The World Economic Forum

Taking a Look at this Sinister Organization

WHY THIS SECTION: I have decided to create this section to WARN people of this diabolical plan being now orchestrated by this sinister organization that calls itself The World Economic Forum (WEF). Who are these people? Who the hell gave them permission to come into our lives, into our sovereign nation and influence our politicians?

Where the hell did WEF come from in the first place?

Where in hell do they get the idea that they can come on the scene to dictate and manipulate nations of the world to go along with their insane ideology?

But do you even know what this ideology is?

Have you ever even heard of the WEF?

Do you even know who these people are?

Maybe we should know the answers to these questions since, if their plan succeeded, it would have such a resounding and devastating impact on all aspects of our lives. But if we knew about it, they know we would never go along with it. Don’t worry though, their plan for humanity is NOT going to succeed, just so you know…..

I encourage everyone reading this page to continue on. Don’t give up in reading and watching the video I present. If it takes multiple visits to this page then it would be well worth the effort. YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON HERE! GET IT? Watch the videos and click on the links for reference information. I hope that this will open you mind and awaken you as to what is going on behind our backs and to some extent now it’s even right in our faces.

So here is a video of the New World Order speech by papa Bush in 1992. Many did not realize even what he was talking about. But now we know.
Yes, it was right in our faces even back then in the early 1990’s.

As we all know by now things are not normal in the world, especially in the USA. The demonic forces of the social democrat party will now do anything to hang on to their power and control. The politicians in the USA in both the democrat and some in the republican parties are going along with these insane policies of this global organization calling itself the WEF. They know damn well their days are numbered. They know what they are doing is not good for humanity, yet over greed and satanic influences they continue.

As the Covid pandemic is slowly diminishing and we are getting back to normal, they are trying to resurge the pandemic with the “Delta Variations and now even “Monkeypox”.

What ever happened to the common flu?

Have we lost our ability to apply common sense our of FEAR?

I even see so many people still wearing masks and many are all by themselves walking their dog or driving in their car. So, I have to ask – Did they brainwash so many, so much already that they can’t now snap out of it? But these sinister people with their plan know this is not working. The critical mass of people are just too smart and aware of what they are trying to do. Even the CDC is part of the problem and not the solution as it does not disseminate the truth about the cures and prevention. No wonder president Trump wanted to cut off all aid to the CDC.

Where did this Covid virus really come from?

Where are these variants coming from?

Typically, a virus gets less and less effective as it mutates not the other way around. So, this too is not being told. The CDC through Fauci tells leads us to believe these variants are more deadly than Covid 19 even. Really?

Oh…now we learn that the Russians discovered thirty-one, level 4 bio labs in Ukraine. Of course, these were dismantled as a result of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. Why has the World Economic Forum now decided to use the pandemic as yet another one of their platforms for their social global changes? Schwab even comes out and tells us they fully intend to use the pandemic to “restructure society” and the “reset”. Is this all just coincidental or what?

So, there are lots of questions and we need answers, thus the purpose of this page. I will attempt to answer the questions stated but also the unasked questions in the minds of my many readers.

As you know I am really big on the prophets and what they have to say from our God Almighty. I will only use and reference the prophets that I believe are truly gifted and anointed by God. Yes, there are also many charlatans and fake prophets out there. It’s a amazing what some will do for money.

About the New World Order

What is – THE GREAT “RESET” ?

First lets define what The World Economic Forum ( WEF) is. It is an international non-governmental and lobbying organization based in Cologny, canton of Geneva, Switzerland. It was founded on 24 January 1971 by German engineer and economist Klaus Schwab.

Who is Klaus Schwab?

This means it is run by non-elected officials that you had no say about them or their ideology in our democracy and republic. But we don’t have to accept this ideology. It only has the power you give it. Any power is not legitimate and not legal.

Klaus Schwab was born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938 at the time the Nazis were in full power. Schwab attended 1st and 2nd grade at the primary school in the Wädenswil district of Au ZH, in Switzerland. Why did his family leave Nazi Germany? Was it because of the Nazi ideology, the same ideology he now wants to impose upon the world? Yes, they left to escape the Nazi tyranny.

After World War Two, the Schwab family moved back to Germany where Klaus attended the Spohn-Gymnasium in Ravensburg until his Abitur in 1957. In 1961, he graduated as a mechanical engineer from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, which awarded him a doctorate in engineering. So, this guy is supposed to be intelligent. But is he a humanitarian and does he follow Christian like values and morals. The answer is no! Somewhere along the line the dark powers of Satan have taken control of his thinking.


Today in the blog page I need to address some very important FACTS on this WEF great reset issue. There are many misguided perceptions on what this reset really it. I need to clarify this for you. I can assure you it is NOT the reset of hundreds of currencies revaluing all at once that is going to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams…! Did you watch the video above explaining it? So now you know about most of this sinister plan.

Many of these issues evolving from this concept of this WEF reset may even surprise you but it does not surprise me that you might be surprised. (I know I am sounding like Kamala Harris… I say this because Klaus and his crooked gang have been working on their plan to bring down nations for a very long time. They have attempted to seed puppet politicians in many countries. Many might be taken back by what I am showing you since the mainstream news media is certainly not going to cover this stuff. They are corrupt and supported by the liberal, leftist, globalist agenda. Many of you might still reject the TRUTH and chalk it all up to conspiracy theory once again. Just remember when talk of the horrendous Nazi concentration camps first came out in the early 1940’s, many Americans refused to believe that anyone could treat another human being this way. They simpley refused to believe the news.

Then later towards the end of the war, the soldiers rolled into these camps and liberated them. Film coverage and photos were taken. Even the survivors came forward and told their stories. Yet, some still refused to believe. We see this stubbornness today too. Many still wear the mask, many easily go along and get vaccinated not only once but two to three booster shots. Many refuse to believe that any organization could have such a diabolic plan for the future of humanity.

Well…it all true and denial of the TRUTH does not make it go away. Do we need to get to the point of having electrodes hooked up to our heads to force us to think their way? Or having artificial Intelligent (AI) robots as law enforcement agents controlling humanity? Or the de-population to 2 billion people (already begun by the vaccines). Will you then believe me. Oh…but then folks it will be too late…..

What organization is driving this so-called “Great Reset”?

Please first watch this video. Introduction to The World Economic Forum

Introduction to the WEF

So, I have to ask you what the hell is so “great” about this great reset? The news media cannot be any worst and any more crooked when they do not want to cover these stories about the WEF reset. No, the news media is not talking honestly and openly about what this great “reset” is really all about. Don’t you think we all need to know since, if it did happen, we would all be greatly impacted. But the real reason why they don’t cover it is, if they let you know about it, they know we would not want it. So, they have to package it and create these fake narratives to push it into reality no matter what we want. Narratives like global warming, pandemic, wars, sexism. racism, critical race theory and white supremacy.

Just so you know these issues are not new. Go back and read history of Nazi propaganda in the 1930’s and how they invented their version of the critical race theory over the Jews.

Remember first it’s one race, then another and another. Oh…but it will never happen to YOU! These issues cause chaos, confusion and division in our society. This is exactly what they want. In other words, lies and deception. They know we have a democracy and so they must circumvent this democratic process through mind control and pure propaganda. Klaus admits himself that the WEF seeded politicians in many countries already to carry out his insane policies. His policies can be directly traced to Karl Marx in how to subvert a nation.

The democrats under the leadership of congressman Jamie Raskin already have their anti-Christian organization all set up.
The “subversion” is already taking place and not something for the future

They (meaning the people of the World Economic Forum) keep pushing this idea of a “RESET” on us. Yes, this sinister group of very rich elite are the founding fathers of this idea. These are the globalist banking cartel and people like Rockefellers, Soros, Fink, Smithe, Gates, Bezos, etc. This is their plot to take over the world, much like Adolf Hitler wanted to do. Yes, Hitler too had his reset plan. They are becoming very powerful but only if we let them. The only power they get is through acceptance to their policies. Get it? Acceptance is not confronting them and just going along with it. Many of our politicians whom we trusted to govern us have betrayed us. We know who they are and can see them now with their bizarre policies. Actually, they are very much afraid of us, the masses, and know that if we stand united, they will have to back down. But will we be united?

Do you want to the real TRUTH as to how the WEF is being accepted throughout the world? Watch this video.
You won’t find this on any of the American news channels.

But it is not that easy……is it? But since they have huge financial backers, they are not going to back down so easily and are so bent on pursuing their global agenda no matter what it takes, if even to cause a pandemic and kill millions of people. Imagine that, your own government planned a long way off to kill it’s own citizens just to stay in power. Heck, they say, “what are a few millions lives if we save humanity”….-their words not mine. But in a true democracy there are ways of fighting this organization and their lofty goals for planet. This is yet another test of our democracy. Can we endure this trial one more time? Just how strong of a democracy are we?

There are many sensible patriots like Sorelle Amore, Mel K, General Flynn and dozens and dozens of other patriots. President Trump is not our savior. He is only someone who, through his common sense and patriotism, dared to push for answers to the important issues and began the anti-corruption movement we are now witnessing. But we need to go deeper and go after the head of the snake and taking out the little guys, the saps who just go along with it, is not good enough. President Donald Trump will go down in history as a revolutionist to this degree. This page is not all about Trump but what needs to be explained is that what he was fighting for while president of your country is real terms and needs to be explained to the general public in more detail. Most just don’t get it. When you ask Joe Biden followers why they voted for Joe they tell you they voted for anyone in 2020 except Trump. This is exactly what the deep state wanted you to do. This is an irresponsible way of voting and why we are in the trouble our nation is in today. Oh…don’t you dare blame it on Trump. You can’t blame Trump for this now. He is not at the helm.

So here we go….. 😊  

Let’s start with unwinding to learn about the “New World Order” (now renamed to Liberal World Order) and what this concept is all about. Of course, they had to rename it since they were taking so much heat from references to Nazi WW2 New World Order. But its all the same anyhow. Just like Global Warming had to be changed to Climate Change since it too was taking too much criticism. But how they keep dodging the bullet. Is there a biblical side to this idea of a One World Order? Do we see this same approach to world dominance by our ancestors in the Old Testament?

You see this idea of enslavement of mankind through a controlled One World Government did not just come out of nowhere. It has been around since the start of civilization. In the context of history, we see that the Roman civilization lasted for 1,000 years. Basically they were able to survive for so long because they had such controls over the population through their newly conceptualized ideals of their stringed laws and severe penalties for crimes committed but mostly importantly their strong military conquests of pillaging and raping of other nations.

Please now take some time to listen this presentation by General Flynn on Elijah Streams. I think it will give you a very good perspective on this idea of the great reset and how it can impact your life. You can then take many of his points and further your research later. Please feel free to share any of these videos with others to help get your point across to them when you try to explain to them and wake them up.

General Flynn on the WEF

How do they fund these lofty World Economic Forum goals?

Next, I want to demonstrate just one organization of many call “BlackRock” that is a huge part of the funding behind this global reset plan. The link is provided below. Remember this may seem daunting and overwhelming but these are just people and this is just money. Money can be blocked or confiscated. People can go to jail. It could literally be that easy to stop this madness. But there needs to be unity in those that desire this change. Remember also if the masses in the world stick together to fight this corruption we can win as they are afraid of us – “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”. This is what all this racist, sexist and white supremacy crap is all about. It is to keep us divided. We must not let it happen!

 (2196) This company owns the world (and it’s our fault) – BlackRock – YouTube

We are all hearing about what is happening in our government in the USA today under the Joe Biden administration. Oh…but if you really dig deep and research you will find the roots of what is going on now started decades ago and picked up momentum during the Obama administration as he laid the groundwork for Biden. As VP under Obama, Biden used his office to create a world-wind and corruption from China to the Ukraine. You might also want to take a look at the Ukrainian issue in more depth too. It will shock you what role Joe & Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Linsey Graham and many other politicians have had in the corruption in this country and how this country is being used as a “safe haven” for the deep state after the fall of the USSR. Please link over to my other page on “What is really going between the Russian vs Ukraine conflict?”

Does any of this look normal to you? Can you see how they are bent on eroding the very fabric of our society and “building it back better” meaning first destroying it and then building it back better according to what they want. Which is? Just read the UN Agenda 21 /30 plan and you can see what they want.

Agenda21.doc (

Yes, their sinister plan for humanity is right in our faces, as the United Nations even published their plan out in the open. Oh…but if you read it, it will sound so lofty and wonderful. But go deeper and know the meaning behind everything they say.

My advice is when you read this UN Agenda 21 document please don’t be fooled by the lofty goals and wording. This is done intentionally. It is meant to sound like utopian. But if you really read it carefully and know all the buzz words and the meaning behind them you see it is actually a very scary, demented plan for humanity when fully implemented.

Remember freedom, liberty and justice does not include tyranny and total control over all aspects of your life no matter what narrative they try to use to do it.

The word is going to end in 12 years if we don’t go along with their plan for Global Warming. So, AOC what is the countdown now?

Is there any wonder why the UN sponsored Earth Summit just happened to take place in 1992 just a year after the 1991 Gulf war to overthrow Iraqi Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait? Think about it?

What really “gets my Goat” is that the United Nations was formed in October 24, 1945 and it celebrated it’s 75th anniversary in 2020. Since its inception it has grown to influence just about every aspect of our lives. So why couldn’t it feed all the hungry people of the planet or get fresh water to the poor communities of Africa. With the billions in their funding why do organizations like Elijah Streams now have to take charitable money to build these water wells. I don’t get it? We find many these charitable organizations are doing the work anyhow. So why couldn’t the powerful and wealthy UN do it?  Every one of these UN organizations has a fancy modern building to accompany it and employs huge staffs. What do they actually do? Could this funding be better spent? Do these leaders in the UN really even care about humanity as they say they do in their globalist agenda? Watch what they do not what they say. Is it really now time to see the UN for what it really is and to begin the process of picking it a part, exposing it, defunding it and then dismantling it?

Perhaps President Trump right all along in his effort to “unmask” the United Nations.

We now clearly see the satanic intentions of the UN. It is right in our faces now.

So, the United Nations (UN), if it was truly an organization dedicated to helping mankind would have found solutions and the funding for these solutions such as starvation, water supplies, and many other humanitarian issues with having 75+ years to do it why didn’t they do it. But it is not their concern. I would not brag about 75+ years if I were them. But remember too that while we are on the subject of the UN, we must also recognize that many of their globalist policies actually caused much of the humanitarian crises and suffering in the long run. They have become part of the problem and not the solution. So go figure how much they really care about humanity! It is all just lofty words!

Global Warming, if it was truly an issue, then why let it get this far to begin with and not help countries make changes over these 75 years to reduce carbon? With all their organizations and technology at their fingertips surely, they could have prevented a crisis, but only if the crisis is really did exist. Which it doesn’t. OH…but now that they got you brainwashed into believing its real, every hot spell during summertime is global warming and every deep snow falls is global warming…. I even heard that they did a study from 2,000 years ago and said the earth then had global warming and tried to justify immediate action today to stop fossil fuel usage, so we won’t repeat what happened back then. Really? So, let’s get the facts straight. They did not drive cars or burn fossil fuels 2,000 years ago, did they? Oh, 2,000 years ago? Seems like the earth did not destroy itself, did it? It seems that earth changes occur and there is not a damned thing we can do about it but learn to live with a changing planet. But we all know this global warming is just yet another UN narrative for more laws for yet more control under FEAR.

Again, I will add, so helping mankind is not really the dedication of the UN. Now, on the flip side many advocates will tell me then that this is not in the charter of the UN to find these solutions and I might agree. So why all these UN organizations? What is their real purpose then? Isn’t the UN supposed to be an avenue for countries to come together to find their own solutions and then implement them? Like to prevent another global war like WW1 and WW2? But we have come to the realization that the huge UN organization is really just the foundation for the One World Government. It’s first conquest was taking control of all of Europe under the European Union (EU). It is now so obvious and, in our faces, when we see what this WEF is advocating and how the UN is behind it all 100%.

So then why does the UN run these organizations then? See the chart below for list. Seems to me from this list they could have a great potential to help mankind. My point is that all this funding could instead be going to help the world’s needy rather than infrastructure and buildings. Yes, they have built up a very powerful UN dynasty/empire.

The UN could affect every aspect of our lives.

So, what is this UN dynasty really all about then?

So we can see something very covert about the UN and how it secretly operates. I believe the Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum is just a front organization for the real lofty goals of the UN. These goals are what this commentary today is all about.

Let’s just take one narrative called “Global Warming” and see how they are using this narrative to manipulate and get into every aspect of you life. There are many of these narratives all created & orchestrated by the UN in the background.

Decades ago, when I first tried to tell people of what was happening many did not believe and poo poo’d my findings as just political rhetoric or conspiracy theory. For instance, the UN Rio De Janerio plan was published in 1991. That is 3 decades ago. Many thought this was just all about saving the planet as they used the global warming narrative as their stepping off platform. Remember there are both Democrats and Republicans involved in this corruption as well as many high-ranking government officials in the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. It was papa Bush who first bought into this narrative. An a soc-called intelligent person you would think he could see through it? He could but he accepted it because he too was corrupt. Papa Bush was a Republican president. We know for a FACT that not a penny of the USA annual allocations to the Climate Summit effort has ever gone to combat global warming. So where does all this money go? Why did Donald Trump pull out of the Climate Accord and then Joe Biden rush to go back in?

The next video I recommend to watch will really shock the socks off of you. We must tie in what Ukraine is being used for and how it could apply to this global “reset” situation. How they plan to use technology to control us.

Prophets and Patriots – Episode 10 with Clay Clark (

I know these links are long presentations, but I assure you they are chock- full of valuable information you can use and just file away in your mind for later reference. All of this is interconnected, I can assure you. This reset is so huge and I cannot write about everything today in my newsletter. It would take volumes of pages. So, I let others tell their story as they do a very good job at it. I try to give you the quickest and easiest way to learn about what is going on. Yes, it is all connected too to Iraq and our investment in the IQD, so let’s not take that out of our radar either as we learn.

NESARA / GESARA Charlatans – A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Harvey Barnard, an engineer from Louisiana, created the NESARA proposal in the 1990s.

NESARA called for an array of monetary and fiscal policy changes, such as abolishing the Federal Reserve System and establishing three new kinds of currency. “Necessities of life” would no longer be taxed, along with personal income, corporate income and capital gains, according to the full text of the bill

The News Tribune in Tacoma, Washington, reported in 2004 that the bill was never introduced or discussed in Congress. Sorry to bust your bubble. NESARA bill was dead before it began. But there are many good things that came from this bill, such as an awareness that many (not all) of its reforms are necessary. So, these reforms have taken on a whole new effort and we shall see many of them implemented in the near future. But please, please stop all the NESARA / GESARA bullshit.

I know by now many of you are probably already so brainwashed about this NESARA / GESARA bullshit, that you won’t want to accept what I am telling you in this blog page. Please click on the link above and read the article for yourself. Their words not mine. Read the entire article carefully as published by USA Today just this year 2022. No, not decades ago, but this year 2022. Why did they publish this story? They published this story because of all the utter nonsense and BS about this NESARA bill. When anyone mentions this bill a red flag should go off in your mind. Stay away from them. They are nuts and liars!

Flat out – NESARA / GESARA as it is portrayed today, is a scam, get it?

CAUTION: Decades ago I told you to be very aware of this NESARA then they added the GESARA bullshit. At that time, I fully explained that NESARA was just a bill put before Congress and not even voted on because it was so radically socialistic. Yes, there are also many very good points in the bill like getting rid of the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the illegal Individual Income Taxation, and the return to Gold backed currencies. We are already seeing the return of partial gold-backed currencies within the Basel financial reforms. So I don’t want to throw away the baby with the bath water either.

But many charlatans have abused the nature of this original NESARA bill and added on their own socialistic programs and agenda. This is not what the NESARA bill was intended for. It was intended to “restore the Republic” and not turn the nation into a social communistic type of government. Get it? If you look at the list below I have showed you some of the free goodies they NESARA idiots are now pushing. This is not right and very liberal socialistic in nature. These were not part of the NESARA bill. This is the king of socialism crap we fight against. There is severe brainwashing going on over this NESARA as people think its so good. Just because “THEY” packaged many of the good reforms with the socialism communist reforms together does not make it all good. You must be practical and sort it all out in your own head. You are smarter than you think. It is not a take all or leave all situation.

Then all of a sudden one day this GESARA pops out in the cult like internet articles and Youtubes. I said really? Oh, what social liberal idiot thought of this one. But this time there was not even any such bill anywhere to piggy-back off of. This then became total nonsense. So, who are these people pushing this? These are the same idiots pushing this WEF reset. Get it?

You see it all the same, just packaged differently. Oh yes, they say NESARA is to bring back our Republic. Really? Do you really think that is what it is all about? No! Instead, this is the same old build back better crap. Just read up and listen to the objectives. These objectives are nothing but a socialist agenda for America (NESARA) and now even the global world (GESARA). It is the reset with a mask to cover it up,pretending it was a legitimate bill in Congress that the “good” guys” or “white hats” could not get passed in congress but then somehow “secretly” passing it anyway. Really? There is absolutely no evidence of any such bill passing and becoming law in the Federal Register. You can go check for yourself.

This is how they slowly con you into going along and supporting this crap. Get it? By the way the “build back better” is not owned solely by the Biden administration. It is a longstanding socialist communist decree of Karl Marx where they first tear apart your nation and then “build it back better” but to who’s standards? They plan to build it back according to their own globalist plan of the WEF and the UN Agenda 21 / 30.

universal basic income: Many countries have tried this and failed. Please watch the video below if you are skeptical if this is a good thing or not.

 (2205) The case against Universal Basic Income (UBI) – YouTube

debt relief for mortgages and credit cards: This one really gets my Goat!!! We already see these socialists pushing to forgive all college loans. Who is going to pay for this? Of course, you and me will in the short term with much our higher taxes. No one forgave my college loans! Of course, if you owe college loans you are all in favor of this but is this really the way to go? Or is this just more political BS to get votes. Yes, more freebies to get your vote. Do you want the banks to fail again, do you want to cause an economic collapse? All you need to do is cancel all mortgages and credit cards. These mortgages are sold and packaged in securities and sold to the financial markets throughout the world. Do you want the markets to collapse? do you think there would be any more credit cards if for instance VISA or Mastercard knew they couldn’t collect on the unsecured debt any longer? Yes, no more credit. Oh…but you say they will be paid off? Then who the hell is going to pay off trillions in mortgages throughout the world? Oh….Uncle Sam will just borrow more money, no problem. Oh…but you told us through NESARA that the national debt would be paid off. So, I say again, then where in hell is all this money going to come from? No problem we will just write a bill and pass it in Congress that confiscates all your 401k, pensions, bank accounts to pay for it. Afterall we are going to give you a “universal income” to live off of…right? Yes, $2,000 a moth will go a long way. Oh, but you won’t have to worry about a mortgage because if the govt pays off you mortgage they will own your house and tell you to vacate it. Then put you in a compound with small govt cubical apartments. Free of course. Of course, it all tied together in this stupid, silly, ignorant plan.

free healthcare for all: We already witnessed the beginning of this in the radical Obama Affordable HealthCare bill. Why not put in place solid reforms for the healthcare industry instead of putting the Federal govt in charge of your healthcare. Do you really want Uncle Sam dictating your healthcare? Remember that if they already controlled your healthcare they could have forced everyone to get the COVID vaccine or else they would cut off all other benefits to you. As it is Biden tried this, so I am not that far off, am I. Is this the level of hardline control you want to give to crocked politicians? Can you imagine?

dismantle the IRS: We all know this in nothing more than a nasty collection agency for the diabolical global banking cartel. Once the individual income tax is gone and a flax tax is in place for corporations and businesses we will not longer need this organization to this extent.

dismantle the Federal Reserve: Turn our country’s financial matters back over to the US Treasury; Yes, a way overdue issue to tackle. This will not be easy.

paying off the national debt: This will never happen without a miracle of some sort with $30 Trillion plus in debt. Every country will occur some sort of debt but we have gone way off base. Why? This is part of the scheme to crash the US Economy. Yes, we must first control the spending and balance the budget. How do we do this? We do this, as president Trump want to do. First, we tackle all this free money our country gives away to the UN and other organizations. Then we go after the constant war mongrels. Next, we must consider all these govt social programs. If we foster and support more charities these can add a much more organized and less expensive way to serve the pour.

no more individual income tax: This is way overdue. The US Constitution says that Income Taxation is for surplus revenues from businesses not individuals. Possibly a corporate FLAT TAX could resolve this issue. But as long as you leave the proverbial fox in charge of the hen house you are not going to see this go away. So, the Federal Reserve must be dismantled first to see any really sound taxation reforms put in place that really make a difference for you and me.

throw out of office any politician who does not go along with their NESARA / GESARA plans (meaning assassinate or murder them?): I have read so many silly and quite frankly frightening plans to take out politicians by assassination and murder. by these NESARA folks. Remember we are no better than the ones we resent if we buy into the NESARA nonsense. When we read this by these NESARA people we should be alarmed.

Oh….please don’t listen to the rhetoric of how there is so much money in the world and it just needs to be funneled to us to pay for all these future free goodies. This is all total nonsense. Yes, there is so much money but the elite are not going to give it to you. Get it? So let’s settle this once and for all. If you want it you will have to work for it and through sensible investments maybe you too could become a millionaire.

Even an idiot should be able to see through the lies about NESARA/GESARA. What they really mean is reforms for THEM not US. Get it?

Oh yes….they will pay off the 30 trillion of US national debt but this will come with a price tag of a global electronic currency and no more US Dollar, thus no more sovereignty as a FREE and LIBRERATED nation. Get it? We can clearly see that this reset plan is to eliminate all religious organizations. These founders of the reset do  not believe in God and don’t give a damn about us.

So, what are these Reset, G7, Davos individuals really after?

Simply put they are after your pension funds, 401K, securities, mutual funds, bank accounts and the resources of your country (forest, fertile farm lands, water, oil, natural gas, minerals, etc.). In other words to control everything. No more capitalism and no more personal wealth. This is the really scary part in that they advocate greatly reducing the world’s population and they those that remain are to “hook in” to a global mind-control network. This is their words not mine. But in order to get this control over these assets and your mind, they must first control you and to do this they must take political power & control over your country. We have seen the narratives they use to brainwash us into complacency such as Global Warming, Covid pandemic, Oil Crisis, Wars, Racism, Sexism, etc. Karl Marx says that for any revolution to take root you CANNOT operate in a calm, normal society. Instead you must have FEAR & CHOAS, and keep to do create this atmosphere in society you create a crisis after crisis and be relentless in doing so. He says don’t let up and keep the crisis going. Then create situations that divide the people so the people go against each other. A Civil War would be an ideal situation but not even necessary.

So, please if you are reading this today don’t tell me this does not impact the reinstatement of the IQD. We know that the real reason it has not yet been reinstated is for corrupt political reasons. Iraq is tied to the global agenda and they have a plan to use this country as one of their piggy banks. If you listened carefully to Mel K’s presentation today you would have learned that in the mid 1980’s NATO would have been disbanded and should have been disbanded. But it wasn’t. Why? How are they then finding this covert military organization? Why don’t all leaders of the free nations just cut off all funding to NATO since it is not even supposed to exist any longer.

I was privy to information almost a decade ago that said – that if the UN could only build up its own military force but it lacked the funding. In further research I found out they are now using NATO as this foundational force but first they must neutralize other military forces around the world, so no one country can be powerful enough to go against them. Their plans include breaking about the very fabric of all of these countries one at a time for this objective. This means depleting the military ranks of highly trained soldiers and weaponry. We can now see how they are tearing apart the US military.

Okay so I know this all looks like gloom and doom. But we as citizens must get over ourselves and think instead of the ultimate prize. The ultimate prize is taking back our country and our world. I bring this message not just the citizens of the USA but to all nations.

It is possible to fight this RESET and can it be done.

It must be done now before this One World Government becomes all too powerful and the measures are completed to make it impossible to free ourselves of it. But what will happen and is happening now instead is – the UN will be dismantled as it is not being used for its intended purposes.   We can already see that the European Union (EU), the foundation of the One World Govt nations scheme, is falling apart since the Joe Biden inflation has caused the Euro to drop so significantly that most member EU nations are contemplating a pull out. Germany being the hinge- pin of the EU, will be the first to go and then others will have to follow. You see many of their plans backfire on them and this is God’s Hand at Work. It is hard for me totally grasp how God is doing all this so carefully as it is he who is really orchestrating the takedown. Of course, God is in the spiritual dimension and so he needs helpers in the physical side. We are his helpers.

Our devotion to God, our prayers and our patriotic actions (unity) is what these charlatans are afraid of and fear the most.

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