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Proverbs 12:22

The Lord detest lying lips, But he delights in people who are trustworthy.

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I know it’s not my normal Tuesday or Thursday newsletters but I had to come and clarify my recent news from yesterday 6/1 and that what I said was for a SPECIAL purpose. I really dislike having to clarify yet more attacks on my newsletter. This is getting very tiring….

Yes, I do know much, much more than this idiot TNT Tony and these other gurus. Why?

Oh…. could it be that I spent many years in Iraq during the war? Or maybe it’s because I have made many friends while in the military who like my honesty and good faith. I do not over inflate or over speculate news and keep to the FACTS only. Yes, only the FACTS. This is not some side show or game. That’s the huge difference between me and other intel providers. Get it? You do want the TRUTH!


Well, we all know by now the extent of this idiot TNT Tony and his fake news. When will it end? Did you too get kicked off his site for asking an intelligent question?

These TNT Tony attackers say they do not read my newsletter. Really? But they do. Yes, and I have proof of it. Remember that is 2013 it was this guy TNT Tony, who approached me and asked if I could supply him with my information as one of his sources. When I refused, because I felt he was lying to his audience and exaggerating and stretching the truth, he simply kicked me off his site and began bashing me. It was not until a couple years ago, when his so-called sources dried up due to Covid, he began reading the news articles from Iraq. He did this out of desperation for something to tell his audience. However, since  2013, I had been telling him all along to read the articles as this is really the only good source of dependable information you can rely on. He refused and said many times on his conference calls that the article didn’t mean anything. Instead, he went to bank stories, fake treasury contact stunts and even told everyone he had a CBI contact right after I announced the info from my CBI contact. Folks he is a FAKE! Get it?

So, in my last newsletter dated June 1st, I explained that there is no way anyone is going to exchange Dinar or Dong or anything else in this so-called first basket, with the revalued rates we want as investors, unless these currencies are on FOREX. How many times must I say: “with the rates we want”. So here we go again. We hear about these Iraqi debit cards and the use of them? I am just so tired of all these same old recycled lies. They think you and I are dumb!!! ☹ We remember his bullshit. But this fake stuff about the debit cards all started years ago. Let me explain.

Over Two Years Ago:

Over two years ago, TNT Tony (and other copy-cat gurus) told their listeners that the Iraqi dinar was “international”. Really, I said. They told their listeners that we are just “waiting for the rate to change”. I said…really? I debunked these kind of statements. I visited the FOREX site for myself and all I could find was a placeholder updated with the CBI rate. I then called my CBI contact and verified I was correct. The dinar was NOT international and this is straight from the Central Bank of Iraq (CBI). Trading of buying or selling through FREX is still prohibited. Why? This was due to OFAC sanctions that are still imposed on the dinar.

They said and I quote – “Its international and we are only waiting for the rate to change”? What rate? Really? I disputed what rate since the rate on FOREX was only a placeholder how could it change? Again they bashed me for such logical, honest and factual sense.

Since there was only a placeholder on FOREX and not FOREX for trading, I haven’t a clue as to what the hell these idiots meant by “international” but it certainly did not fit my definition, the IMF’s definition or the CBI’s definition. Yes, it seems TNT Tony lives in his own tiny world of hyper- speculation and fortune telling. I short he is full of sh_t!  

Yes, this placeholder rate on FOREX, still the “program” rate, is updated daily by the CBI for the dinar. This is a VERY GOOD sign for us and shows they are getting the world ready for the comeback of the dinar. But not just yet. Not this weekend either.

Then there are the FAKE stories from the TNT idiot telling us that Iraqis in the U.S. were using their debit cards from Iraq in ATMs and banks. They told us then received rates like over $3. I told everyone this was bullshit 2 years ago and I still stand behind my statements. The banks in any country including the U.S. must use FOREX to convert any debit card from a foreign country currency to the US dollar currency using the rate of that country. There is no other mechanism to figuring what rate. This is a FACT not a Mnt Goat theory. Go research it yourself. Obviously, they didn’t!

At that time these same TNT idiots told you that Iraqis in the U.S. were using over a $3 rate. This is impossible since they also said that FOREX was using the CBI program rate placeholder of 1/6 of a penny. Which is it? Ironically it has to be one or the other but not both. Right? Go out and look at what rate is on the FOREX placeholder. It is around 1320 dinars per dollar.

Can’t have both. So caught in their lies again…… Where does this over $3 on the debit card come from? Does it just magically appear out of nowhere? Do they even know what the hell they were talking about back then years ago?

Fast forward to today:

So now its 2023 and the TNT idiot Tony is recycling the same old bullshit story. Get it? Yes, the debit card lies all over again. They are trying to back pedal the lies they told us years ago and to justify them. You know the old saying – tell a lie then you have to tell more lies to cover for them.

They think that you and I forgot the past. They think we are stupid! 

Hmmm...Crinkle lips…I guess I am stupid

But again, like years ago, I was criticized last week for telling the truth and catching them on their lies.

What is their lie?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, these idiots once again from TNT are now recycling their scam on you and making their latest headlines and hype by telling you that once again that the dinar is “international”.

Oh…but wasn’t it “international” over years ago? Did the IMF take it off the international so it could wait a couple years just to make TNT Tony happy so he can now tell us again it back international. Do you get my point… 😊

Yeh…didn’t TNT – Tony and Rayren Renfrom brothers say and I quote – “Were just waiting for the rate to change”?… 😊

How can it just go “international” if it was already international years ago? I don’t get it? Please tell me. But it wasn’t EVER international since 2003 it’s not international now either. Get it? It is just the same old recycled lies. They are caught in their past lies.

But the only way they can explain the confusion is to bash me for catching them in their lie. Yes, everyone of their dumbed down idiot followers just follow the insanity and never even question their lies.  

Now I am telling you again it is NOT international until it goes on FOREX. This is when we go to the bank. We must also witness the redenomination to take place to delete the zeros. The U.S. Treasury must also lift the OFAC sanctions and I have a very good source who will notify me the minute when this is done.  The rest is just rumors and hype, the same hype they are trying to pump on all of us years ago. They are recycling their lies. Go figure! Nothing has really changed. Please stop all the recent hype!

Yes, these idiot gurus just recycle the same old lies over and over again. Here we go again “Deja Vu”. How many times must we hear this crap?


Define Déjà vu : Déjà vu is a French term that refers to the feeling of having already seen or experienced something before, even though it is a new experience.


 I hope THIS helps everyone have a VERY NICE weekend.

I will keep you informed if I hear of any REAL news about an RV or RI.

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

                                             Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat

450 thoughts on “Latest Mnt Goat Newsletter

  1. Thank you for everything you have done for us over the years. My question is when we exchange our dinars will they have to send our dinars to be verified I don’t want to let them out of my site until the money is in the bank thanks..


  2. My question is when we exchange our dinars will they have to send our dinars to be verified I don’t want to let them out of my site until the money is in the bank thanks..

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  3. Hi Mnt Goat, I am still interested in finding out about the program rate. Will it be available to certain people or will we all be able to benefit from it? Has the rate already been set? I liked the question brought forward about how we are going to be able to keep most of our money and not let the government confiscate most of it. I know you aren’t a professional money manager, but can you give some ideas that we can research on our own. Your help on these matters would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your help over the years. I appreciate your expertise.


    1. When currency y reset occurs—“ The Emergency Broadcast System would go off, the Markets would shut down, we would have three to ten days of Disclosure, after which Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) would receive Notification to set exchange/redemption appointments.”

      And- “ The Iraqi Dinar has revalued and Iraq has been exchanging in-country for over two weeks.”
      And other nonsense
      Compiled Fri. 28 April 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington and presented on dinar, some news there is good, other stuff is total bullshit,

      Emergency broadcast system?! Give me a break, I cannot believe people actually follow these idiots

      I am so glad we have a truth filter in mountain goat to help us follow real developments


  4. Thank you again, Mt Goat, for your sensible and insightful analysis. I’ve been waiting on this for a long, long time, and you have provided sanity to otherwise insane discussions.


  5. If Iraq gets everything in order and they are ready to RV, how much leverage do they have to force the U.S. to let it go thru?


  6. Thank you, Mountain Goat, for all your research and all you do. I have given in the past and will give again when I can return to work. Can you give us any direction on where to look for financial advice when we exchange? I know you don’t give advice professionally; I just need to know about any websites to visit, tax professionals we need to consult, and if, possible, information about the special program rate that may be available and how to facilitate the rate. We want to make the best of our blessing. I will tithe first thing. Thank you again. You are amazing.


  7. Hi MG,
    If the corruption in the US is holding thing up in Iraq do you think it’s possible to RI by June 1? Yes things are being exposed about Biden’s corruption but not sure all will be exposed enough to free up Iraq to do their thing. Your thoughts?


  8. I haven’t been able to find the dinar on forex. But I read in this newsletter its there? Where is it listed?


  9. I have been unsuccessful in my looking for this year’s blog containing a summary of the “Program Rate” being made a available in limited offerings from us banks during the upcoming expected exchanges.. Please Help


  10. Hi MntGoat,
    You stated that we need to all get together to keep the government from taking our money. How do we get together? I do not know but one other person who has Dinar.
    Thank you. Caroline MALLATT


  11. Hi Mtn Goat,

    I have a Dinarian friend who is an acquaintance with an “international” CPA who works and resides in the Phoenix, AZ area. This CPA is an Iraqi and says he has family members who work in the Iraqi banks and the Iraqi Parliament as well. This CPA says we will only have 30 days to exchange the dinar at the RV market rate. After 30 days when we exchange the IQD 3 zeros will be removed from the currency.

    Do you know if this is true?

    Can your CBI contact confirm or deny this assertion?


    1. Does the CPA have an idea of when the rate may change and be listed on Forex? Until the budget is passed, it seems that things may be pushed back a bit. MG said “possibly” June but Iraq is unpredictable. Thanks


  12. todays newsletter may 9th in my opinion read a little disheartening. Do you still think they are shooting for June 1, to have this completed?


  13. Thank you Mtn Goat another excellent report, as you have stated no turning back for Iraq true, just continued drag along as they are so well known for….I dont see June 1as the date, and each week that goes by an deeper into the year I sense and smell December or January of next year…. as always this is Iraq never on time or early and always a different path. We wait patiently for your next report and continue with life, thank you again Ash Devero


  14. Hi there again Mnt Goat, I love your symbol. One day you might explain how you came across this connection. As I’ve said before these pictures keep popping up in my feeds. I know Facebook’s reputation for knowing more about us than we’d like. But my last image popped up on a Telegram site! I was blown away! I’ll send the photo as soon as I work out how to copy from my phone gallery 💗🙏💗


  15. Fine and penalize the banks, take away their licenses to operate, and arrest and punish the bank managers that are abusing the Multiple Currency system, they are hitting the Iraqi people only to enrich themselves and deserve to be thrown in prison. Come down on these criminal bankers like an avalanche and get the rates to the 2% requirement, get serious about it, quit coddling the criminals unless Sudani and Alaq are corrupt, in which case Sadr needs to raise hell in the streets


  16. Going international with a rate higher than $1 usd & trading on forex will put an end to “parallel market” all together. There will no longer be a need for money exchangers or GOI to conjure up a law and waste more time reading,voting etc. Lets goooooo Al-Alaq enough already. MNTG thanks for all you provide 🙂🙂


  17. I need a hint on where to find the agreement/policy for the contract the US Treasury brokered between China and Iraq for oil at a fixed price. For days, I have exhausted every search phrase I can think of to find it. I’m afraid the banks won’t find it either. Thanks for all you do.


  18. Hi, what is your opinion with Biden signing the executive order. US state of emergency in Iraq? do u think this will prolong the blessings?


  19. Why is June looked at as a possible target when mid year would be July? Wouldn’t it be set for the second half?


  20. Hi MG:

    When the Dinar is eventually tradable on Forex how long will you keep your newsletter going? Will you keep posting until the rate reaches 3.00 plus?

    Thank you


  21. I am sure most of the investors are interested in how the government is going to treat our gains and whether it is best to only exchange a few notes at a time based on need or dump everything at once and spread it around to different needs and continued growth by continuing investment


  22. Hi Mtn Goat,
    Like you I like to see the facts. I checked on FXSTREET to look at the Forex chart myself. What I see I like. I am not as good as you are in discovering the underlying reasons, but I believe what I am seeing is the effects of the CBI reforms. You can see where the rate was brought down to 1310 and how it would go back to 1460ish. With each new effort from the CBI it would come back down to 1310. Then with the latest round from the CBI it has remained steady at 1310 for the past 12 days. I am trying to include a screenshot for you but if it dosen’t make it you can go to FXSTREET and see the live chart for yourself.


    1. July 2022

      When they talk “revaluation” be careful! We must use our brains. Are they talking about raising it from the
      devalued rate of 2020 which was 1450 dinars per dollar? Or are they talking what we all want? We want them to delete the zeros
      and to go three or four times greater than the dollar. Or at least start at just over the dollar. 1 dinar per dollar.

      I can see by your posts comments and links you still don’t understand.
      Take a look at my recent newsletter coming out today 5/23.

      Mnt Goat


  23. Mtn Goat thank you for all the news you share with your faithful readers! Can you send me a way to send you money by using Zelle, that is the only way I can send the money that you are so deserving of!! Thanks Uncle Rod


  24. It is not yet on Forex as the dinar is not internationally traded. When Iraq RVs the currency and it becomes international, it will show up on Forex.


    1. It is true it is not live on Forex to trade, but looking at the chart it shows what the rate that the CBI puts our and how well they are holding it to that, looking backwards on the chart it seems to align with Mtn Goats news and the CBI rates. I use candlesticks and one hour and daily candles. Make sure you use the usd/iqd pair. I am hyped that since May 4 it has stayed within a 10 pip range. I believe this is a way we can see the stability or lack of stability in their price.


  25. We have waited so long for this and it may soon be happening! Without you keeping us posted we would not know what was happening at least I wouldn’t.
    I am 94 years young and can not navigate finding information at all so I just want to thank you so very much for all the help you have given me! I wish I could one day visit you as my ancestors lived not too far from where you live but I doubt I will be making the trip. Thanks again for all your help!

    Liked by 1 person

  26. MG, I belong to a private group who has researchers who discovered on the CBI website, that the CBI spent about $45 million per month in the last half of 2018 and the last quarter of 2019 on currency issue expense whereas normal expenses run anywhere from $.5-$5 million per month. One can assume that they printed lower denoms and possibly coins so most likely they are already printed.


  27. MT, are you safe and feeling well? I’m praying for you. Please let us know. YIC, Patrick in Texas


  28. Thanks again for all you do. I hope there will be an opportunity to personally thank you when this has all been settled and we are enjoying the fruits of our investment.
    I am confused about this China contract rate for oil and why that means there may be an opportunity to exchange dinar at a rate higher than the Forex float. It seems ludicrous that all we have to do is ask for this contract rate. Can you elaborate or refer me (us) to documentation so we can get more clarity on this ‘special’ rate? Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  29. “Remember there is also the China contract rate of oil and so go for it too. It could be around 28.50 per dinar if available at the time you exchange. All you have to do is ask for it.”

    i am assuming the person to ask would be the bank employee / bank wealth manager handling our dinar transactions?


  30. Hello MG
    Thank you again and again for your help and guidance. I saw the question about buying some circulated currency, should we buy some?
    Thank you thank you!


  31. Hi Mnt Goat!
    FIrst, let me say that you are the best! Luv u!

    Following you since 2013… 10 years wow…

    I have already asked for it, but i really used to like when you ended up your newsletter with “So, when can we expect the RV?” haha great times…

    Should i put my champagne on the ice?

    Best Regards


  32. When you superimposed Hitler with Schumer (and/or vice versa) was a great hands and fists shaking and pumping likeness!


  33. MG, I’ve been following your blog for about 8-9yrs. I was invited by a friend. Initially, I was listening to TNT too. Within 6 months, I stopped. I used my OWN judgement and discernment to weed them out as FOOLS. Now, when I read your newsletters, and I hear about “them”, I quickly skip over it because it simply does NOT apply.

    Anyone who has read your newsletters for at least a year, but continues to read the lies of TNT and the “others” who are runners up, are clearly entertained by their foolishness. You don’t have to tell those of us with level heads and wisdom not to listen to TNT, because we don’t. When he was arraigned in court, he should’ve learned his lesson and seized his humble beginning, but a hard head never learns. Some people insist on following and believing untruths. It’s been happening for CENTURIES. Nothing new. Let them be who they are. Those who can THINK FOR THEMSELVES can see the difference.


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