In the USA we all must know by now of the Mar- a- Lago, Florida, home of Donald Trump, breaking in by the FBI. It is my understanding that with a search warrant you can’t just break in to any house unless certain conditions are met. So, this alone was illegal. Yes, there are conditions as to when they can but this did not meet those conditions. Also, the Trump organization was complying with the National Archives and was releasing his presidential documents to them. There is a letter to Trump thanking him for his cooperation since June. So why couldn’t the FBI just issue a subpoena to bring Trump organization in to ask Trump some questions as to the delay? Something is very fishy here and I will tell you today what it is.

Many have been saying that since Obama took office and now even more so under Biden that the US is running a Gestapo like fascist enforcement agency under the FBI. They have weaponized the FBI against their political opponents. This is only going to get worst if something is not done about it. If you notice the FBI has not been indicted and many who planned and took part in the Russian Collusion hoax still operate within the FBI. They take the control over little by little and if not checked, this is what happens. We are now at a new level.

But let me explain to you what really happened as many of you are not aware of all of what just happened. Do you want to know the truth?

There is a prophetic part to this break in saga too. There has to be since it is so significant. You may not realize how significant it is until I explain. So, to help explains first listen to the video I present below. After the video I outline the events as they occurred.

Prophet Tim Sheets –
What was the FBI really looking for?

(2494) Trump attorney speaks out on the Mar-a-Lago raid – YouTube

Here are the events leading up and including the Mar-a-Largo break in by the FBI:

Last week: Tim Sheets, the prophet, had a prophetic words from God about obtaining a file. This file was hidden. We don’t know where he was in this vision dream as God did not tell him. I am guessing maybe the files of the former Bush family.

This found file that was found had incriminated evidence as to a nasty plot to overthrow the government or expose something else even more diabolical. If exposed as treason, they will not be able to escape it or try to reason it away, as they usually try to do. Names in the file are very familiar to everyone and are leading political figures some on the democrat side and some on the republican side. Some maybe even international figures.

Where did the file go? Who now has it?

Over the weekend: FBI gets a search warrant from a magistrate, not even a judge, to issue it for Mar-a-Lago, again lying to the magistrate as to the nature and reason for the search. They used a cover story that they were looking for sensitive classified documents that Trump still possessed and retained illegally and these should have been turned over to the National Archives by now. They also had a safe-cracker with them so they came prepared. They were looking for something much more important than the alleged classified documents. They wanted something much more important than presidential documents I can assure you. What were they actually looking for then?

Through my sources I know the incriminating file from Tim Sheets vision has been found and is in safe hands. It will be used when the time is right and when God tells the prophets to expose it. The prophets do not have it, of course, they only tell what God is telling them as they are not involved in this personally.

Monday morning 8/8:  the crooked mainstream news media unleashed, as usual, a standard line of fake news to cover up just what happened over the weekend. This is the news most heard.

Why didn’t the FBI tell the truth as to what they were actually looking for?

The FBI under the direction of the Whitehouse could not expose themselves and their dirty laundry. They want this file of information to go away so why would they even talk about it? They do not want the public to even know about it. On the other hand, the Trump organization is also not going to spill the beans on this file and its contents until they are ready.

Did the FBI plant bugs in the house to listen in to future conversations of Trump and associates in the future?

I know its hard to keep praying but if we believe in God and believe in the words of the Holy Bible, we must also then believe in the prophets as God has used prophets before and we can read the many stories about the biblical prophets such as the four major prophets including: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel.

Then the twelve minor prophets: Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.  

You can go read for yourself how God used these men in the past. These are all very interesting stories to read and will grab your attention like a good novel. If you take the time to read these stories and them listen how today’s prophets break them down for you, it become apparent and easy to see the parallels of what is now going on in the USA to the many biblical stories of the past. Yes, it is quite amazing! Times have not really changed much.

God is still alive, He is the same merciful, loving and all-knowing God of the past only we are in a different age today. We are cocky and through our technological age think we no longer need God. We sometimes even think we are God. We are a much more advanced society but man has not changed much since these biblical times. The greed and lust for power and control still remains. So, it would not be out of the ordinary for a modern-day prophet such as Tim Sheets to come forward and expose this file of corruption to us ahead of time, then to watch this FBI saga play out just days afterwards.

Tim Sheets has many prophetic stories, all of which that I know of have come to fortition. Remember Kim Clement and his many prophecies of the future. This future he spoke about is NOW. We are living in these times. It is here!

So, I want to emphasize again something else that God gave Tim Sheets and many other of the prophets. I will let you watch this video also for yourself to see that we are now in a 3 month window leading up to mid-terms in early November.

(2497) Supernatural Turnaround Begins | Tim Sheets – YouTube

As I told you before this is going to be a painful time and we are going to witness some bizarre events, one of which just occurred. There are many more exposures coming and they will come closer and closure together. Remember what Donna Rigney told us over a year ago. She said that at this time period these events will come like popcorn popping. First slowly one Kernel pops as the pan heats up, then another and another and soon they are all popping. This is what we are going to witness. Like Manuel Johnson says “these are glory days not gloomy days” because when it is all over, the corruption in the Whitehouse will be over.

It is like having a toothache. It you don’t take care of it, then it will only get worst. Yes, drilling into your teeth is painful too but it has to be done to fill the cavity and end the suffering and pain. When you leave the dentist and the Novocain dumbness is gone, you feel great. Can you see the pain our country is not going through? Do you feel it? It is all intentional and that is the part that bothers me the most. You might also want to read and watch the videos I present in a new page in the Mnt Goat blog called “Signs of the Times”.  It’s a long read and lots of research went into this but it will be worth your effort. Every American should read this blog page.

Can you see what these charlatans in the government have been doing to us for over a century now? Only now these globalists have orchestrated their plan to tear apart our country and for it to join this sinister One World Govt. God says, through his prophets he is going to set in motion events that will finally end this corruption in our nation, then he is going to move on to this global organization and tear it apart. I believe he is talking about the United Nations and its many sister organizations. Many of the elite rich will fall in the process.

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