Mnt Goat News Letter is a not for profit journalistic approach to legitimate news about the process of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. The goal is to publish a newsletter twice weekly with all the latest, unbias news from Iraq on the revaluation of their currency, the IQD (Iraqi dinar). I also feel you can not separate the political environment surrounding this investment.

For instance, we have witnessed already early currency exchanges in late 2012 and early 2013 by political figures during the president Barrack Obama administration. We also witness enormous corruption in the daily currency auctions as US Congressmen, Senators and influential figures once again keep sucking money out of Iraq. So where is the incentive then for the US to help Iraq? Simply put, there is none! If anything there is just the opposite as to help them and more them ahead would be a detriment to all these corruption schemes.

We also have witnesses the social communist attempt to take over Iraq as a puppet state of Iran. We see these Marxist movement too within the USA. This ideology is perpetrated using the Iranian Kud forces, now stationed in Iraq leftover from the war on ISIS. These Iranian militia are a tool, now part of the security issues and not the solution to a free and liberated Iraq. They are the strongarm of the Iranian backed politicians. Yes, it is now illegal for the average citizen in Iraq to carry a gun in the open but the Iranian militia may carry them as they walk the streets and no one challenges them. So, please don’t tell me there are not political challenges too facing Iraq in getting their beloved dinar reinstated back on course, back on FOREX. These challenges should be reported on and we all should know what these politicians are doing and how it effects our investment.

So, as a result of all I witnessed over the years, I decided to publish this newsletter since, as direct currency investors, we all need to get to the source of the TRUTH of any revaluation. timeline. Since I have used the word “TRUTH” as my theme, it seems others have picked up on this buzzword too and are now using it to lull you into their sites and conference calls. But I assure you many of them are not TRUTHFUL or very honest people.

Many of these people (intel gurus) are dumb and have no business reporting on the news of Iraq, especially on the monetary reform program. This is the discouraging part. So where do you go for the news? They take simple grains from events and turn them into mountains of intel, slanted to meet their own purpose. What is their purpose? The end result is lies and deception into making you believe that perhaps this week or this weekend it the time for the revaluation. I am so sick and tired of all these false claims of RV that can not be backed up with any sense of FACTUAL evidence. It is all hype, rumors and opinions.

Here is the ironic part. These same intel guru publish their news and have their conference calls projecting and speculating an imminent revaluation of the dinar. Bank manages read and listen to their intel. Then, they begin to plan for people to come into the banks to exchange. But this of course never happens. OFAC sanctions are still in place and we are not going to the bank to exchange until the IQD is reinstated back on FOREX. So now do you see just how foolish all this nonsense is by these intel gurus? What came first the chicken or the egg? No, the banks did not get notified by the US Treasury of any imminent RV. Instead they are just responding to what these stupid speculative intel gurus have said and told them.

So, let me get this straight. The intel gurus can initiate the RV? Of course this is total nonsense. But the banks listen to it. For some bizarre reason they trust some of these gurus. Why? How many times must they be fooled before the learn. I have begun to hate being called an “intel guru” as for me it has connotations of being a stupid idiot, and a moron. You wouldn’t mind it so much by these are grown up men who brag to know so much.

So what really is the purpose of these “intel gurus”? Is it to inform you of the truth or to make money off the pre-RV time period. Yes, we can see all the products and advertisers. These are the scammers of the IQD.

So, after observing many years of this bullshit, I decided to get involved. Getting involved often means criticism as they did not like me very much when I exposed their bullshit and lies. I was thrown off many sites including Face Book for being outspoken about the TRUTH of this investment. Seems I hit a lot of nerves.

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