from these radicals. Where in hell did this “critical race theory” & “white supremacy” crap come from all of a sudden? Did you notice it too? It just came out of seemingly nowhere. Oh….but they have published books on it all ready for the school system. So they have been planning this stuff for a very long time behind our backs. Now it the time to strike on society! Since the COVID fear mongering is dying down they need yet another crisis, another disturbance to keep us on edge and fighting one another. Not sure what this critical race theory crap is all about? Then watch the following short video but ,caution it will make you sick!

Obama’s Critical Race Theory Right Out of Marxist Ideology

Did You VOTE for Obama ?

the racism narrative now hits the military

What is going on with the military? Did you notice that as soon as the Biden administration kicked into gear they rolled out the indoctrination program of the soldiers. Yes, they wasted no time. But who are these people doing this? So we see that the deep state is well seeded. They must have planned this for a very long time since the indoctrination materials were already prepared and ready to roll out. They just needed a puppet president to go along with such foolishness.

So why are the doing this to our military?

Unfortunately what I am about to tell you may shock you. But we all need to know what they are up to and how they are secretly manipulating society behind out backs ever so subtle, little by little. Now its time to hit the military. They want and need a neutral (not a patriotic) military force for the One World Government. They do NOT want soldiers who can think about protecting the US Constitution, an oath by the way, every soldier takes before entering the military. So eventually they will have to also change the oath for enlistee enlistment and officer commissioning. This will be a bad sign when and if we ever see this happen.

They do not want soldiers who are loyal to any one country’s flag, except the One World Government flag. They do not want this precious mindset of our special military that has developed since WW2 and beyond. This mindset is what makes our soldiers unique beyond any other military in the world. It is a set of God centered values, such as duty, honor and country beyond our own self-preservation instincts. This is what gives us the will to fight and preserver in the battle field beyond all odds.

These kind of virtues will is not tolerated or desired in the One World Government military force. So they must erase these out of the soldiers now in our military and ensure new soldiers do not get molded with the mindset of duty- honor- country, patriotism and nationalism. Go read the UN Agenda 21 plan. It is all in there. Don’t believe me this is happening to our boys and girls in the military? Please listen to Senator Tom Cotton and the Hannity report in the following two videos:

The Democrat “White Supremacy” Lie

Define White Supremacy: White supremacy or white supremacism is the belief that white people are superior to those of other races and thus should dominate them. The belief favors the maintenance and defense of white power and privilege. White supremacy has roots in the now-discredited doctrine of scientific racism, and was a key justification for colonialism. It underlies a spectrum of contemporary movements including neo-Confederates, neo-Nazism and Christian.

The Democrat “White Supremacy” Lie

Remember I have been saying all along that – “what the democrats tell you they themselves are guilty of”. You need to look no further to see their agenda for America than to listen to their nonsense foolish rhetoric and lies. We can go right down the line of items for instance: Russian Collusion, Ukrainian Quid Pro Quo, racism, inner city violence, white supremacy, etc, etc. Yes, the democrats actually spell it out and tell you their plan and nature of their plan. Why would anyone do this, you might ask? They do this using reverse psychology.

Reverse Psychology’s Main Principle: the principle or practice of subtly encouraging a behavior or belief by advocating its opposite. Reverse psychology is a type of persuasion. It persuades an individual to accomplish something specific by asking them to do the opposite.

So, having read the definition of reverse psychology above, we can clearly see that what the democrats say is not what they really support in reality. They do this over and over again is almost every policy of the party. So, is this just a fluke or maybe just happens once in a while? No, it seems to be apparent that this is a hard rule for them as if it is a party rule and a consorted and preconceived plan of some sort. This then becomes an “ideology” once it is a constant pattern of behavior. But we must search for answers as to where does this ideology come from and what is the basis for it?

This defines their party. They always flip it around and accusing anyone/ someone of what they themselves are are guilty of doing or instigating. Okay another for instance – they accuse Trump supporters of conducting an insurrection at the Capital on January 6th, however all these democrat run major city mayors and governors supported the crime, rioters and looting to destroy their cities as they did nothing to stop it. Do you see the irony?

So, it does not take much to compare what is going on with the democrat party to see that they are following the Marxist Ideology. For all of you reading this today that seem to desire the “change” that Karl Marx advocate then think again. Let me educate you on a few points about Karl Marx.

Point #1: Karl Marx was educated at a social elitist university funded by a prominent elitist family. The sole purpose was to educate Marx and later use Marx for their revolution. These are the same elitist white supremist who ran Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Communist Russia. Surprise! Surprise! They first had to fully brainwash Karl and indoctrinate him. No, he was NOT just an ordinary citizen with a desire for change to make society better and more equitable for everyone. This is the irony and deception of Marx and others like him. So, you can stop worshiping them now and making him into some kind of saint or hereos….. Karl Marx actually is everything that he says he despises. Get it? We can clearly see the beginnings of the reverse psychology taking place. But if you really want to dig deep ( I will not do this today) you will find that this kind of manipulation of the masses has been going on for centuries in Europe by the elitist. This is how they gain and maintain power and control over society. Marx was only a more modern version and one of their recent puppets.

Point #2: Karl Marx was nothing more than a puppet and his so-called ideology is nothing more than a recipe / a plan contrived by the elitist. He was only following their orders. Yes, I totally agree that the Marxist ideology can bring about change. But change for what? Is it for the sake of change to better society or is it change to take away your liberties and freedoms, sacrificed in the process or end result or this change. We also see this “change” rhetoric with president Obama as he even used it as his campaign slogan in the 2008 US presidential election. Even to this day, Obama declares his kind of change “came too early” and “America was not quite ready for it”. What did he mean by these phrases?

Point #3: The Marxism (or elitism) ideology says that in order to have a successful revolution you must have chaos and disorder. How else will people go along with your sinister plan to change society? Certainly Americans would not go along with Marxism if they knew the end result. So, those like Marx bring about this disorder and chaos to breakdown the very fabric or superstructure that holds together a society. This way after you tear it apart, you can later rebuild it back again according to your ideology and beliefs. Society’s superstructure includes the culture, ideology, norms, and identities that people inhabit. In addition, it refers to the social institutions, political structure, and the state—or society’s governing apparatus. One of the tools used is “crisis” events. At first they are small crises then later there is always one huge crisis that is so horrific, that people will cry out for the government to save them and take control to implement their solution. Their solution, they will claim, will need total control and power over society to implement.

I know for a FACT, they fully intended to use the Covid -19 virus as this huge crisis using the second term of Hillary Clinton who was supposed to be seeded in power alresdy by the. However something went wrong: 1) Hillary did not win the 2016 election and Trump was on his way to a second term. So they had to fraud the elections in order to desperately get their puppet in the major seat of power (Joe Biden). The virus was coming Biden or no Biden; 2) the virus did not work in killing (murdering) the 2 million they (under Dr. Fauci) predicted and incidentally intentionally designed in the laboratory to kill. This was not an act of nature.

So, the plan was that by all these virus deaths then the citizens will be so desperate for relief from the pain and suffering that they will support anyone who promises a solution to end it. The solution was a vaccine. But Trump administration trumped their hand of crads and already pushed the early vaccine before he left. Whether he did this knowingly and intentional we don’t know for sure. But the end result nonetheless, is that their plan did not work out. This was to be when the power grabbers, like Biden and Harris democrats step in and do take total control and power, as in order to put down the crisis they created in the first place. But to do so, they will need you to give them total power and control. What? Yes, TOTALARISM ! In other words this is when the “dictatorship” was to be formed. Stalin and Hitler both used this ideology as well as countless others in third world revolutions sparked by the same elitist to take control over these nations. You will never hear about these other smaller revolutions, using the same tactics all over Latin and South America unless you do your own research.

So based on everything that has happened already, how does the deep state recover from the 4 years of Trump? The next step for Biden/Harris Administration is to 1)denounce Trump and make believe he never existed; 2)continue to wear down the American people with their racism, sexism, white supremacy and gun control crap. Then in the very near future (they can’t wait too long) to create this next huge and horrific event. In fact they are plotting this horrific event now as I write this news to you. The will be the event that will bring America to its knees. But only if they are successful. This is when they move into the 4th stage of subverting a nation. This is when they pan to get total control over America.

Hey, by the way where in hell did this “White Supremacy” crap come from all of a sudden anyhow? Think about it. It just came out of nowhere all of a sudden on the news media and out of the mouths of the democrat politicians. Like someone flicked a switch and told them to push it. This is very similar to the George Floyd racism narrative but at least they had a triggering event for it. There are no facts or anything of any substance to it, yet like the racists narrative, they just keep pushing it over and over again.

MARXISM Comes to America under President Joe Biden

Do you want to know a secret?

These deep state elitist are the “White Supremacists” . They are the same bunch of very wealthy, rich bastards who control the world and are pushing for the “One World Government” so they can control everything through it. Get it? They are the same Nazi and Communist idiots from WW1 and WW2. So, again with “White Supremacy” we see the reverse psychology playing out.

Can everyone now see that what the democrats are doing to America is the conducting a Marxist style revolution on America? Can you see the successful coup on the US government and how they seized control over it through the planned voter fraud in the November 2020 election process?

Now that they have some form of legitimate POWER and CONTROL, they continue the pressure with their nonsense of disorder and chaos is continue to breakdown the very fabric or superstructure that holds together a society. Oh…but they are not done with you yet. Oh…there is much more to come if you let them do it. If they can continue they will eventually “reset” America and rebuild it according to their ideology. This ideology of course is Marxism or we better know it as Nazism or Social Communism. You have to keep remembering that they themselves know that what they are pumping out is total garbage and lies such as on racism, white supremacy, sexism and so on and so forth. This is the key here, in that they themselves know it is all garbage and totally ridiculous, yet they will stand up in front of you and with a straight face use their lies, deceptions and reverse psychology to get inside your head and trick you and fool you. Maybe this is why Kamala Harris is laughing all the time since she can’t tell a lie without laughing over how ridiculous it really is? She is laughing at you! So, they will tell their lies with such straight faces and conviction, like actors playing out a script, for that is exactly what it is. They already set the groundwork even before the election with decades of manipulation in our colleges, universities and social clubs. So, they already have generations of suckers supporting their narratives. Now they are entering the grammar and high schools to complete the indoctrination of our younger youth.

How extreme are these radical democrats?

This is why we call them democ_RATS
Do We See Similarities between Germany 1930’s & 1940″s To What Is Now Going On In Politics In The United States?

There are many that argue that something like what happened in Germany leading up tp and including WW2 can never happen in the United States of America. This of course was their famous last words years ago. But now many of these same people are outspoken advocates that something very diabolical is going on in their country today. Yes, it is right out in the open today and in our faces. So, today I suggest maybe it is a good idea to step back in time and see just what happened in Germany and if there are any sound comparisons to make to what is going on today in America. But remember, if you do this you must stick to the FACTS and no longer support just opinions. First please watch the Rick Steves video below. There is one thing missing from his presentation which I will review this with you after you watch the video.

So what is missing from Rick Steves presentation? Again we must take a few steps back yet further as to why the Nazis were even allowed to gain such power in Germany. History books are not very honest in their evaluation of the underlying reasons as to why Germany was ALLOWED to rise to such power and control. Let say that there has always been throughout time and the history of man for a small group of elitist to have complete control over the world, thus a “One World Government”. We witnessed it in the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman Empires. Then later many countries of Europe took turns in their dynasty empires such as Spain, France, UK and then Germany,. I can go on and on but I think you know that WW2 and Nazis in Germany were not the first to want global dominance. But what you may also not know is that starting with the Rothschild family fortune of trillions started a streak of secret societies for lust for total POWER and CONTROL of the so-called modern world of the 19th, 20th and 21th centuries. Nazi Germany was ALLOWED to progress to its total POWER and CONTROL over all of Europe. In fact there were many companies within the US that conspired with Germany towards this goal. These companies were owned and run by elitist with close ties to these secrets societies and families with great fortunes.

Such companies included but are not limited to including:

Coca Cola (Coca-Cola’s hundreds of bottling plants in Germany were naturally cut off from main American support when America entered World War II. But Max Keith, the representative of the company in Germany at the time, redubbed the product “Fanta” for Reich consumption. The bottling factories and processing plant were then used to provide Germany’s citizens a key element to keep their energy up to support the war effort: A supply of sugar above what the government rationed to them. After the war, Keith, in an amazing display of company loyalty, turned over the wartime profits to the parent company when the Allied armies arrived, when surely the gigantic amount of inevitable post-war confusion and complication would have allowed him to sneak off with it and fool the post-war US government) Oh even till today, in 2020 and 2021 we see this continued support of Coca Cola for the social liberalist agenda in Georgia with cutoff of the financial backing that contributed to the cancelling of the Major league games in Atlanta, GA. So don’t tell me that many of these same companies are not still conspiring against democracy and encourage the bringing about of this new world order government.)

Warner Brothers (Even though Warner Brother developed a reputation for being the most anti-Nazi of major studios at the timeordered that the word “Jew” be taken out from their movies and invited Nazi dignitaries to visit their studio.,

Metro Goldwyn Mayer (Prior to World War II, Germany had been one of America’s most important film markets (as implied in the above entry, Germans had a bit of an obsession with a heavily romanticized vision of America), and as such, American film studios were willing to bend over backward to appease the German government. Even Warner Brothers, who developed a reputation for being the most anti-Nazi of major studios at the time, ordered that the word “Jew” be taken out from their movies and invited Nazi dignitaries to visit their studio. But the single greatest act of Nazi support was one done by MGM after the invasion of Poland in 1939. They donated prints of eleven of their films to the German Relief Effort after the war with Poland began. These bewildering dreams of maintaining a market in Germany only died off after France and Britain’s markets threatened to die out too in response to all this collusion with their enemy.

Chase Manhattan Bank (The Chase Manhattan Bank’s form of colluding with the Reich was particularly heinous. Because Carlos Niedermann, Chase’s representative in Paris, had very good personal relations with the Nazis, he agreed to their requests that the bank seize the assets of at least one hundred Parisian Jews that were considered especially worth pursuing by the Reich. This doubtless helped the Gestapo capture those people. Chase Manhattan was hardly alone in this, though. In 1998, the company was part of a suit demanding reparations from J. P. Morgan and Citibank for the millions of dollars stolen.),  

Dow Chemical (It’s not too much of a stretch for many people to imagine oil companies collaborating with evil people. We are used to the mental image of oil companies being willing to prop up evil dictators to have access to petroleum and similar atrocities. Dow Chemical was one of the companies that provided an insane amount materials for the Nazis, including not only raw materials but also American technological innovations in regards to oil refinery. The contributions were so extreme that it allowed the Nazis to forgo their previous quotas to accommodate the influx. This indicates the Nazis were taken by surprise in regard to how much material they received from these American companies! No wonder they were able to achieve the massive armament build-up that they did),

Brown Brothers Harriman (, During the early 1930s, Fritz Thyssen ran a business that he used to help finance Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. Brown Brothers Harriman was a subsidiary company that he used as a base of American operations. This collusion is of particular note because it was integral to the basis of the claim that Prescott Bush, father of ex-President George Bush and of course grandfather of ex-President George W. Bush, supported the Third Reich. He was on the board of directors for BBH and in 1942, the company’s assets were seized by the federal government.

Woolworth (In 1933, 1.25% of the company’s entire inventory came from Germany, but mostly it was in the form of trinkets, like Christmas decorations. At the time, even that led to protests in America because news was coming from Germany that the Reich was beginning its public persecution of the Jews. When Woolworth conceded to public pressure and removed the offending items from its stock, it caused protests over in Germany over the abuse of their “hospitality.”

What was significant about Woolworth’s interaction with the Nazis was a horrible thing that Woolworth did, that ultimately lent legitimacy to their notorious anti-semitism. Woolworth fired all of its Jewish employees. This won them the designation “Adefa Zeichen,” an award reserved for companies that were “pure Aryan.” Most likely Woolworth doesn’t advertise their products with that seal of approval.

Alcoa, (Alcoa is now the third largest aluminum producer in the world. Aluminum was needed for the Nazi Luftwaffe),

Ford Motor Company (When Hitler pays tribute to Henry Ford in his biography and kept a portrait of him in his office, it will be hard for you to claim that you did not have some connection to him),  

General Motors (General Motors was sued by Holocaust survivors for assisting the Nazi war machine. Beginning in 1935, GM built a factory in Berlin for the purpose of building “Blitz” trucks for the Wehrmacht),

IBM (n 1933, International Business Machines began providing Germany with punchcard machines that functioned as precursors to modern computers and databases. Documents have since been uncovered that show that as late as 1941, IBM was working in tandem with the Reich to liquidate Jews from Holland. IBM employees were training SS personnel how to use their machines to record the movement, sorting, and mass execution of large numbers of undesirables, at times right in the headquarters of death camps. 

My point in demonstrating proof of the involvement of American companies in the past support of Nazi Germany is because these companies today support a much wider plan and they hoped that Nazi Germany would be that power to finally get the control and kickoff this “One World Government” concept. These companies up to today still support this concept and are willing to throw away US sovereignty, nationalism and democracy, liberty and justice of its citizens in order to accomplish this global goal. This Nazi / Communist ideology is not dead. This is why they support the sinister UN Agenda 21 / 30 globalist plan and this concept of their plan is to still create this One World Government.

Why was Adolf Hitler not successful?

Hitler was not successful in WW2 due to him going rouge. He wanted it all for himself. The global elitist who placed him into power and supported his efforts were no longer in control. They had lost control over Hitler. So they ramped up the military machine and had to take him out. Remember Hitler had total control over almost all of Europe much like the European Union (EU) has today, although the EU did it without firing a shot. The amazing part is that these major companies are blindsided and now being fooled again. By supporting the Democrat socialist agenda for American, they are slapping the very hand that feeds them and allows them to make such huge profits. It is called “capitalism” and there is no room for capitalism in the New World Order.

Do you really think Hitler would not have controlled these companies with his “absolute dictatorship” powers? Do you really think that a future 21st century new global empire (with a One World Government of total control and power) is going to allow such massive profits without massive taxation on these companies to pay for their social programs? They will have to tax them since the control of the masses comes from the social programs. Somebody has to pay for it. Already they are resurfacing this idea of a 15% global tax on all companies global wide.

But to get to this One World, Global Government, they must step over the United States as our country is in their way. We still have a democracy, a strong military and people who love their National Sovereignty, Constitutional Rights, FREEDOM and LIBERTIES.

So, nothing has really changed since WW2 only now these ex-Nazi’s in high positions in banks, companies around the world and in the United Nations (UN) are having a hard time resurrecting a “forceful” takeover of countries. Instead they now use this ancient old Chinese subversion tactics that Robin Bullock (the prophet) and others have recently brought to the surface to remind us just how they plan to do it. Having said this the military might is still off the table for eventual maintenance for those who decent once they do have total CONTROL and POWER. These sinister UN leaders want now a “global military force” and to fund it in part with taxation of member nations. This 15 global tax is part of the planned funding for it. So, you see they progressively implement their plan slowly and they don’t care how long it takes to do it. Sure they have setbacks but always seem to bounce back somehow with this global concept.

How do we overcome these evil sinister globalist?

The only way and I mean the only way is to cut the head off the snake. Remember this concept may seem too progressed already and these elitist may seem overwhelmingly powerful. But with almost 8 billion people in this world we do still have a lot of power. They don’t totally control us yet. This will only happen if we let them. The first effort to stop them is to find the TRUTH and realize their deceptions and lies. Then we know the enemy and we know their plan. We need to “cut the head off the snake“. Yes we need to find just who these people are at the very top then eliminate them once and for all. The US also needs to 1. get out of the Central Banking system run by the banking cartel; 3. close the Federal Reserve and IRS and go back tot he US Treasury system of financing our country; 4.denounce the United Nations and pull all funding. Trump has began this process and Biden reversed it. We must also find a way to fee up nations and dismantle the wicked EU and once again allow for national sovereignty for all these countries. Lessons learned from BREXIT. 5. free up much of this global capital held at the very top. The numbers would stagger your imagination how much they have stolen from society.

republicans are cleaning up Washington, DC, Following Trump’s lead for Corruption Cleanup

Marjorie Taylor Greene Leads Push to help clean up Washington DC, expel Maxine Waters from Congress

Expel Maxine Waters

Jim Jordan leads GOP ‘for sure’ has votes to oust Liz Cheney from leadership

Done Deal!!!

The Subversion Of A Nation

Next up I wanted to explain a bit more about how the far left is trying to subvert our country into a socialist communist country. Since president’s Obama’s second term in office it has become more and more apparent just what they are up to. Of course this subversion started way before Obama and has its roots right down to post WW2 and the assassination of JFK and his brother Robert. Remember Robert Kennedy at that time was the attorney general under JFK and was planning on exposing all this corruption and this subversion plan. Yes, they put this plan together a long time ago. So, Robert Kennedy had to go too, especially when he later announced his candidacy for president. Oh, but the CIA is very thorough on their assassination jobs and leave no thread left behind. They even had to kill the assassin of Robert and then the assassin of the assassin. Do you wonder now why attorney generals are afraid to do the dirty work necessary to clean up the corruption in this country? Could this be why William Barr resigned just prior to end of the Trump administration in 2020?

Now we see, since Biden forcefully took over the role as a fraudulent president (a coup), that the efforts have been grossly accelerated and this Marxist agenda is moving forward VERY quickly now. He is moving ahead with work that Hillary Clinton was supposed to do way back from 2016-2020 but never was elected.

So, let us try to understand just how they are proceeding in their deception on the American people to subvert our nation. One thing we do know for sure is former president Obama is the puppet master behind Biden pulling the strings. The next layer is the United Nations and then the FBI and CIA working along with the plot too. Once you see it you can then connect the dots and the BIG picture jumps out at you. You can no longer deny this is happening, yes, even to America.

I can not think of anyone better to explain this subversion process than the prophet Robin D. Bullock and his presentation on this subject matter. It is in 2 parts and each part is about an hour long. So sit back, pour yourself a nice cup of hot coffee and grab that cheesecake slice you have been eyeing fr so long…… Listen carefully and attentively! This is IMPORTANT. Okay… so Robin turned a bit hippish over the years. Don’t get caught up in his appearance so much as the message. Yes, please don’t shoot the messenger! I for one think he is sexy… Hey, by the way you can download and copy this to a DVD if you need to pass this along to your friends and family.

Robin Bullock Subversion Part 1
Robin Bullock Subversion Part 2

(184) Robin D. Bullock’s Powerful Message: Things Finally Happened – YouTube

This is exactly how the deep state is working on subverting the US into submission. This is at the root of the problems we are now witnessing and have been witnessing since the 1960’s. But who is executing this plan on us? I have been telling you all along that it is the United Nations. They are the “head of the snake“. The plan is executed under the disguise &mask of such things as global warming, the pandemic, immigration, racism, sexism and social justice. These are things done to “destabilize” the nation. We all want the nation stabilized again. So we listen to those who tell us they have the answers to get us back to “normal” . But it’s their “new normal” not what we had before. How many times have we heard this phrase already since Covid? Do you see it now? Do you get it now? Oh… still criticize me and think I am a conspiracy theorist?

(185) Tucker reads ‘angry’ parent’s letter to ‘woke’ private school – YouTube

Stacey Adams – part of the problem not the solution.

Stacey Admas could not be a more perfect example of a seeded politician who has been brainwashed. Does she believe in what she says? Probably does. She may even think she is the savior of the country. She is of course the perfect politician to use since she is of color and a woman. But who has taken the time to really research this woman?

Stacey Yvonne Abrams is an American politician, lawyer, voting rights activist, and author who served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 2007 to 2017, serving as minority leader from 2011 to 2017. A member of the Democratic Party, Abrams founded Fair Fight Action, an organization to address voter suppression, in 2018. Coincidentally this is when the democrats began their attack to secure the election process, so go figure.

Her efforts have been widely credited with boosting voter turnout in Georgia, including in the 2020 presidential election (she was instrumental in much of the use of these universal ballots and fake voters and double voting, so yes she did boost voter turnout,,,lol,,lol,,,), where Joe Biden won the state. of course we all know Joe Biden did not win the state legitimately. Then in Georgia’s 2020–21 U.S. Senate election and special election, which gave Democrats control over the Senate. Abrams was the Democratic nominee in the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, becoming the first African-American female major-party gubernatorial nominee in the United States. Note the emphasis on “female” (sexism) and “color” (racism). She lost and refused to formally concede to Brian Kemp in an election marked by accusations that Kemp engaged in voter suppression as Georgia secretary of state. In February 2019, Abrams became the first African-American woman to deliver a response to the State of the Union address. Now she leads the campaign to destroy the rights of the state of Georgia to determine their own election process and suppporst HR 1 the federal takeover the state’s ability to determine their own election process, something guaranteed by the US constitution. So why is Stacy Abrams doing this? Is she really in support of the US Constitution or does she have another agenda in mind (UN Agenda 21 / 30)?

Stacy Adams attended Education:Yale Law School · Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs · Spelman College · Yale University · University of Texas at Austin. Where did all the money come from to send her to these expensive schools? Who was sponsoring her? Do you think she was fully indoctrinated in the political ideology while in these schools? Who recruited her?

Barack Obama and Stacey Abrams
Well,,,well,,,,well,,,now we know the TRUTH

Okay so here is yet a couple more politicians seeded in our government. See pics below. Why does the major news media give them so much attention? Is it to sell more news or to popularize their ideology? What is their real focus? Enough said. So you can see prophet Robin Bullock is right on in what he says in his presentation on how to subvert a nation. We see it all playing out right in front of our noses only many of us either 1) can accept the truth and deny it or 2)are going along with it because we too are so brainwashed we can’t see what is really taking place. We have sold our souls to the dark side.

Ilhan Omar Biography
Give radical Muslims more power in the US, we will show you how to run a country….
See the source image
The world is going to end in 10 years…..

the george floyd incident. Why?

They are brainwashing the Black population. Does their extent of racism really even exist in America today?

Is the G. Floyd incident a wrongful death OR wrongful propaganda and use of the situation by the deep state? I don’t want to tell you what to think, as the deep state and the corrupted news media is already is doing is fine job at this already. Instead, I just want to bring out the TRUTH. Sometimes the news media gets us so wrapped up and emotionally involved that we forget to take the time, settle back and to look and the FACTS and thus the TRUTH of what is really going on behind the scenes. So let’s do that today….shall we?

So, coming out of the trial of police officer Derek Chauren evidence shows that G. Floyd probably was not killed by suffocation but most likely by the heavy doses of drugs already in his system. However, even if this was not the case and he was as sober as a doctor doing brain surgery, the trial also showed that the hold down by police officer Chauren was normal police procedure and the hold down is part of police training and totally acceptable in these types of situations. These situations include when the apprehended wants to fight and resist arrest or detainment. G. Floyd was a BIG, muscular guy and an apparent threat to the police officer. The officer thus used his training accordingly. But what if he didn’t and the situation was reversed? Yes, the office was killed instead? Would all this fuss be taking place for a dead office killed by a black drug addict with a wrap sheet a mile long?

There is so much more evidence that came out in the trial that I will not go over, since it is long, that office Chauren should have been found NOT GUILTY of murder. But why was he found guilty? Was it the propaganda by Maxine Waters? Did she in fluence the jury with her threatening remarks? Was it that G. Floyd has to become the everlasting martyr? Yes, someone has to take the wrap to allow G. Floyd to become the everlasting martyr.

Then to put icing on the cake of corruption, they awarded the surviving family members $27 million US Dollars for a wrongful death. What? If they had to ward the money then why did they not give this money to the rehab services that could use the money to better help people like G. Floyd? The first slap in the face to all police officers nationwide. I bet if we research in the future where all this awarded money went we will find it went to notorious means. Then the second slap in the face when the deep state even wants to now name new police reform legislation after Mr. Floyd.

Besides everything else that has happened that this is the final slap in the face for all police officers nationwide.

Do you now see what is going on here? Like the consistent wearing of the masks for Covid, they now want to use the Floyd reform bill as a constant reminder to keep the racism going like the fear mongering of Covid masks. It is all nothing but pure propaganda and now we see a perfect case of how it is used to turn our society upside down and justify certain actions. These events drive crisis after crisis are the real crimes committed (for a specific purpose) and its time we all awaken to just what is going on here. NOTHING is coincidental! NOTHING just happens! Remember the fourth step in the diversion tactics necessary to take over a country – Must have Crisis After Crisis no matter how real or how fake they may be.

John Kerry’s role in the plot to destroy America

Okay, so first you need to know I am talking about the John Forbes Kerry (born December 11, 1943) is an American politician and diplomat serving as the United States Special Presidential Envoy for the Paris Climate Treaty. He also helped broker the nuclear deal with Iran. I will not call it a treaty because the deal was self-serving both to Obama and Hillary. The deal helped Iran to back down and leave Syria alone so president Obama, Hillary Clinton and McCain. could create a civil war thus sell weapon stashes stolen from Libya. I am assuming most, if not all of you, by now know that the Paris Climate Treaty is a scam. So you can see he is complicit in this UN Agenda 21 item. But there is much more to John Kerry’s role in deception and lying to the American people. What do our prophets tell us about this man?

(201) Robin D Bullock’s Great Message About A Secret Plan – John Kerry – A New Puppet – YouTube

More dirt on John Kerry

There are so many lies from Kerry in this interview. Nuclear Treaty was NOT verifiable and no inspections were taking place. He talks about Trump’s illegal declaration of war on Iran. Apparent in interview he is pro-Iranian. But what did Obama do in Syria in declaring war on Assad. Was this to secretly ship stolen weapon stashes from Libya to Syria to sell them to the rebels fighting a Syrian war, that incidentally Obama created (in order to sell the weapons and make billions). Why didn’t he talk about this? (224) Climate Change & U.S. Foreign Policy – Secretary John Kerry – YouTube

(201) President Trump says John Kerry should be prosecuted (C-SPAN) – YouTube

(201) John Kerry under fire over allegations of divulging Israel’s covert operations – YouTube

(224) Documents reveal John Kerry invested in numerous oil companies – YouTube

It is time to take the mask off!

I told everyone way back in the summer of 2020 that the only way out of this Covid scam is simply “defiance” and to “take the damned mask off”. Do you agree with me now? Are you ready to take the damned mask off? Variants of the Covid virus? You know this amazes me just how stupid this whole thing is. Every year we have had many variants of the flu (which is nothing more than variants of the Corona virus). That’s why they push the annual flu shot. Hello….anybody home? Are you listening? This is no different. In FACT the Covid 19 in nothing but a nasty laboratory developed version of the annual flu. So why all the hype? It’s political propaganda for a purpose. Get it? They are using this FEAR mongering to keep control over you and tap into vast amounts of money from the federal reserve in these stimulus packages. How many damned packages are they going to push? First the Covid stimulus package $1.9 trillion, then the Infrastructure Plan $2.15 trillion and now the American Rescue Plan and God only knows how much this last scam is going to run us. Are they implementing the Green New Deal? The sad part is this is not anything to do with Covid but a scam to get money out of the Federal Reserve in the name of a virus (that is not really even that dangerous). This goes on and on in the name of the virus. They get away with it because of FEAR of the virus.

How much borrowed money are the going to spend? This is the biggest scam ever in the history of this nation. I just don’t buy it!

(202) Biden FOOLS around with his STUPID ‘mask-walking’ scene amid new CDC guideline – YouTube

(224) FOX and Friends 5/1/21| FOX BREAKING NEWS May 1, 21 – YouTube

Marjorie Taylor Greene Promotes “Fire Fauci” Legislation
Just in….May 8, 2021

Oh… but the socialist radical democrats will keep telling you to “follow the science” on global warming issues. Really? Or how about “its my body, it’s my choice” when it comes to abortion. Really?

But do they only use these same catchy phrases now with the Covid vaccine? It is apparent they only use these catchy phrases conveniently to satisfy their own agenda. Do they really mean them?

Now let’s look at Covid 19 and the ongoing vaccination program. So what happened to “follow the science” and then “it’s my body, it’s my choice” with the mandates for the vaccine? So you see there is an on going program to Jab you with this poison. This is not about fighting Covid.

Ok, so Imagine this – changing the demographics of a nation so much that educated voters are in the minority. Instead a nation has a majority of dumbed down, uneducated immigrants who vote for the party that gives them all the freebies. Can it be that the vaccine is supposed to decrease our educated population thus “homogenizing” the United States with this mix of new immigrants. Now this many seem conspiratorial but add in the HR-1 bill proposed and pushing by the radical leftist democrats that will essentially would allow each of these uneducated immigrants to legally vote in our elections without citizenship. Do you think there may have been voter fraud in the 2020 elections? Well this HR-1 legalizes voter fraud so it now fraud anymore. This is what the democrats are doing to ensure they will stay in power for ever and ever. Like prophet Robin Bullock says they do not want a democracy and a president, instead they want control by party. There would be no congressional and senatorial representation. In other words what you want as American citizens would no longer matter. All decisions would be made by the ruling party …period!

In the following video Dr. Cole explains very clearly what many of us have been hearing all along and dismiss this information as conspiracy theory. You then jumped from the pressure and took the vaccine. Now since you have the vaccine and joined the ranks of millions of potential future causalities you do not want to admit the mistake. Instead of joining the effort to really educate people and stop this vaccine madness, you would rather poo-poo the effort as still conspiracy theory by internet idiots. Okay so I can’t get through to many of you but I try. This does not change the FACT that if you took the vaccine you can expect some very serious health issues, if not immediately then in the near future. These issue are coming from complications of the heart, liver, kidneys and brain. As Dr. Cole says there is also a very high risk for cancer, especially in the reproduction organs. So even not these types of patients are rolling into the hospitals by the tens of thousands, yet the news media refuses to cover it. Why? It of course does not fit their narrative. This is not true science.

Dr. Cole is collecting statistics on these dead patients from the autopsies. You can’t hide from the science. You can try to lie your way out of this vaccine mess but you can’t hide from it for if you stupid enough to take the vaccine you probably just signed your own DEATH WARRANT! It’s now just a matter of time….. good lock!

Biden’s 100 Day in Office Inaugural Address Just Flopped. More Steps Towards Socialism

Look into the audience, hardly anyone even attended his address the nation. Oh…Biden will claim it was to be safe from Covid. Really? NO! Folks this is an illegitimate & illegal administration now in power in the Whitehouse. I can’t even call this jackal fool my president.

Democrats & Republicans Alike Should be Alarmed at Biden’s 4/28/21 Address to the Nation

There was absolutely NOTHING positive in Biden’s speech last night on April 28, 2021. I am surprised the idiot didn’t try to give his speech wearing a mask. Seems he wants to be the hero to solve all the crisis that his party through the “deep state” was instrumental in creating in the first place. Did he even mention the crisis on our southern border? This was supposed to be his annual state of the union speech? The items covered in this speech, if actually carried out, will be the largest “power grab” by any politicians in the history of the United States. I just wonder just who his puppet master is? In summary I will let senator John Kennedy analyze his speech in his own words as they are mine too. This was a sad, sad day for America.

Biden and his Democrat Puppets need Crisis after Crisis to Survive

(209) JUST IN: John Kennedy Mocks Biden Minutes After POTUS Address To Joint Session Of Congress – YouTube

Is this what you really want for America?

(209) JUST IN: GOP Senator Rips Biden Moments After His Address To A Joint Session Of Congress – YouTube

(220) Trump’s aide finally LOSES IT on Biden for his FOOLISH ‘mask’ mandate during the speech – YouTube

Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future

This video features the compelling presentation by renowned physicist Dr. William Happer at the National Leadership Seminar, sponsored by Hillsdale College, on February 19, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona. A must watch video to really understand any concern for climate change: (254) Is There a Climate Crisis? The Science Says Not Now and Not in the Future | William Happer – YouTube

We all should have learned our lessons well on how the news media and the democrats ultra-extremists, socialist manipulate FACTS for their own purpose and agenda. Like COVID 19 pandemic (planned-demic) they are using this notion of climate change in an attempt to justify the restructuring of society. Think we learned our lesson over COVID? Nope! Still many do not see it and how the manipulation is taking place. These are “sheepies” and just go along with any agenda and can’t think for themselves. How many times must we hear the FACTS and learn this climate change is being used to manipulate us before we wake up. President Donald Trump could not have said it any better in is explanation as to why he decided to pull of the Paris Climate Accord. He did not do it because he was bitter to the Obama and Biden policies. The accord goes way back to the papa Bush’s days to early 1990’s. He is really the one who brought in this crap. Instead Trump pulled out of the accord because he stood up the United Nations and called the shots like they were….another UN scam. Yes it is a non-bonding agreement and Trump has every right to stand up and rethink why we were joining this accord. Folks this is way more to do with UN control and exploiting the US then climate change.

(254) Trumps pulls US out of Paris climate deal – BBC News – YouTube


New sun-driven cooling period of Earth ‘not far off’.

We don’t need to go far from the common sense of our own brains to see what is going on here with these events. Event, after event…holy cows! Where is all this nonsense coming from? So let’s take a closer look at the pandemic casualty rates again that we are being told were so devastating. Where they really or was this all a set up and another brainwashing using falsified numbers to get us concerned and fearful? So, here is the breakdown:

Numbers Don’t Lie Only People Lie!

Was the pandemic really as bad as predicted (2 million casualties)? Okay… so in March of 2020 we didn’t know the future extent of what might come out of this virus Covid 19. Maybe we had a right to a bit fearful back then. But here we are over a year later and what do we know now? We know what we are now up against. We know that the elderly (over 60) with health complications and existing conditions are the most venerable. We know that grade school and high school children are the least venerable. We know that masks should only be worn by those who have Covid symptoms and that masks do not stop these nano-particles that may come from our mouths. We know that the far left socialist used the pandemic to try to justify massive voter fraud in the 2020 election. So why have we not yet adjusted our policies towards Covid? Why do we still walk around in a trance, with masks and shields, FEARFUL and wearing any masks at all? Why have we not yet stood up to this event and called it for what it really is- another “intentional crisis subversion event“. You may ask what the hell do I mean by this? Be patient I am getting to it….

But here is the most important part to remember, if anything about this pandemic. It is the daring and manipulative officials who are bent on using the pandemic as a means to control and “remold” society into their liking. What is their liking?

Their liking is a socialist communist world under the globalist United Nations doctrines for global change leading to a “One World Government”. Go read the UN Agenda 21 and 30 documents. It’s all there in the plan. It will shock you. Yes, just another event perpetrated on us to help move society towards their ultimate goals or radical change. How else can they do it? Certainly if they laid out their sinister plan for the planet we would NEVER agree to it and go along with it. So they are doing it anyhow behind our backs deceiving us and lying to us. This is called manipulation of the masses. They use the new media as their tool for propaganda. They are using ancient old Chinese “subversive” tactics on how to conquer a nation without firing a shot.

Let us take a look at what the prophet Robin D. Bullock has to say about what is going on in today’s world and how these “subversive” methods are being used against us. Please take the time to watch part 1 and part 2 of Bullock’s presentation then look around you and think about the events of the past decades and even mostly this past year. Can you see it?

Part 1 Is Our Nation Being Subverted?
Part 2 Is Our Nation Being Subverted?


strong evidence that biological warfare has become the DEMS political NORM, weapon of choicE (even if IT’S fake news)

See how they work! But biological warfare has not become a common tool. This isn’t just the democrats in the US, but rather a tool of the globalist elitist deep state.  

1.May 7, 2021: So, Florida announces that their legislative process just implemented more restrictive election laws yesterday to clean up the voting process, as the US Constitution says they shall (must do). This is contrary to the HR-1 bill the socialist democrats want to pass in congress which makes the federal government the legislator of election laws contrary to the US Constitution and state’s powers. 

2.May 4, 2021: A couple days prior they announced no more Covid mandates, no more masks or 6′ apart bullshit. In other words they completely opened up their state. 

So, then what happens next? 

Oh….. all of a sudden the next day a new COVID Variant is found in Florida. Really?

Come’on folks! Are you going to believe this crap? This is total horseshit. This is what came out in the news: “As State Reports over 10,000 ‘Variant of Concern’ Cases”. Really? 

They are wicked people. How can this be? This is such a lie and deception. More propaganda. So obvious now they are now using the Covid (biological warfare) as a political weapon. Boy oh boy, if people can’t see it now. Wake up America!!!!!

Then they go on to say: “The VOC—dubbed P2 or P.1.1—is a mutation of the variant first detected in Brazil called P1 that is more transmissible and appears to have a higher risk of re-infecting people that have already contracted the original virus.”

They need to keep pumping this virus bullshit going until the 2022 elections. Just when businesses are reopening and the economy of Florida is beginning to flourish again.  When will this all end?

I will tell you when it will end. When YOU stand up and say enough is enough. We are not going to go along with this virus bullshit any longer. We want our freedoms and liberties back. It’s called “defiance”. Yes, I told everyone last spring of 2020 that “defiance” is the ONLY way out of this Covid bullshit. Just take the mask off and gloves, put down the stupid shields, rip off the floor these ridiculous footprints, one-way signs and go about your life. It’s over folks! It has been for almost a year now. Oh, but I still see idiots in the stores with masks and gloves on. I still get challenged for not wearing mine. So don’t tell me there aren’t still idiots out there who just can’t let the FEAR go. These are the ones the political democrat propaganda machine prey on….. Yes, these are the puppets the sheepies…



The Fauci Conspiracy

Are You Getting The COVID conspiracy yet?

Did you know that YouTube banned Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson from uploading videos on the platform for seven days after he posted a clip wherein he criticizes Washington bureaucrats for “working against robust research” on early COVID-19 treatments, including hydroxychloroquine. Go figure!

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro has strong words for Dr. Anthony Fauci and far-left network CNN for dismissing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19, after a new study found that treatments of the malaria drug combined with zinc more than doubled the survival rate of coronavirus patients on ventilators.Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Navarro says Fauci and CNN have blood on their hands.

What are the details?

“I had 60 million tablets of HCQ that Tony Fauci and @cc wouldn’t allow the American public to use because of their Hydroxy Hysteria,” Navarro tweeted on Thursday. “Blood on @JohnBerman @cnn and Saint Fauci’s hands. More than 50,000 Americans would be alive today.”

Are You Getting It Yet? Do You Need To See More?



corruption, corruption and more corruption
This one will make you cry!!!! It is now so obvious what Biden is up to and what he is going to try to do with this Green New Deal crap.  You see it takes researching what these bastards have done in the past in the Obama administration to now see the future. The writing is on the wall. You only have to compare it to what the Obama/Biden have already done, then to take a look at what Biden/Harris propose to see it. You have to see it! Do you see it? It’s not hard. Just take off your “save the planet” blinders and it all comes VERY clear. Let me explain it to you today.

So this environmental scheme of corruption worked under the Obama administration as with the stealing of billions of your borrowed tax money for his friends and his political supporters.  This green money program of his was pay back for supporting his election campaigns and continued support of these fake foundations that agitate and disrupt society. This is how they funnel money and do it legally. Folks it is all just a scam. Get it? The Global Warming is all part of the hysteria and fear to get you go a long with this funding of these projects. So here today is yet more evidence of this. How much more evidence to you need to see that this Democrat run environmental cause is only a scam.

No….. the world is NOT going to end in 12 years……… but you can see this is how they reason getting the money for these scams. AOC is an agitator to push this cause.

time to weed out the weeds

So Obama tested the water. Like dipping your toe into the lake to see how cold it is. He stole billons on his environmental programs in witch we got nothing in return for this money. So this was a beta test to see if there would be any political reactions or repercussions. But there weren’t any. No outcries even from the public on this wasteful spending. The outcry did not happen. Why? It did not even come from the Republican party or from the American citizens. So we are all guilty of letting them get away with this corruption. Was everyone too lulled already into this “save the planet” crap to respond? Did we now respond because we believed in this “noble” cause of saving our planet?

So now that the water was tested and no one went to jail. Yes, not one person was convicted of any crimes in this Obama scam. Oh…it was just billions and we tried to help the environment, so they say. They also say everything was done legal and so where are the crimes committed? So no one paid a penalty and no one went to jail.

Now the Biden administration is moving ahead to continue this exact same environmental madness only now on a grand scale. He proposes to spend not billions but this time trillions on this Green New Deal crap. Ok…here we go again. Folks we are talking about another scam this time at a huge proportion. Once again they are going to con you and me into believing they want to save the planet. Afterwards when these projects fail and trillions spent with nothing to show for it, they will only say….. we tried… This is like déjà vu all over again…. Do we have to go down this road again? Can we stop it now?

déjà vu defined- a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.

Remember they can not continue this corruption unless you let them. This is our country and we want it back from these bastards. This is part of the corruption that Trump talked about and he wanted to end. But they finally did a coup on him to stay in power and continue this corruption. Imagine that, a coup against the US government in a national election and they got away with it so far. If you decide to fight them they send BLM and Antifa to the streets to destroy our cities. Is this not what they did prior to the election on Nov 3rd 2020? Then the virus to give justification for universal ballots. They also want to defund and band the police so there is no one to protect the innocent and private property from these gangs of rioters and looters (terrorists). Imagine that?

So now we focus in on these politicians who speak out to defund and band the police forces and and these other crooked projects we know the culprits. We got a list of them now. We now know who they are. This is the good news, if anything good can come out of this, then this is it. Like the bible says:

Matthew 13:24-30 24Jesus told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. 25But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. 26When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. 27“The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’ 28“‘An enemy did this,’ he replied. “The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’ 29“‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. 30Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.'”

Like in Iraq were the Iranian backed politicians use the Kud militias from Iran to do their dirty work of terrorizing the Iraqi people into submission when they don’t get what they want. They are using BLM and Antifa here in the US to do the same. No different! Trust me folks God is going to weed out these corrupt and they will suffer the consequences of what they have done to this nation. God will soon collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’ The harvest will happen soon!


Are you being pegged as a Biden Hater? A special NSA list.

(406) MICHAEL JACO AND MEL K SHOW 5/21/21 EXCLUSIVE UPDATE TODAY NEWS – YouTube (I was just notified no more than 24 hours after this was put on YouTube that it was deleted by YouTube. So I just happened to have downloaded it. Here it is. This will shock you to your core.

You can’t make this stuff up and more shocking is that it is happening in America today as I write this post. When are we finally going to stand up to this?



A Binary Choice

Okay…. so many of you are my faithful followers. We sing the same tune of the sweetest song of all – freedom and liberty. Oh!!! …. And what a sweet song we sing together. Am I preaching to the quire? Sorry but there are many other people that do not feel the same way we do and have been brainwashed almost beyond recognition.

So, for those of who just happen to be passing by and are curious of the Mnt Goat, then maybe, just maybe some of this will sink in and make sense to you. Maybe even awaken you. I surely hope so and I pray for all of you. So, are you one of these brainwashed socialist liberals who are at the tipping point and even you now can see what this democrat party is up to. Is this really what you bought into in 2020? Have you had enough with this radical socialist agenda for America? Do you see the radical changes that will destroy this great nation that even you can remember it was once like and once loved? What kind of future do you want for yourself and your family?

So let’s begin our sweet journey to sanity and maybe then I can KNOCK SOME DAMNED SENSE INTO YOUR HEAD! Oh, you may have been brainwashed enough by the main stream news media already to hate Trump and even hate him to the point of hating your own country. So why do you hate Trump so much? Is it because you swallowed what lies and spins the mainstream news media has been telling you. Did you bother to research what they say for yourself? Yes, hating your own country seems now to be the topic the democrat liberals are pushing. Imagine that? But I will give you one example of why they want you to hate your own country. Go pull off the UN Agenda 21 plan for globalization and one world government. They must destroy the USA and patriotism and nationalism. The UN Agenda 21 plan says there is no place for these ideologies in the new world order So you see I am not making this stuff up. You can go and read it for yourself, if you really want to know the underlying TRUTH. But this is only one example of how we are seeing this UN organized Agenda for America being played out. The ONLY thing that stands between them implementing their diabolical plan for the planet is you and me as members of a great nation.

My perspective has always been this – when you know the BIG picture (the agenda at hand of ANY movement or the long-term objectives) then and only then, can you begin to see how the events now taking place in our nation are fitting into this global plan and thus slowly (now on hyper-warp speed) accomplishing these objectives one by one. I already gave you one example. So let me given you another. The UN Agenda 21 plan says that they support open religion as long as it “does not interfere with the objectives of the state”. So what the hell does this mean? You know what it means. We are already seeing it play out with the Covid 19 pandemic and the closing of the churches and large gatherings. The churches “interfere” with the objectives of the state, even though we all know that the Covid virus is a BIG FAT scam. But they use it as their “legal” excuse and this is how they work. Can you see it? But remember as long as they don’t yet have complete control they will need “legal” excuses. Wait until they have complete control. Then what?

What will be the outcome of all this current chaos and lies from the democrats? The outcome will be accomplishing their objectives or fulfilling their agenda. They want the UN Agenda 21, the blueprint to the one world government and globalization. They are not going to come right out and tell you their agenda because, if they did, they know you would not go along with it. So let me give you yet another example. The UN Agenda 21 plan says that there will be no borders and people will migrate freely. The plan calls for the “homogenization” of the worlds population. In other words the UN, thus the new world order determines who lives in your country. Don’t we see this now playing out with the immigration controversy at our southern border. What the hell do you think Biden is doing? He is fulfilling the UN Agenda 21 global government orders for “open borders” and “immigrant quotas”. These are the same policies Trump refused to go along with. So who are the bad guys? Who is really running this country now under the Biden administration?

You have to research and be bold enough to take a risk and listen to those who might have researched and have taken the time to find what they are up to. So even if you are a radical leftist don’t you still want to at least know the TRUTH? Remember this is a small group of individuals orchestrating their plan. Without your commitment and support they can not succeed and they know it. So you may call yourself a radical and a leftist and maybe in your mind even your heart is in the right place and you have all good intentions for humanity but do you know the overall plan and why this radical movement? Are you being deceived into supporting something way over your head and beyond what you thought it was? So THUTH finding is very important. Don’t you think? Are you going to let someone else do the thinking for you? Are you going to let them bully you around into thinking the way they want you to think without backing up their story with TRUTH instead of false emotions?

Let me give you one more example. For this example let me first ask this question. What party is supporting these endless wars? As many of you young people, who support this radical agenda for America you want PEACE. We all want PEACE and a stop to this endless wars. But what party supports these endless wars most? So, let’s again look at the FACTS to answer this question. Jared Kushner under the Trump administration embarked on an historical peace plan for the middle east. The goal – to have PEACE through ECONOMIC prosperity. This includes free trade and a “level playing field” for the currencies between these countries. This is Trump’s form of “global reset”.

Fast forward. What did Biden do his first 30 days in office. He funded Hamas terrorist organization through Iran. He gave Pakistan over 150 million dollars. These rockets now hitting Israel are coming from Pakistan funded by the USA. Who paid for these rockets? Who is supporting the terrorist and rocket program against Iraq?

So who really wants PEACE? Is it the democrats or the republicans? Is it these radicals leftists or conservatives. I can go on and on with the Libya, Syria corruption, gun racketeering from the Obamas, Clintons and Bidens in the middle east. But I will reserve that for you to research for yourself. You will research this won’t you? Even as a liberal leftist you still need to know the TRUTH don’t you?

Its A Matter of Binary Choice.
The Deadliest Ideology
The Leftist Depends on the Crooked News Media



Why we are not going to get the RV until President Trump is back in the Whitehouse?
By Charlie Ward and Mel K.

What’s holding up the RV? Can’t you see it now?

Everyone Should Listen To This Presentation Carefully. Definitely An Eye Opener. Maybe you will learn something?

Auf Wiedersehen, Much Love to ya all, Mnt Goat

Time to end this Subversion of our Nation through this Globalism & One World Government Madness

Take back our sovereign nation of the United States of America!

Will you Fight For to Keep Your Nation FREE?

We have had enough yet!


Is Joe Biden Demonic?

I get so many questions on this topic so today I thought I would explore this a bit more for everyone. Remember, then I am done with this topic you decide. I will give you my opinion.

Many of you may feel that something is just not right in the Biden/Harris administration. This we can not hide or deny. It is right in our faces everyday now. You can see it in the democrat policies and personal appearances in public (or in the case of Harris lack of appearances at the border). What comes out of their mouths often does not make any sense. It all seems so contradictory to what we need them (who work for us) to be working on most. Much of their polices are counter-productive to our nation’s values, morals and the very fabric of our society. So why so they do it? What are they up to? Many of you want to think that it was just another election and one party lost and the other won and we must now come to gripes with the situation. However, I can assure you this is not the case.

There very well may be a bunch of demons in the Whitehouse!

Oh….if they are in the Whitehouse then they are running our country…right?

More on this serpent eye topic later……..

The current “of the majority in power” politicians in Washington have an agenda for America and its not what many of you think it is. Oh..don’t worry I am not going to “bore” you with my UN Agenda 21/30 stuff all over today. But I do want to say that what we are witnessing now in our government officials is full of demonic hate, racism, sexism and the destruction and enslavement of the human race. It must be coming from somewhere. Who is behind all this? I don’t know about you but I believe this is not where the majority of Americas want America to go.

In the past, on my Facebook site, I presented a Video Set that suggested that perhaps the democratic party is the party of demons. Did you happen to watch that one? It is still on Facebook and so go over and watch it. To understand this fully, I must first explain what a demon is and how it can affect your life in the physical world as demons live in the spiritual side. Thus we can not see them directly. But we can watch what they do to people and how they temporarily possess them and make them do and say strange things.

Have many of you watched episodes of the “The Dead Files” on television? If you have not yet tuned into this show you might want to watch a few episodes to educate yourself. This stuff is real and its effecting people. Why can’t it now affect our politicians? Are they just people too?

Let’s go to the bible for a definition of a demon?

Demons are spiritual beings without physical form. They are evil spirits that are opposed to God and his work. They were probably created before the world was and, like Satan, fell away from God. Some believe that Rev. 12:4 is a reference to a third of the angels falling and becoming demons.

Demons are evil/fallen angels who follow Satan instead of God. When Satan was cast out of heaven, the demons fell with him instead of staying in their place as God’s ministers of good. Somehow, evil was found in them (Ezekiel 28:15). I know, I know this sounds funky and strange to many of you. But I was thought this as a young child attending a Catholic parochial school. Is this why I know about demons?

It is a start, but maybe like many of you, I also just put it all aside as a child and forgot about it. I never really understood it in its full context until I watched “The Dead Files” episodes on television. I then did some more research (as any intelligent person would do). So, now I get it. Now I understand why demons are so dangerous and how they can impact our lives. I was fortunate enough to at least get an early lecture on demons and Satan as a child. I also read the bible. We read about Satan and learned his tactics. Many of you were not so lucky as a child, and so what I am trying to tell you today may be hard to swallow and sink into your head. No, it is not all just fiction. In fact, I have since learned there are 120 different dimensions altogether that are known. Demons can come from almost any of them.

The different dimensions are like concentric rings like a target board with the natural world in the middle. Then what we call heaven next and so forth as the rings progress outward from the center.

Scientists are constantly trying to penetrate these dimensions and find ways to travel to them. Why? So, yes, they know they are real but how can they benefit from them? The main reason for this scientific curiosity is the lust for Power and Control over us that can come from these dimensions. If they can learn how they work and to work with the demons this would give them a huge advantage over the rest of us.  

Some of these demons from these different dimensions even want to kill us physically and then hold us captive in their demonic prison as their spiritual slaves, not letting us go home to heaven where we belong. Since I have researched demons, I now realize there are many types that work in many different ways. They come from many different dimensions. This is why these portals are so dangerous to us humans in the physical world. This is why I can not understand why anyone would want a replica of the “Arch of Baal” from Syrian temple erected in their city. This is symbolic if not even a direct portal to the demonic.

Most of these demons have never been born and lived lives in the physical world. They sneak in to the natural world through “portals” as spiritual beings. We invite them into our lives when we worship in demonic rituals and ceremonies. These portals are real and found in the strangest places. They have been affecting animals, plants and humans on the planet for tens of thousands of years.

But the common thread is that demons play on your weaknesses. For instance, if you are constantly getting sick and feeling weak and tired, you might want to consider a demonic attack. Some are not so obvious and use your weaknesses to make you do things (evil things) you might not ordinarily want to do because of the God centered love inside you. This is called “decent from the glory of God” as the demons are pulling you away from  God.

This process is also called “to be demonized” or “possessed” and many of us already have been attacked only we don’t realize it. When Adam and Eve were attacked by the serpent (a demon) thousands of years ago, Genesis 3, they were coaxed to do something they would not have done under ordinary circumstances. Living in this manner separated them from the “glory” of God just as it does today to us when we follow the serpent. The more we let it persist in our lives and the more work we do for the serpent, the deeper the demon seeds itself in our being then the harder it is to shake off the demon.

So, have Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and many of the other Democrats (and many Republicans too) been demonized? Did you watch the video above? Is this possible? Are they now doing the work of the demonic Satan? Yes, I do think so and they are now seeded in our government at the highest levels.

Are you listening to this nonsense? He does not even make any sense.

Did you watch the video above of Biden floundering around just trying to give a sensible speech? Oh….you say it is not nice to criticize him since he has 4th stage dementia? Well then why is he representing our nation as a pretend president then? But this Mnt Goat presentation today is not about criticizing him so much for his mental impairment. We all know this dementia stuff can only go on so long and eventually they are going to pull the trigger on the 25th Amendment and get rid of him. Yes, both democrats and republicans will join in. So, let’s talk about his demonic possession by demons today and see if this too comes into play as to why he is so bad.

Dementia defined: a condition characterized by progressive or persistent loss of intellectual functioning, especially with impairment of memory and abstract thinking, and often with personality change, resulting from organic disease of the brain.

I will let you decide for yourself if its all just his progressive dementia or if there are not also demonic powers involved. But to decide just watch them and learn what they represent and what they stand for. Do their policies stand for God centered morals, values and what this country of ours was created on?  Are they centered around DEATH? Do they really want prosperity and abundance for all? Remember also it is not always what they say but what they do that is important. Politicians are very good liars.   

The Red Sea is about to fill back in …..


Democrats want to Federalize Voting Laws and What Else?

For many, this issue of the recent proposed democrat new voting legislation in HR-1 For The People Act bill, that was passed in democrat majority Congress but recently voted down in the US Senate, is a law that would essentially “fully” Federalize the national election process and take it out of the hands of the state legislatures, thus out of the “we the people”. Everyone needs to know the impact of this new proposed legislation and how dangerous it to our democratic process. I know that there is lots rhetoric by the democrats as to the necessity of this bill due to voter suppression in the 2020 election. Really…voter suppression?

So, today we need to get many things straight once and for all about the so-called “voter suppression”. It simply did not happen. The FACTS show that there was a record turnout of voting in the 2020 election. So, I don’t get it. Where is the “suppression”. The numbers speak for themselves, even if you only were to count the votes that were cast for the Trump candidate and then add in the Biden votes there was by far a record turnout. So, where is the problem? Maybe the democrats know something we don’t. Maybe they mean democrats didn’t actually get the number of votes that showed up? Maybe something is fishy here?

Again, there is no problem, of voter suppression and the democrats seem to make problems and crisis where they do not exist. As a result, they create these knee-jerk solutions that only exacerbate the situation and make it worst.

Today we want to be rational and give everyone a fair chance to analyze this situation. Anyone with half a brain can see that something is just not right here. Are the democrats justified in what they propose in the bill? Is this a good bill for American democracy and will this make our elections any more accessible and safer?

First let us try to determine why the democrats would even propose such a bill in the first place. As they proposed HR-1 since, if one party can hold the majority in the house, senate and presidency they can control the policies thus the laws of this nation. Thus, they can turn the country around in any direction they want. This could be for the worst and this could be for the good depending on the intent of the majority in power. So, there is a huge risk that in this case the majority will actually always want what is good for the nation and not screw the people. What do you think the chances of this occurring is? It is probably slim to none and so our founding fathers built into the US Constitution provisions to account for this. The U.S. election laws date back to Article 1 of the Constitution. This gives states the responsibility of overseeing federal elections not the federal government as the democrats are proposed in HR-1 bill. Many Constitutional amendments and federal laws that protect voting rights have been passed already. Constitutional scholars say there is nothing wrong with the US Constitution and what it provides only it is being bypassed and fraud is occurring at the state level in the election process. This is the real problem. This needs to be cleaned up. We can clearly see it is more important than ever to fix what is wrong rather then go in an entirely new direction (knee-jerk reaction), as in the democrat HR-1 bill? Something smells fishy to me…..  

If the majority can control the election laws, they can theoretically rig every election going forward and thus stay in power forever. The democratic process thus is watered down so much it is a democracy in theory only and not in real practice. Oh, this is the same thing they do in these third world country elections.

But what was the real issue in the 2020 election that the voters claim was wrong in 2020 election process? Yes, let’s talk to the actual voters. Was it really all about accessibility to vote? No, it was not as we have more than enough proof of this. Instead, the majority of the voters felt that their vote did not count due to voter fraud and rigging the election results by the use of electronic voting machines, infused fake ballots and ballot harvesting. The democrats seem to want to us the Covid 19 virus for justification/excuse for everything that went wrong with the election. They are even noted as saying “so there were a few bumps and maybe a few illegal ballots have snuck through. This does not change the outcome of the election”. But does it?

Does the HR-1 bill address any of these concerns? Did fraud really happen in the 2020 election or is this just the imagination of over 74 million voters? If they claim there was no fraud, then why do the democrats insist on yet another knee jerk reaction to a problem that does not exist? Why not address the real problems that have been suspect and already identified?

Is this knee-jerk reaction by the democrats in reforming the election process just another example of how they use these crises to expand their power?

We witnessed this also with suggestions by the democrats that defunding of the police forces is the solution to the riots and looting last year. What? When I heard this I thought now something is seriously wrong here. Seems to me we should be doing just the opposite and funding more qualified and trained police. Sure not all police and good so let’s clean out the bad ones and provide proper supervision to keep them straight. But you try going out into some of these gang infested neighborhoods protecting the innocent everyday and see how you react. It also would help to clean up the corrupt justice system that keeps letting the same rioters and looters back on the streets to strike again someday. Am I missing something? Maybe this should be the real concern of Congress instead of this knee-jerk reaction of defunding the police altogether.

So, these knee jerk reactions tend to be a trend with the democrat party. They create a problem and the chaos that follows, then they tell you the solution. Their solution is just the opposite of what will actually fix the problem. Their form of a solution only will create yet more chaos, harm and confusion in our society. Do they want more chaos and confusion? Our God given common sense tells us these democrats must have another hidden agenda somewhere. Why would they do this to their own country?  So, am I missing something here again? Why won’t the news media tell us the TRUTH?

So let me give you some hard core FACTS on the democrat insistence that voter access was violated or not in the 2020 election:

FACT 1: The 2020 election had more turnout than in any previous election I the history of the US national election process. Really, as the total number of votes will show. But only if they are REAL votes. Do you get my point? So, how was this past election restricted then if you go on the final results and say it was a fair and honest election, as the democrats claim it was? Does the Biden/ Harris administration and the democrat run Congress know something that they are not telling us? Did they have a scheme of voter fraud in this election? Would they have won without it? Do they know the 2020 election was rigged and in fact a fake and fraudulent election process? 

FACT 2: We know that in many of these third world elections, the US steps in and demands human rights and democrat run elections. Oh….”having a healthy democracy is so important”, as they claim. But is this what really happens as the end result of many of these elections? We know that these electronic machines have been used to harvest ballots, switch votes and rig elections. The end result is okay with the US CIA, since as long as their puppet candidate is elected, all is well and they then claim it was a fair and honestly run election. But the people voices are never heard in these types of elections and real changes to help society never occur. The wealth of these nations is stolen and the people are kept depressed. Has the CIA and Biden administration used these same fraudulent election tactics now in the US elections? It seems all the evidence so far points in this direction.   

FACT 3:  In the U.S., no one is required by law to vote in any local, state, or presidential election. According to the U.S. Constitution, voting is a right and a privilege. Many constitutional amendments have been ratified since the first election. However, none of them made voting mandatory for U.S. citizens.

FACT 4: U.S. election laws date back to Article 1 of the Constitution. This gave states the responsibility of overseeing federal elections. Many Constitutional amendments and federal laws that protect voting rights have been passed since then. 

FACT 5: Two-thirds of states expect you to provide identification to let you vote at the polls. Why would you want to change this and make it less restrictive and allow anyone to vote anywhere, leaving the door wide open for voter fraud. In fact, a voter registration card ID with photo would be preferred since anyone, even non-citizens can obtain a driver’s license. This is what HR-1 bill was going to prohibit states from mandating Voter IDs.

FACT 6: Who Can Vote?

     You can vote in U.S. elections if you:

     Are a U.S. citizen

    Meet your state’s residency requirements

    You can be homeless and still meet these requirements with today’s laws 

    Are 18 years old on or before Election Day

    In almost every state, you can register to vote before you turn 18 if you

    will be 18 by Election Day. 

    Are registered to vote by your state’s voter registration deadline. North

    Dakota does not require voter registration.

So, if you read HR-1 carefully it circumvents each one of these election law requirements as to who can vote. Really? Yes, go red it for yourself. So, how would allowing 16-year-olds to vote make voting less restrictive? This is what HR-1 proposed. In my opinion lowering the voting age would only expand and dumb down the voter base, thus making the elections a numbers game rather than selecting the best candidate on the merit and accomplishments of the person.

Instead, we need more intelligent voter not massive numbers of voters. I am not saying that a 16-year-old can’t vote intelligently but statistics show that at this age, and even most at age 18, do not research a candidate or have the willingness to even take the time to do so. In fact, many adults won’t even do it, so how can you expect a 16-year-old to do it? Remember also that the socialist has infiltrated our universities and high schools for decades now and have brainwashed many of our youth. These younger voters are being manipulated. I am totally in favor of increasing the voting age to even 21 and making it yet more restrictive and responsible.

Is this also maybe why the democrats want these massive number of immigrants to come into the country illegally? Do they need this dumbed down voter base to succeed in their numbers game? With the current  restrictive voting laws being enforced these new immigrants would not be allowed to vote.

I want to bring something else to your attention also. Did you notice where the mass of these immigrants tends to settle? They settle in states with the most state given “freebies” and the ones with the least restrictive voting laws. Go figure!

My points from this presentation stem not just around the Federalizing of the Voting Laws in the US, but continued pressure by the democrats now under the Biden/Harris administration to Federalize everything. Yes, they want complete control of everything by the “state”. They are working at warp speed to do it since January 20th. Have you read the list of obligations from the recent G7 summit meeting that Biden attended? They are not making public the laundry list of G7 items his administration is expected to implement during his 4-year term. Will any of these items come to congress to pass legislation or will Biden try to bypass this process too and just use executive orders? No who is the dictator? I will give you one item taken from the G7 summit and that is a mandatory vaccine passport to travel outside the US. Yes, Biden is expected to implement this is the US as this is a global mandate by the One World Government. One World Government? What? Yes, let’s watch this one play out. My point is he is already taking orders from a “One World Governance”. He is only a puppet. He is not looking out for our best interest. So who is really in charge of our nation? Do you see how they are so sneaky in what they are going to our nation, slowly, yet ever so slowly….

Don’t be confused when I use the term “by the state”. This does not mean our 50 states but rather to Federalize meaning “state owned and controlled by the Federal government”. But why would they want to Federalize everything rather than have less federal interference and more individual state powers (of the 50 states) and more in touch with the citizens of the state? This is because their intent is not for the citizens to make the decisions but rather a body of non-elected officials. These non-elected elite officials stay behind the scenes and bring their agenda to these summits for the world leaders to implement. This is all these summits really are and so this is why they are run in secrecy.   

Just go back in history and study what happened in Europe and how dictators and monarchies were allowed to take power and the form of government they rein under. The US is a very special nation in that by the nature of our democracy and US Constitution we the people decide the faith of our nations not some outside elitist. The citizens of this nation determine their own destiny. The leaders don’t choose or decide for us. This is not their decisions to make.

But what have we seen in the last decades since the end of WW2 and even now more and more pervasive in our own federal government than ever before, is that the people are being left out of the process? Presidents like papa Bush decided to bring back the UN Agenda 21 plan from the Rio De Jannero Earth summit in 1991 and implement it. Most did not even know this or what this document contained. Of course, there was no effort to tell us either. If you read it you will see the evidence is all inside the document as a blue print to socialism and communism. Go read it for yourself. Did “we the people” decide this or some crooked politicians following a One World Government agenda?

Oh, they say but the people voted for pappa Bush and so the president has the right to make treaties and represent us. However, I will tell you the UN Agenda 21 is not a treaty it is just a “non-binding” agreement. So this statement is not true, thus we do not have to follow it. The UN did this intentionally so the plan would NOT have to go through the US Congress and Senate which have to ratify all treaties made by the president prior to implementation. It also is a way of deception in that bypassing the legislative process allows for this secrecy. See how sneaky they are?  

You can go out to this site

So, I will you decide if HR-1 For The People Act is really voting reform or a power grab by the democrats. I always find it funny how the democrats seem to name these bills with catchy terms to suggest its really for the people, “we the people”. Again I say there is almost always just the opposite meaning in what they do from what they say. Yes, they can get on their podiums, sounding so patriotic and spill out their rhetoric lies over and over again to try to convince you it is all so wonderful but when you actually dig into the bill (yes, read it) you too will see the detriment it will bring to this nations election process. There is no hiding it. So, this bill was introduced in 2018, then in 2019 again. It was then voted on and rejected by the senate and this time again in 2021 it was also put down on the senate vote. Let this be a lesson to us just how harmful these democrats want to be to our nation. This is no joke. They will try again and again if we let them. This bill must be rejected for good and thrown in the trash can forever and never brought to the house again.



The Clinton / Obama / Biden Connection with the Satanic

Okay, so many of you may not believe what I am about to tell. Many of you may be die-hard supporters of the past presidents of Clinton and Obama and even voted for them, not once but twice. But let’s be fair today and open our minds. Just read what I have to say and then watch the videos I am presenting. As you know I am all about finding the TRUTH even if at times I might be a wee bit off, I always try to find my way and get to the bottom of it eventually. So this is the case with these three political families- Clintons, Obamas and the Bidens.

To start my brief explanation of how these characters are all connected to Satanic Baal worship, I need to remind you of the steps of how to subvert a nation. Do you remember that in one of those steps they need to seed their puppets within your government? By seeding these puppets they can best influence your society. The goal has always been to seed the puppet at the very top if not also in the congress and senate as leaders. Do we see this too now in the “house”? But let’s leave Pelosi and Schumer for another day and only to say that they too are part of the satanic plan for America.

If you were to take the United Nations (UN) Agenda 21 / 30 plans and actually take the time to read it, you would see how they plan to manipulate society to eventually conform it to Baal Worship as the state sponsored religion. Think I’m kidding? I know this sounds ridiculous but is it reality? How much longer are we going to be in denial before we wake up? Will it be too late once someone or something finally slams us over the head to wake us up to this satanic agenda they are pushing on us. Now more than ever it is out in the open with the illegal takeover of our government (coup) from the 2020 election. Yes, this satanic stuff Joe Biden is now right in our faces.

I do not have all the answers for you today in this short presentation but I can expose to you want I and many of the modern day prophets believe is going on. I warn you though that like many things that I try to explain to you and present to you – DO NOT TRY TO PINPOINT ONE SINGLE EVENT OR ITEM ! I am saying this for two reasons: 1. everything is interrelated and 2. your lack of biblical knowledge may not be up- to- par, sort of speaking. We must turn to the bible for answers. I am not a bible scholar but we can go those that are for information and guidance. Why not then do it? Why not visit the prophets?

Our lives move in a circle. If you pay attention to life in general everything is cyclic. We are born, live our lives and then we die. We often find ourselves saying “did I just do that” ?Seems we tend to mirror our parents way to close. The seasons come and go. Our DNA is carried down to our ancestors and life continues. The cycle is completed.

But there is a much larger cycle to pay attention to. This cycle is often overlooked as we go about our daily lives. It actually stems way back to the beginning of mankind and repeats itself over and over again through the ages. I encourage you to read the book of Genesis in the Old Testament. For me it was an eye opener that sets the stage for the satanic worshiping we are now seeing in our society. Nothing ever changes, except one thing. This thing is the getting closer and closers to the “end times”. Am I saying we are now living the end times? No, but as time progresses we get closer and closer to that point. So the cycle of life is actually like concentric circles as they close in on each other slowly over tens of thousands of years bringing us to the final end. But what will the end look like? Will it be letting Satan finally reign and take control?

See the source image
Life is cyclic like concentric circles

There are many people who are Christians and still believe that some disasters or accidents are done by God and are for a purpose. This could not be farther from the TRUTH. God does not bring these evil things to us. These are caused either by our negligence, being part of a modern society and being exposed to these sort of things or there could be demonic forces involved. Either way God then steps in to help us afterwards through our prayers. This is when we can make the best out of a bad situation and actually grow from it. But remember – God does not bring disasters, accidents or illnesses upon us. God is all GOODNESS, ALL KNOWING and ALL LOVING.

I particularly mentioned the demonic element when it comes to these disasters or accidents because in many situations it is the demonic element that is actually doing it to us. I know this is spooky stuff and we don’t want to face it. But imagine how many times in the past you blamed God for it when it was actually demonic spirits? Shame, shame and shame some more on you!

So imagine what our world would look like if we let these demonic spirits of Jezebel (and others) and Satan take full control? Imagine the poverty and suffering that would prevail. Satan will use you and make promises to you to get what he wants. When he traps you he then never carries caries our his promises. Sound familiar like many of our current politicians?

So we all need to be more diligent and just look around us. Educate yourself on how to spot these satanic people and elements in our society. Then make the effort to abolish them and free society of these evil rituals and satanic symbols. It may mean not voting for them or supporting those candidates who support your Christian or Jewish value. Remember Baal workship is all about taking of a life. Slaying a lamb or other animal is not good enough for Satan. It is human flesh he wants. and even more a young innocent child. The more suffering in the process of the sacrificial slaughter, the more power you give him. So when you see children being killed through the legislation process this is Baal worship being sponsored by your national laws. Yes, you are to blame too if you supported these people. One easy example is ABORTION on a wider scale. Millions are killed each year, yet few seem to notice or care less and less as time goes on. But there is much, much more Baal worship going on behind the scenes that is leading up to acceptable euthanasia just like abortion is fully accepted today. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease, an irreversible coma, mental retardation or reaching an age where society says they are of no longer any use. The practice is illegal in most countries but give them time. This is not the worst of it. Soon, if we let this Baal worship go unchecked, it will lead to the government taking total control over our lives and making laws that make more and more decisions of life and death for selected individuals. Something simple as the government interfering in the Healthcare industry will cut off or limit benefits once a certain age is reached. By the way this is in Obama’s healthcare plan. Did you know this? This is just the beginning of course as now Biden (Obama’s puppet) wants to expand the healthcare industry to turn it completely over to the government control. So you see how they slowly evolved their satanic practices telling you it is all going to help solve some crisis but in actuality they created the crisis to begin with.

Yes, they will always claim this killing of innocent lives will make a “pure” and “clean” society. Why not sift out the mentally disturbed, the sick and elderly, they will claim. They will claim they are only wasting resources and a drag on society. Sound familiar?

Already with this global warming crap they are using this as a justification for many things to gain control and power over you resources. If you think these death camps of WWII can never happen again, think again. This is all within easy reach for these Baal worshipers and would not even hesitate creating such a society filled with this suffering. This would be ideal for them as it would control anyone who descents or challenges their power. Remember the cycles? This stuff has happened before, way before WWII and can happen again this time in our own society.



Golden statue of Jezebel (Athena) in the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

ATTENTION: Before reading on, please first watch this next video first.

What is in this video? This video, as you watched above, is of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. This Parthenon is of an ancient temple for Athena. The center point of the show is a golden statue of Athena within the Parthenon. Oh, you might say, what is so extraordinary about this?

So, let me explain to you just how wrong this is, especially to slap all Christians and Jews in the face, but also to every human being today on this planet. No, I am not referring to the building of the Parthenon itself as it is a very good replica, an historical architecture to admire. I am talking about the golden statue of Athena. Why golden?

It should be apparent to everyone that gold is the metal of fortune and wealth and a symbol of great prosperity. Where have we seen this symbolism before. How about in the Arch of Baal from a Satanic temple in Syria they have also replicated and are distributing throughout all our major cities throughout the world? Again, we are told a symbol of fortune and great wealth. Then there is the Wallstreet brass bull chasing the child in Manhattan, NYC. The bull is a symbol of satanism and Satan himself is believed to have a humanoid body and the head of a bull with large horns. Again, we are told represents a “bull market” a symbol of fortune and great wealth.  I have already talked about these other satanic symbolic items in a previous presentation so I will not concentrate on them again today but only to remind you there is an effort to display a collection of these items for all to see. The collection is getting larger and more in our faces. Today I want to concentrate on this statue of Jezebel that we are told again represents this fortune and great wealth. Another addition to their satanic collection.

But is this superficial meaning of fortune and great wealth given to these items just deceptions and a misunderstanding? Afterall how many ever even knew these items existed? If we were to run across them in our travels, would we even know about the deeper inner meaning behind the façade?

So, what is the real meaning of having this statue? Note how the museum curator does not want to call the very large statue of Athena by it’s biblical name of Jezebel. Let’s take a closer look at this today and see why. Again these Satan worshipers know that they must concentrate on some other aspect of what you are looking at as they worship to slowly get you to go along with it. However, behind the scenes their satanic worship rituals continue.

Tennessee did not have to built the statue of Jezebel within the temple to still allow the admiration of the temple building and all it’s grander architect. Of course not. This is what really disturbs me, in that they have no problem taking a stone replica of the ten commandments out of the public buildings but can display such satanic symbolic statues and this is totally acceptable? Oh, don’t mix church and state they say? Okay then take down the statue of Jezebel too. Why is Satanic worship on display acceptable but a Christian symbolic statue is condemned?

How Satanic and Evil is the statue of Jezebel?

The meaning of the name Jezebel is translated to “The daughter of Baal”. That sounds pretty cool, being named a daughter of a god, no matter what religion you are. But let’s look at who Baal is defined to be. Baal is defined as a DEMON, ranked as the FIRST AND PRINCIPAL KING IN HELL. He has SIXTY-SIX LEGIONS OF DEMONS UNDER HIS COMMAND. He is compared to SATAN, and considered his MAIN ASSISTANT. Followers of Baal SACRIFICED THEIR CHILDREN, the firstborn of the community, to gain personal prosperity. Oh… there’s there fortune and great wealth deception. Baal’s MISTRESS was HIS OWN MOTHER. Because his worshippers believed in “sympathetic magic”, they believed they could influence the gods’ actions by performing the SAME SEXUAL RELATIONS they wished of their gods… engaging in IMMORAL sex.

Are you intrigued yet?

So here is more amazingly “out in the open” Satan worship yet many don’t even have any idea what they are really seeing and what it really represents. Oh…many of you might say that Mnt Goat “you are getting carried away with this stuff”. Really? Let’s go back to the Christian Holy Bible and see just how “carried away” I am.

Jezebel, from the Old Testament (Kings I and II), was the wife of King Ahab who ruled the kingdom of Israel. By opposing the worship of the Hebrew god Yahweh, neglecting the rights and well-being of her subjects, and challenging the great prophets Elijah and Elisha, she prompted the internal conflict that plagued Israel for decades.

Jezebel was an evil woman. Not just by biblical standards, but by human morals as well. She manipulated her husband, King Ahab, to do whatever she wanted. Consider the fact that King Ahab was originally of the Hebrew faith, and then after his marriage to Jezebel, turned to worshiping Baal. She also was manipulative in her personal affairs. In 1 Kings 21:5-16, King Ahab wanted a vineyard that was owned by someone else. Queen Jezebel took it upon herself to FORGE documents with the King’s signature (21:8-9) and send them to the leaders of the city, saying to have the vineyard owner FALSELY charged with blaspheme and sentenced to death (21:10).

I think before you start making comments on my presentation today of Jezebel, you need to do your research first. Jezebel is a name that represents evil, and I think it AWFUL to name a new born child after such an EVIL individual. Why would you want your child to be named after someone so wicked and bad? She may have been powerful and persuasive, but don’t forget that ADOLF HITLER was also a powerful and persuasive person. Children try to live up to their name. Do you really want your little girl to try and live up to the name Jezebel?

So to be fair let’s look at the other side too. The biblical perspective of the name ‘Jezebel’ is very biased. Jezebel was a strong woman, and the very idea of a strong woman has always been looked down on in most any culture, especially in middle eastern cultures. The biblical account of Jezebel talks only of the negative things about her. If you cast anyone in nothing but a negative light, of course they look evil. There’s a book by Leslie Hazelton called “Jezebel, the untold story of the Bible’s harlot queen”. I strongly recommend reading that book for some much better insight about Jezebel, and not base assumptions on what I see as a very biased account as seen in the Bible, namely in the Book of Kings. Many think Jezebel got a bum rap. After all, we’re all sinners in the eyes of God, we’ve all done awful things. Who are we to judge her on a lot of one-sided biblical testimony?

Okay now we heard both sides about Jezebel. We must think when we read this stuff. I Leslie Hazelton a Satin worshiper? Is this the real reason she wrote her book about Jezebel to try to get you to accept her. Did she really just get a “bum rap”. Folks we must all pay for the sins we commit when we cause suffering to other human beings. Yes, God is always open for recompense and forgiveness. But that is for God to decide when we die. In the case of Jezebel she showed no recompense for her sins nor did she try to make  it right with God while she was alive. Why should we now judge her not put her is “negative light”? After all it is NOT us duty to judge her but for God to judge. We are just stating FACTS about the life she led and the satanic worshiping and connection she had with Satan.

So this attitude that it is okay to allow these Satan worshipers into our society is not okay by any means, unless you too worship Satan and support his dark agenda. Is this really what you want? Think about it!

Other cruel acts credited to Jezebel are written in the following: 1 Kings 9, 16:31-32, 18:13-46, 19:1-3, 21:1–16 and Revelation 2:20. These cruel acts totally out weight any good she might have done to society in ancient times not the other way around. Get it? Let’s stop these devil worshipers in our country before this gets out of hand, if it has not already. I have shown you that very possibly Satan and some of these devil worshipers are now in our Whitehouse running the country. Can it get any worse than this?  

So why is this statue of Jezebel so bad?

Again we must go back to the bible and see what it says. When Jesus was with us n person he repeated over and over again not to worship false gods. He said there was only one (1) God and that was his father in heaven. Yes, three entities under one God. In ancient times people worshiped false gods as the god of water, god of the sky, etc, etc,, A god for everything. What was really going on is that they worshiped Satan, thinking their powers came from these gods of Satan.

1 Corinthians 8:6 – But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him. 

Deuteronomy 6:4 – Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD.

James 2:19 – Thou believe that there is one God; thou does well: the devils also believe, and tremble.

Folks let me conclude by saying that these people from the Old Testament were real, not just some characters from the past that are no longer relevant. Yes, real people with real life experiences. They are telling us their story from the past so we can learn from them. This same Holy God of Light as well as these same demonic forces are alive today only society has changed.

The “bull” once again. Devil Worship is becoming now part of our culture and Christianity is put aside

Glycon, also spelled Glykon, was an ancient snake god. He had a large and influential cult within the Roman Empire in the 2nd century, with contemporary satirist Lucian providing the primary literary reference to the deity. Lucian claimed Glycon was created in the mid-2nd century by the Greek prophet Alexander of Abonoteichos. Lucian was ill-disposed toward the cult, calling Alexander a false prophet and accusing the whole enterprise of being a hoax: Glycon himself was supposedly a hand puppet.

So what are the Mnt Goat points in even talking about Glycon?

The following video is about a magician on Penn and Teller “Fool Us” show. Relax and watch his trickery. Have you ever watched it? This guy does a nice magic trick using Glycon as robot and central to his trick. My points are these: people are accepting these images way to freely. In the background we see the satanic “bull” once again with the head of a bull and the body of a human. If you look carefully you see the devil images are now all around us. Satan has infiltrated our society. Oh…we say its just a magic trick or just a TV commercial. But this is how they work to brainwash you. It is a slow process and takes decades.

My second point is that even in ancient times they used trickery (like today) to get people to go along with their nonsense and eventually convince people that the devil (and his demonic gods) can give them powers if they would only worship him with sacrifices. They convince people that the devil is worth more than God himself. In modern times, they have slowly moved millions away from God. If you study Glycon there is not a finer example of this practice of deception on the people in ancient time. Nothing has really changed. The deception of socialism and communism is so prevalent. We can see this too now in our society where the satanic witches slowly convince us that this pedophilia and people trafficing into slavery is okay and acceptable.

Why Are We Using Satanic Cult Rituals to Market & Sell Products?

Folks this is scary stuff. Satan has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. When are we going to say NO to Satan and YES to God? When are we going to have had enough and clean this stuff out of our society? Do we need the wrath of God to come down upon us first? Look at how they even marketed the product. What are they really trying to say? Just look at the cult symbols… Would they have ever tried this stunt even back as far as the 1980’s? Probably not, so what has changed?

The devil doesn’t only wear Prada. The new “Satan shoe” sparked intense debate online over Nike Air Max 97s sneakers. If the sneakers themselves were not bad enough as they make a mockery of Christianity, they decided to release the sneakers over Palm Sunday weekend as “Satan Shoes”. The shoes feature a bronze pentagram charm, an inverted cross — and actual human blood. Note also the satanic shoe box.

The “Satan shoes”, Nike Air Max 97s, are a collaboration between the “Old Town Road” rapper and New York-based art collective MSCHF. The sneakers launched as a limited edition collection of 666 pairs. According to the producer,  each shoe continues about 2 fluid ounces of red ink and “one drop” of human blood in the sole. The blood came from the MSCHF team. 

The sneakers are priced at $1,018 — a reference to the bible passage Luke 10:18, which reads, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven,” the collective told CBS News on Monday.  And thou, Capernaum, which art exalted to heaven, shalt be thrust down to hell. 16He that heareth you heareth me; and he that despiseth you despiseth me; and he that despiseth me despiseth him that sent me. 17And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name. 18And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. 

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem criticized the collaboration, tweeting, “We are in a fight for the soul of our nation.”


Is the speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi as corrupt as they come?

I am not out to bash anyone, but when corruption stares you in the face something has to be done about it. When the speaker of the house holds up good legislation and then pushes back on other proposed legislation that seemingly is bad for the nation as a whole, then we must ask ourselves what is going on here. Something is fishy. The news media should be jumping all over the background and history of investments by the Pelosi family and the relationship to the legislation she moves upon. Is this a preview of their socialist agenda is for America? But FOX news did just that. Kudos to Fox! So I don’t care even if you are a democrat or republican or other party member. Corruption is corruption and it must be stopped. Maybe that is what president Trump was all about? Maybe this is why speaker Pelosi was so adamant about getting rid of him? Just asking…. Watch the following results in this video by Fox news on the investigation of Nancy Pelosi and her husband’s investments, then you decide. Just saying….. Who are you going to support going forward?


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Yodel lee hee hoo!
Let us shout for LIBERTY, FREEDOM and JUSTICE from the highest mountain tops! Yodel lee hee hoo!


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