What is really going on with this Russia vs Ukraine conflict?

You do want to know the facts, don’t you? You are not going to get the facts from the major news media stations. Either they don’t know what is really going on or don’t care to research, or they do know and are being told not to broadcast it. Instead, they push the narrative the Biden administration wants them to push. So, now at about a month into this invasion has anyone told you as of yet why Russia attacked Ukraine? No, there has not been any explanation. One country does not just attack another country in this day and age. So, today let us get down to the TRUTH as to why Russia attacked Ukraine. But remember this is multi-faceted and complicated.

First let me assure you this is not the start of WW3, but it is very unfortunate that innocent lives have to be sacrificed for the sake of power and control.

Here is a really good presentation by Mel K on Elijah Streams Show. See the link below. It is about the history behind the recent Russian attack on the country of Ukraine. Oh… this didn’t just happen recently, this situation has been brewing for almost a decade. I can assure you that the major news media has wrongfully pumped this entire conflict as a “humanitarian” crisis as of course they must make it all about the innocent lives being lost. This is always their common narrative or a script they are told to follow when they are trying to hide the TRUTH. Okay, so let’s not downplay the innocent lives being lost either but let’s also get to the TRUTH of what is really going on, something the paid and bought crooked news media won’t tell you.


In Mel K’s research did you listen carefully who is influencing Ukraine? Did you catch which politicians are involved and what organizations are manipulating that country. NO? Then please go back and replay the link and listen more carefully. What you will find will surprise you. Of course, nothing surprises me anymore since this globalist agenda has taken hold….

Next, you might want to watch this prophetic word as with everything that happens on the planet there is also a “spiritual connection” . By learning what is happening in the spiritual realm we can learn so much more. Go to about the 16:00 mark.

Is the Biden administration just a puppet of the globalist new order? Is he just supporting a global agenda item in not reacting to this situation appropriately? Is someone dictating to him how to react? Maybe his dementia is as bad as we all thought? Let us look at the facts.

First let’s watch a prophetic word from God given by Kim Clement almost a decade ago about Russia and Ukraine.

Kim Clement Ukraine prophecy

FACT: This ongoing turmoil in Ukraine has once again sparked by (but did not start with) a debate about European energy dependence on Russia for natural gas (LNG). That debate is not new and has been revitalized repeatedly since the first major supply disruption in 2006, which took place after several decades of fairly stable supplies. 

For the EU countries, there are long-term plans by the G7 that will exclude a significant share of Russian natural gas in supplying their energy needs for Europe. But how does the G7 countries make such a drastic change? How do they pull it off? Also remember too to ask the question why would the G7 even want to do this?

What is the long-term goal of this coming energy source switchover in the EU from Russian LNG?

Overall, the utilization rates of LNG regasification capacity will increase substantially in the coming years in Europe. In due time, LNG from North America is expected to be competitive in parts of Europe, particularly in the U.K., Netherlands and Belgium. However, it is important to emphasize that our analysis suggests that LNG should not be seen as a substitute for Russian natural gas, but rather as a substitute for declining European domestic natural gas production. Can you see why there is no overwhelming response by any of the EU and NATO countries over this invasion by Russia?

Do you think Russia is just going to stand by and let it happen? Is this free enterprise and capitalism? Remember Russia is now part of the World Trade Organization (WTO). There will have to be some adjustment in markets. Is Russia just reacting to this G7 plan?

Is the European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) really behind the cause of this invasion into Ukraine? – NATO is currently the One World Government Globalist military. Oh….don’t be fooled, you didn’t know that? NATO is not just a global force made up of member countries who’s armed forces come together to combat the “big bad bully” or a so-called “humanitarian crises“. Not a military or humanitarian crisis going on? Oh…don’t worry they can then just make one up and then through the fake propaganda news media broadcast it and convince us that there is one. Yes, the UN and NATO need a justification to go and start a conflict or even a full scale war, even if its FAKE or exaggerated news.

But who controls NATO? It is the UN! But is it really the UN making the calls or the guy behind the curtain? Again, the UN and its new global powers are using NATO way beyond what it was supposed to be for at its inception and what was agreed upon. It has become yet just another platform to operate a military force from and to do it “legally” without disturbing the hornets nest of the other developed countries. Get it?

You see, if the guys behind the curtain are corrupt and they call the shots then technically the actions of the UN are not necessarily ethical, moral or justice. We know that years ago the UN, under the curtain of the EU, began funding a separate EU armed forces saying that “NATO itself is not adequate”. What they really mean is that NATO is susceptible to public scrutiny and takes too much political discussion and voting by the member nations to react. They need a “secret’ armed forces that can operate in Europe alone. God help us is they ever really put together a separate EU armed forces together. Remember that Hitler controlled almost all of Europe in WW2. The EU now controls all of Europe. But where is the armed forces the Nazis had to back it up and forcefully control Europe. Well….its coming….

So, is this current fighting in the Ukraine just another energy conflict or maybe a reaction by Putin telling the UN and the EU to go to hell? Is it a display of military might telling the guy behind the curtain that they are not going to be bossed around and told what to do as part of some global governance force?

What will this conflict amount to in the long-term?

This is complicated and don’t let CNN, ABC, NBC, or any of these fake news media channels simplify it for you. They will come out with the standard UN approved narrative as to why Russia is now in Ukraine. The following video is just a short “tease” of an entire 1.5 hour documentary by Oliver Stone about Ukraine. To find the entire video, should you want to watch the entire video “Ukraine on Fire“, is at the following link: https://rumble.com/vxntrb-oliver-stone-ukraine-on-fire.html. I do not have the funds to buy more memory on my blog site….sorry…

We know for a fact that weening off of Russian energy has been a long-term goal of the EU for almost 2 decades not just since the last G7 meeting. So now we are witnessing a very drastic policy interventions, to make the change expected in the European gas supply mix for LNG.

We also must consider that when president Trump visited Russia, he and Russian President Putin, agreed to one special condition- that they would NEVER join a one world government and this new globalist world empire. That their countries would stand as sovereign independent FREE nations of course with much different philosophies as to how to run each country. Earlier the UK and the Australians also made the same commitment to the U.S. president Trump during his time period in office. You didn’t know this did you?

Since then, we have witnessed the near death of Boris Johnson, the newly elected prime minister of Great Britian by lethal poisoning after the success of BREXIT. Since then he has done a complete turnaround to covertly supporting the globalist agenda. Why? Did they scare the shit out of him with this death threat? Also with the Australians we has see the COVID pandemic over-reaction by their government with long lockdowns, martial law and tyranny. Most human rights were suspended. The people had to fight to get them back. However, their situation seems to be much brighter now, when in the recent 2022 elections, the conservatives swept the liberals out of office. The desperate Canadians too have suffered under the reign of Covid pandemic terror under the globalist puppet Justin Trudeau. Their freedom is still in the making. How long will Trudeau last?

Why did I mention this other countries and their plites?

I mentioned these countries because if you study WW2 you will find that the brunt of the allied forces to fight the Nazis came mainly from these four major allied countries. Yes, the UN behind the curtain of globalists must find a way to neutralize these countries before striking out and taking full power and control over the planet. I call it the “Fourth Reich”. Think about it…they already control almost all of Europe under the EU charter mandates. The EU military force is coming unless we can shut it down and stop all funding. Money talks, bullshit walks.

Why now the invasion of Ukraine by Russia?

It is now time to enforce this changeover of European energy as in the past Europe stacked all their eggs in one basket when it came to energy from Russia. They did not count on these agreements made by any U.S. president with these other nations. They assumed everything would more along in their globalist plans for One Government and global conquest. Don’t be fooled, this conquest is NOT just all about economic survival. It is now mounting to military use and buildup. Even many EU countries are deciding that maybe a pullout from the EU is also in order. The EU will need some sort of musle in the future to enforce their charters and mandates. If you don’t believe me ask any European what it was like to live during the pandemic. Do some research on the pandemic and it won’t take long to find out it too was a hoax and nothing more that an adjustment to take yet more freedom from people of the EU. It was well planned out years prior. The Covid vaccines didn’t just happen to quickly, they were already developed ready and waiting.

In 2020 they rigged the election and finally got rid of President Trump as they now have their puppet U.S. president, a weak president, that was necessary to allow this invasion of Ukraine to happen. This shows us the clout of the UN under the One World Government concept behind the hidden curtain. Remember the power of this One World Government is still in its infancy stages but advancing now quickly. Their power is ONLY granted to them if you don’t stand up and challenge them on it. They will slowly take power and control over all aspects of your life, but only if you let them. Yes, if you appease them now you will regret the enormous possibility for total control and power over every aspect of your life later. Once they have these UN organizations in place it is hard to get rid of them. it is like used, chewed gum stuck on your shoe on a hot summer day. You just can’t shake it off and ignore it. Now is the time to stop them. Oh…you don’t believe me the UN has grown to a monster that can now even try to dictate policy in every aspect of your life? Read the following chart below: This is the foundation for the One World Government. They are not fooling anyone.

But there is also much, much more to this story as to why the U.S. Biden administration is not supporting is NATO allies with Ukraine. Remember Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO and so is this really what this is all about- getting Ukraine to join NATO and the Russian saying no it will not? They will say later that if Ukraine was a member of NATO president Biden would have supported NATO forces going into Ukraine. This is yet more insane covert political pressure for Ukraine to join NATO, something that the globalist desperately want to happen with all the energy resources and fertile “bread basket” in the Ukraine. Watch for the shortages of wheat coming soon to your country which will solidify yet more pressure to join NATO.

FACT: The Republic of Georgia wanted to sell LNG to Ukraine and its independence, so Russia stepped in and attacked Georgia back in August 2008. Only we did not get the truth then either about why this conflict actually was taking place. We were all told that time it was a humanitarian conflict, as they needed to hide the real reason.

FACT: Under the presidency of Barrack Obama, his vice president Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine many times. Later his son Hunter Biden becomes a member of the board of directors on Boersma Energy on an absorbent salary. This is of course money laundering for Biden family to force Ukraine and give U.S. clout to change over from Russia LNG gas lines to Boersma gas lines coming from Romania and other countries. This is of course bribery and a quid pro quo. This was yet another attempt to try to complete the G7 changeover of energy in Europe since the Russians in years prior stopped the LNG pipeline from Georgia. Pay particular attention to the last 10 minutes of the video.

Russian Assault on Georgia August 2008

Does this news media broadcast sound familiar?
Yes, it’s like De Je Vu all over again with the Ukraine news of today 2022.

Is this coincidental?
Same old scenario, just a different day!

How did this effect the Trump Administration?

FACT: Remember under the Trump administration in 2019 there was an issue with this energy crisis in Ukraine too only we, the general public, were not told the TRUTH about what was really behind all the accusations of a Quid Pro Quo with Trump. When the Trump administration started it’s investigation of Boersma Energy the deep state, under Obama/Hillary and Biden, quickly changed the direction of attention on the real issue of energy and tried to force false allegations about Trump and corruption (which simply did not exist).  Later Trump was accused of a Quid Pro Quo from a phone call to Ukraine to try to learn more. The democrats then tried to harass him into submission. Then even later the democrats tried to impeach him over doing his job as president in dealing with Ukraine.

45th president of the U.S. Donald Trump

Remember president Trump was not a career politician and so he could hardly believe the level of corruption from past U.S. administrations and how it stained the world’s view of the U.S. and the depth of allowing this deep state takeover of our nation. His job was first to learn the FACTS and then to react. This was part of his responsibility and he refused to be a globalist puppet president.

When Trump visited Russia, he talked extensively with Putin and got more of the truth. Of course the globalist deep state did not like this friendly relationship with one of their adversaries since Putin also refuses to join this One World Government. Could the U.S. and Russia join forces to someday fight these globalists?

Vladimir Vladimirovich president of Russia

Do you remember as a result of this Trump visit the news media and corrupt democrat politicians even tried to silence any real accomplishments out of these Putin meetings with again accusations of corruption and colluding with Russia (who, by the way was not the enemy of the U.S. as the Iron Curtain has already been torn down decades ago). This was almost unbelievable how they attacked him. But at the same time it was most predictable since we already has strong indications the globalists empire was not able to convince Russia to join in their plan. This slander of president Donald Trump was accomplished prior to these Quid Pro Quo accusations. So Trump was already ahead of this crisis when this Quid Pro Quo stuff came out. The democrats were only trying some damage control by subverting the attention to Trump away from themselves and their long term corruption in Ukraine. Did you notice senator McCaine also in these videos and his involvement in Ukraine.

John Sidney McCain III served as the senior United States Senator from Arizona

Oh….but he was a republican politician and so why was he so close to vice president Biden and president Barrack Obama, both democrats in these Ukrainian affairs? Remember McCain was also the coordinator for putting together the ISIS group in Syria and orchestrating the failed war on president Assad during the Obama administration. The goal was to take the military arms from the failed government of the Libyan leader Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi (after the Obama and Hillary administration bombed the home of al-Gaddafi killing him and setting the country in turmoil in 2011). These Russian grade arms then ended up in the hands of ISIS and we all know the rest. Billions was made off these arms as the Obama and McCain black market gun running scam took place. How do you think these politicians come into office almost broke and then leave as billionaires? So ti appears that senator McCain was a “rino”, a traitor to his own party, as many of the Republicans were at this time and still remain.

Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi de facto leader of Libya from 1969 to 2011

Trump then sent Rudy Giuliana (his lawyer) to Ukraine, and Rudy received all the files on why Hunter was being investigated by the Attorney General of Ukraine. Boersma Energy had to back off.  The issue settled down and all was quite again. But later Trump was bashed and accused of being buddies with a communist country which was in fact not even any longer communistic. Didn’t anyone tell these democrats the cold war was over? Isn’t Russia a member of the WTO? The democrats also wanted to “package” this idea in the minds of the general public in the U.S. population that “once again Trump was colluding with the Russians”. Really? Kind of like a told you so. But in fact, it was all just rubbish and made up nonsense by the democrats. I have to hand it to them though it was a really good propaganda effort by the major news media.

Then in November 2020 Biden steps into the US presidency.

Then a years later in 2022 this issue of energy supply with Ukraine starts back up. Coincidence? 

We are being told the latest G7 meeting strategized with many policies as to how they would orchestrate this LNG changeover in European countries.

I don’t want to sound too negative on this LNG change over since aren’t we supposed to have competitive markets in a free-capitalistic economies? Right? So it this really what the EU and G7 stands for?

There are other important issues to remember here:

1.Russia using military force to force the continuance of Russian LNG. Why are they doing this?

2.The conflict of interest with the Biden family under Boersma Energy to supply LNG over Russian LNG

3. The U.S. not supporting our NATO allies over this situation now occurring in Ukraine with sanctions or preventing Russian attacks. Maybe the U.S. could supply weapons to fight off Russian aggression? Why has Biden not yet done this?

4.Who or what organization is really behind orchestrating the cause of what we are now witnessing in the Ukraine?  

There are all so many questions yes to be answered and so we all should not be so quick to judge who is the bad guy and who is the good guys in this situation. I am not defending Russia as they are killing innocent people needlessly. Someday soon the TRUTH will be exposed and someone will cover this story in an honest news media channel. But to me right now, it essentially looks like Biden is getting paid off to look the other way, as his son Hunter is influencing Boersma Energy usage in Ukraine and the EU.  The investigation of Hunter Biden is already in motion with the lap top evidence. So it will not be long.

Russia, by not backing off, is a major problem for president Biden and will most likely be yet another downfall of his administration, like Afghanistan. This is going to haunt him.

FACT: Trump administration suspected something wrong with the LNG situation way back in 2018. Trump then visited Putin and learned all about what was going on. That was a primary part of his visit. Does Trump support free enterprise and allowing the EU to phase out Russian LNG?

Yes, of course Trump does support a free enterprise system but not the globalist agenda. This is at the heart of the problem. He saw the potential for the EU backed by the UN to use NATO forces as their globalist strong arm to force Russia out of the LNG market in the EU beginning with Ukraine. I ask you how do you feel about these globalists using NATO forces for their globalist schemes?

This does not sit right with me and the EU also knows of our sentiment as this is predictable. Is this why the EU wants to build up its military forces and actually have its own EU Miliary forces independent of any NATO forces? Yes this concept as been in the making now for years and all they need is the funding.

Is this dangerous for the security of the planet? Will the EU go to any means to secure their globalist agenda even at the risk of war? Oh…but they say it’s not the EU its the UN behind all this corruption. Think about this —> Adolf Hitler conquered almost all of Europe in the 40’s and had absolute control over it. How many bullets, tanks and bombs did it take for the UN to obtain control over all of Europe with the concept of the European Union (EU). Remember that “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. The EU was promised to be solely an ‘economic solution” so how does having its own military forces then be justified? It does not take a rocket scientist to see how the EU is nothing more than the foundation for the One World Government.

Remember also that the Iraqi wars were not about freedom and democracy but rather about securing the oil and more importantly securing the revenues from it since 2003 as the Iraq people have been ripped off. Where did all this revenue go? They now blame COVID and ISIS for all this loss of revenue but in reality the drop in oil prices did not occur over night. Through the decades since 2003 there has been enormous spikes in oil prices and so where did all these billions go? Can’t come up with these false narratives to justify missing stolen money. Iraq is still is shambles and their currency is still almost at the worthless rate. But we know the true VALUE is not reflected in its RATE. We are not stupid.

But the situation may get worse as they will now try to create the same nightmare in Ukraine they created in Iraq only this will be a free for all for the corrupt Russians. We know these US politicians really don’t give a damn about what happens in Iraq since they already exchanged their currency and made billions in 2012 and 2013. This was all part of the stolen billions. How can they legally justify their exchanges since the rate was legally only 1/8 of a penny and not even yet on FOREX? if they can trade their holdings why can’t everyone else? Many of these politicians literally entered one room of the bank, purchased dinar and then exchanged it in the next room. They had inside information on deals with China and so where able to take advantage of enormous rates on the dinar. if it wasn’t for some major protests by the dinar investment community, they would have consumed all of the contract pool. They can try to justify it since the Central Bank sets the rate (program rate) as long as they are not yet on FOREX. But this all boils down to corrupt U.S. politicians.

Could this be the delay in holding off the FOREX reinstatement for so long? Is this now catching up to them and their corruption schemes are about to be exposed? Do they really  have any interest is seeing Iraq survive and prosper now since they already rapped and reaped money from the country?

Do you see now why the democrats tried to twist the facts and accuse Trump of a Quid Pro Quo in Ukraine to get him out of the picture and confuse what is really happening in Ukraine and with the LNG. This goes much deeper than Biden corruption and Russia. This is a globalist agenda item and it is all spelled out in the plans of what they want accomplish for energy supply in Europe. This is a blueprint of what happened in Iraq for oil only Russia is now attacking not the U.S. and for LNG sales.

There is always a money-making scheme in the background we just need to research to find it. Once you have control and power you can do anything you want…. even kill innocent people…..

I hope everyone realizes now just how complicated this story in with this current invasion by Russia in the Ukraine. Please, please do not buy into the simplified version of the news media narrative. KNow the TRUTH. There is lots more going on here and I only covered some of it, attempting to tie in other events so you can see the big picture and how the crooked U.S. politicians, both republicans and democrats are helping to advance the globalist agenda for a One World Government while filling their pockets and getting rich at the same time. Afterall, this is what the globalist agenda (UN Agenda 21/30) really is all about. It is not about saving the planet, preventing some bio pandemic or making our lives better. Can you see it now?

Full power and control over all aspects of our lives so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!



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