Why do we pray the rosary?

You do want the revaluation/reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar, don’t you?

In my bi-weekly Mnt Goat Newsletters I have constantly attempted to help everyone understand first and foremost why the revaluation (RV) and reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar has not yet happened. I try to the best of my knowledge to give out FACTUAL and HONEST news.

Maybe, just maybe we have not yet seen the RV already is because we are too focused on our greed and what we are going to spend the money on afterwards. We look at new cars or homes for sale. We go shopping for all the goodies we cannot yet afford. Am I close to the truth?

I know all about the “humanitarian projects” we are all thinking and planning for. But did you also stop to consider the history of Iraq and all that the average Iraqi citizen has gone through, especially in these last 3 decades? Do you really care about the Iraqi people or just the money?

So, I propose to all my faithful readers that you take some time to stop and think about what is really holding back the RV. As you know by now, I listen to some of the modern-day prophets and what they have to say. Based on this knowledge and word from God I wholeheartedly believe there is a demonic vail over Iraq that must be broken.

What is a demonic vail:

A demonic vail over a nation or a piece of real estate is something like a demonic curse over a person. It is a general curse over all aspects of the lives of people living in that area. The portal to which the demons come can affect individual people and force them to make decisions to support the demonic and satanic ways. It can take root in the same way that demons enter people only it enters a nation or a location. and then infiltrates down to the individuals. Yes, this is very scary stuff and not just Hollywood make-believe. These demonic portals really do exist. Have you ever watched the TV show “The Dead Files”. This show is based on real life experiences of people when they confront these demons that come through these portals. Don’t you think they can also affect our politicians in the government too in the decisions they make for the nation? Come’ on if you don’t see the wacky stuff coming from our government in Washington DC today you are blind and dumb. If the demonic wants to take over a nation and in effect support slavery and misery of its population, then what better way than to do it through changing the laws and using the existing legal system to do it. This is very large-scale spiritual manipulation going on.

So, there are so many other TV shows too that depict these demons (not ghosts). Yes, we are not talking about ghost that are people who died and have not yet gone home and linger on the earth. Instead, we are talking about evil, demonic and satanic demons that want to destroy mankind. They have never been in the flesh on earth. If you read the book of Genesis in the bible, you can then clearly understand what I am talking about. These are spiritual portals you cannot see with our eyes but they are real and demons do come through them. The important thing is in these cases we can destroy the legal ground through which Satan’s demons get access to afflict, harass and torment people.

It is often helpful to know the main ways as to how the portal is opened in the first place. In order to get demons out once they entered through the portal, we usually need to know what it was that gave them the legal right to enter in the first place! Then by renunciation of that thing, and by determined faith in God, we can, with God’s authority, command the related demons to leave. The demons will be forced to leave.

Demons cannot just enter through a portal and then start infecting people any time they want to. They need a legal opening to do so. Knowledge of the things that open the door to demons will also give us the knowledge of how to keep the door shut on them. It is also necessary in order to maintain our deliverance. What is the point of getting demons out, if they are only going to be let back in shortly? So, we need to close the portal in which they come.

In the case of Iraq, I believe it was ISIS and Iranian militias that opened this demonic portal over the nation. It was also the demonic US administrations of the past attacking Iraq and how they manipulated Iraq and its financial system for their own financial gains in disregard to the people in Iraq. This was post-war manipulation. This included the early exchanges of the IQD in 2012-2013 by the Obama/Biden administration officials and the continuance of the corrupt currency auctions where billions are stolen to support the terrorism of Iran.

So, part of the effort to close these demonic portals is first to change our lives. We must begin the process of not inviting them into our lives in the first place. Without even knowing it many of our youth welcome the demonic because they turn to the demons with the belief that they can gain some power and control through them. They do this because of their family situation at home and at school. See how they dress even? See the tattoos, the chains, the dark black clothes. Even their shoes are gang like boots, that police squads use. It is all geared towards demonic symbolism only they follow a trend not knowing the significance as to how they dress. Look at how they abuse their natural God-given beauty as they dye their hair and wear ghostly white makeup. Why? But these are the more obvious worshipers of the demonic. There are ones that put on expensive suits come before the cameras and people attempting to convince them that they can restructure society.

The demonic eye pupils of Joe Biden

Yes, they say these are just modern trends and kids will be kids. Some will grow out of it and others won’t. They will move to larger gangs that support and encourage this evil thinking. Some will go to law school and become politicians. So how do we stop this erosion of our society? We stop it first by closing these portals and this is done through our actions and deeds along with heavy duty prayers and worship of the one and only true God.

Each and every day we must pray the holy rosary. It does not matter if you are a Catholic or even a Christian. These prayers are meant for everyone only you may not be familiar with them as of yet. Before you begin the rosaries tell God your intentions as to why you are praying. In the case of Iraq and the suffering of its people, ask the angles of God to close any open portals, these evil, demonic vails over the nation of Iraq and let Iraq be free. Tell God you want to send these demons to the eternal endless pit of hell where they belong. Pray that they leave, and that Iraq can be free once again of all corruption. Then begin the rosary.

I have included two videos below. One is how to pray the rosary, so you know the prayers and the mysteries involved. The second video is about the 15 rewards you shall receive for “faithfully” praying the rosary on a consistent/habitual manner. The Immaculate Mary made these promises to Saint Dominic and to all who follow that “Whatever you ask in the Rosary will be granted.” Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces. Remember that the Immaculate Mary did not die. She was spared the event of death as she experienced the assumption into heaven, body and soul. There is no grave or cemetery that holds Mary’s remains, since she did not die. Eyewitnesses at that time attested to her assumption to heaven.

How many times has the Immaculate Mary appeared on the earth since her assumption (hundreds of times) only to give us the same message over and over again….

pray the rosary” !

Why not try it then? You have much more to gain and nothing to lose….right?

Folks, praying the rosary is all about remembering and praying on the life of Jesus and the Immaculate Mary and so what they went through for us thousands of years ago. Will their sacrifices and lives be in vain? It is really that simple. How do you feel when you do something of great sacrifice for your children or relatives and yet you don’t even get a Thank You or even an acknowledgement? Do you feel discouraged and taken for granted? Think maybe this is how Jesus and Mary might feel when we ignore them and all they sacrificed for us.

The mother of Jesus whom we call the Immaculate Mary, is so delighted when we remember her son Jesus (Joyful and Luminus Mysteries) and all the suffering he as done for us (Sorrowful Mysteries). The glorious times for Jesus and his mother the Immaculate Mary in remembering (the Glorious Mysteries).

May we all obtain the 15 promises of the Immaculate Mary to those who pray the Rosary. The Blessed Virgin Mary made these promises to Saint Dominic and to all who follow that “Whatever you ask in the Rosary will be granted.” Whoever shall faithfully serve me by the recitation of the Rosary, shall receive signal graces. Enough said.

This special prayer below for the month of June can be added at the end of the Rosary you say each day:

“May the sacred heart of Jesus be adored, glorified, love and preserved throughout the world now and forever, Sacred heart of Jesus pray for us, Blessed Immaculate Mary helper of the hopeless pray for us, Blessed Immaculate Mary worker of miracles pray for us. O’ holy Immaculate Mary may it be that through the intersession with your holy Son Jesus, that he may hear and grant our petitions today”… (then follow this prayer with your petitions you want granted).

Now that you are faithfully praying the rosary each day do not get discouraged if your petitions are not granted ASAP.

It may take some time for prayers to be answered as in many cases it may take time for the Father through Jesus (in the spiritual world) to put together the circumstances on the earth (the physical world) to let the prayer be answered. Remember we live in a “physical world” and the Father (God) is in the “spiritual dimension”. Remember also as in all prayers for the Father to answer there may be actions on our part to partake in the miracle. The Father will bring us things like opportunities, contacts, situations, etc. that we must appropriately act upon. Many times we miss the opportunity because we forget what we prayed for or we are just lazy. We can not just pray and then sit back and think the Father is going to be our slave.

Our prayers for healing: I always find that the most amazing miracles are miracles of bodily cures which take no participation for us to do but faithful pray and love the Father. e. I find that these types of miracles the Father wants us to broadcast and tell the world what he just did for us. He uses us to confirm to non-believers he is real.

So, we must remember what we prayed for and this can be done simply by praying over and over again the same petitions until they come to fortition. The relationship between prayer and the miracle is not a super market like experience, where we go shopping and just pick out what we need and take it home….lol..lol..lol…

The Father wants us to be full of his Glory with abundance and prosperity. He does not send our soul to the earth to the tortured. He wants to pass on his Glory to us only many of us do not even know that it exists for the taking or desire it. The Father wants us to be infinitely happy and full of abundant life and if that means with a big fat bank account full of money than that is what we will get. But we must also set our priorities and remember the money is a gift and cannot stand in the way of spiritual growth but only enrich it. Will you promise to seed part of your gift? Will you let the Father then use you to create the miracles for others?

Priming the Pump: Remember too that to get money as a gift from a prayer we must also prime the pump. What does this mean? This means that like a deep well we must pour some water into it to get water out of it. But the newer, fresher water coming out keeps pouring out way beyond what we used to prime the pump. This analogy is exactly what happens when we give to the needy in charity and those in desperate situations. Actually, without us even knowing it, the Father is using us to create yet another miracle for someone else. In return someone else helps create a miracle for someone else only none of us may ever know it. Get it? Folks, this is in part how miracles work. Long story short….a little charity goes a long way. You will be blessed many times over what you seed. Just plant the seed and watch it grow. The harvest will come in many different ways. But I can assure you there will be a harvest.

Remember this?




We hear these words so often throughout the Old and New Testament. Everything in our lives is based on these three events. If we learn to work with the spirit instead of against it, we will prosper. We will constantly be harvesting the miracles from the seeds we planted. The spirit wants to work through us. As it works through us it can’t help but bestow the abundance upon us too. Did you ever wonder why some people have so much love or generous life style, yet you struggle? I can give you many, many passages in the bible talking about Seeding, Planting and Harvesting. This one below has always come to mind:

Matthew 13:8

And others seed which fell on the good soil and *yielded a crop, some a hundredfold, some sixty, and some thirty.

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