I wanted to bring this extra page to my blog because I truthfully believe God was asking me to do it. When you read what I have to say today and watch the videos I included, you can’t help to see the many parallels going on here. But all of this does not just apply to the UK. We see this playing out all over the world, especially now in the USA, Canada and Australia. If you care to open your history book, you can clearly see the reason why. It was the heroism and sacrifices of the great men and women that came from these four countries to fight tyranny of the WWII. Yes, many other nations helped out in numerous ways too, but these were the main countries who gave so much. This is why the Nazi 3rd Reich did not succeed and why the UN and WEF 4th Reich will not succeed today. So, let’s take a deeper dive to look at just what happened with the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth and how it is related to all this.

Where do I begin on this topic as this goes very deep. Okay, so the queen was an old woman of 96 years old. Old women die as just how long could she live as she already lived a very long life. However, funny how just the other day she appeared in public with the new prime minister Liz Truss and was of perfect health for her age. She was alert and very cheerful. Then suddenly she took ill then died shortly. If you have been listening to the news coming from the UK not one station as mentioned how the Queen died? Let me explain.

What did she die from? Was it a heart attack, kidney failure, liver failure, diabetes, brain tumor, etc. Even if you are very old in age, something has to give out for you to die. Get it? You just don’t die. Are they hiding something from the public? So, what happened?

Before you go any further, trying to understand just what happened by the death of the queen, please first take some time to listen all the way through the below video link on, Elijah Streams. By watching this video you will get a very good foundation as to where I am going with my explanation of this event. There is so much going on here and it is all interconnected with the bible. My head is still spinning.

Prophet CHRIS REED: “Significance of the death of the queen!” (

Did you watch the above video? Yes, okay good! No? Then go watch it first.

I want to add that things are not always as they appear. The deep state is very good at deception and hiding things from us. Lots of what was said in the discussion with Chris Reed and Steve Shultz I will leave with them and not repeat their information in this Newsletter. Now that you have a foundational knowledge of the sequence of events leading up to the Queen’s death let us relate this to the prophecy given to us by Julie Green in February 2022. At that time, she said and I am paraphrasing:

Prince Charles of Wales, eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh is now King Charles III. Could this be why they rushed to designate Charles as king so quickly? However, the official coronation ceremony comes later, when he gets crowned, so Julie’s prophecy has not yet entirely come truth. Julie says this will never happen as he will be exposed prior to this official ceremony. But exposed of what?

Please watch this video for further explanation.

(2787) Prophecy About The Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles – JULIE GREEN – YouTube

Yes, I could hardly believe the prophetic words myself when I heard them. However, as you may know the now King Charles III is a globalist and a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF). He is part of the global conspiracy to form the One World Government. He fully supports this agenda. So what effects will this have? Please now watch this video below to answer this question.


(2787) King Charles and WEF just aligned on Great Reset agenda | Redacted with Clayton Morris – YouTube

If only Charles knew what a mess, he created because of his naive understanding of God and how God is going to protect and protect the UK. His plans for the crown are radical change justified by climate change (of course) and other globalist ideals. Some say he is even one of the creators of the “great reset“. If you look on the surface, he is already talking about making many of the Royal facilities museums of an era gone by and banishing many of the family members. He is not concerned about tradition but instead implementing the globalist directives. Is this a good or bad thing? Under the reign of Charles, the elite plan to dismantle & plunder the monarchy of all the treasures and wealth that go along with it. This has been a normal process that these globalist elite do to nations once they get full control over something. They are ruthless. Remember this – you can’t have a One World Govt that reports to a King or Queen of England. The crown cannot exist and the monarchy must be neutralized in this New World Order. King Charles is just the one to do it. Just as the Christian Roman papacy has already been compromised to go along with their mad agenda of this new order, so now we see the opportunity to dismantle the royal crown. These were large obstacles in their way. Don’t believe me? Please watch the following video.

There have been obstacles over the past decades in the path of the elitest for the final blows to the major developed countries to get total power and control. Queen Elizabeth was in their way. They needed to control the crown of England. During the Trump administration the Queen and the US President talked many times on agreement that a One World Government would not be good for the economies, wealth or sovereignty of nations. They agree they would not join in on this plot. In fact, the roots of BREXIT and Najal Fragal’s efforts extend to her. They had put off any actions against her and waited impatiently for her death over the last couple years. So, what next? 

The deception of the queen’s death is this – that no one would suspect her death at the age of 96 since it seems all too natural to die at her age. Even the mainstream news media coddles this idea of her death as “just old age”. You can see them now pushing this idea over and over on the news. But this was not the case. Of course, no one could ever suspect Charles of this deed after all it was his mother and she was very old. The prophets tell us Charles will not stay as the King for very long and will never be crowned as the king.

How long do we probably have before King Charles III is exposed of his crime?

I will let this video speak for itself in answering this question. It seems it could take as long as the spring before the coronation ceremony would be scheduled. so, bear this in mind and pay attention to what is happening in the UK over this royal family and the new king.

He is already 73 years old. Charles also is on flight manifests to Epstein’s island and is connected to pedophilia crimes. let us not forget about the incident with the accident with his wife Princess Diana. Was this a conspiracy to kill her? If so for what reasons? So, all this corruption too will be exposed as God has already told us it will be exposed. It is time to be exposed and will no longer be hidden. I personally have no doubt that it will play out just as God has told us. So, pay attention to what is really going on here since the major news media stream is not going to tell you. So, if Charles is not crowned then who will take over the crown in the royal family?

Could it be Princess Anne?

Princess Anne now 72 years old and the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, would make a great successor of the crown after her brother Charles III. However, this could never be the case unless a lot of people die soon, which will probably not happen. Due to the acceptance of the law of Primogeniture Succession in establishing the inheritance of the crown’s estate, princes Anne would be 16th in line for the crown. Primogeniture is the law or right of the firstborn legitimate child (usually male child) to inherit the parent’s entire estate. So, the succession goes down to children first of the reigning King or Queen and not across to other siblings.

Charles III had children of his own by his former wife Princess Diana. They include Prince Andrew, 60, and Prince Edward, 55, are third and fourth in line while Anne was fifth in line. However, the line of succession has altered significantly in recent years with Prince Charles’ firstborn Prince William now second in line to the throne.

Son William prince of Wales, offspring come after him with Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, four, and Prince Louis, two, in third fourth and fifth place. So, you can see princess Anne has not got a chance ever of being the Queen.

queen consort is the wife of a reigning king. A queen consort usually shares her spouse’s social rank and status. She holds the feminine equivalent of the king’s monarchical titles and may be crowned and anointed, but historically she does not formally share the regnant’s political and military powers, unless on occasion acting as regent.

In contrast, a queen regnant is a female monarch who rules in her own right and usually becomes queen by inheriting the throne upon the death of the previous monarch.

Would Princess Anne make a great Queen? She is well known for her charitable works and serves as a patron of more than 200 organizations. She follows the morals and values of her mother Queen Elizabeth II. This would certainly be in line with a new birth of the nation of UK upon the corruption cleansing process God is about to bring upon that nation too. I believe a Queen Anne would truly be a blessing for the UK and the rest of the world but sadly enough she is so far down the line of succession she would never out live the other children.

Kate was his high school sweetheart
When you see them together you feel the love

So, we have King Charles’s eldest son, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge now Prince the of Wales, would be first in line for the throne after Charles death or if he is imposed. The prophets tell us that William is the one that is technically the most likely to be crowned next in line and may be crowned in the coronation in place of his father King Charles. This would be due to the exposure of corruption of his father King Charles.

However, the prophets are giving us yet another possible twist to this story. Is your head spinning yet?

On April 29, 2011, Prince William made international headlines when he married his college sweetheart, Kate Middleton, at Westminster Abbey. Who Is Prince William’s Wife? Prince William is married, his wife’s name is Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge. Her full name is Catherine Elizabeth Middleton, and she is also known as Kate Middleton. Oh… there is the name Elizabeth again and a tie in to the bible. I will address this name further below. But Elizabeth is not coincidental that Kate would have this as her middle name. Oh boy!

The couple have three children all in line after William for the throne. They include son Prince George, second in line to the throne, was born on July 22, 2013. Their second child, Princess Charlotte, was born on May 2, 2015, and another son, Prince Louis, followed on April 23, 2018. But the prophets have alluded that Kate Middleton may (could) in fact be in line to be the successor for the throne at some point in the very near future. Really, I asked? How can this be? I have no idea and only watch to see what happens. Remember they told us “could” so this is not yet definite as some events must first unfold and could go many ways.

Obviously, a couple major events must take place prior to Kate qualifying to become the Queen and must happen in the very near future since the sons always take precedence in the hierarchy for the throne. These days I have come to believe that anything is possible as we would never have thought that Princess Diana would die the way she did. But I believe Kate would make an excellent Queen and will happen if it is God’s will.

The Liz Truss Connection

You need to hear and understand the connection to all these events to Liz Truss, the newly elected prime minister of the Great Britain. Remember she was literally just elected prior to the Queen’s death. I have to say it is all too biblical and even a bit spooky to see God’s Hand so obviously at work here. But if you remember we are well in that 3-month window of exposure and revelation as Tim Sheets prophesized to us way back in the summer. Revelation means to reveal. Yes, the revealing is happening now right in front of us. So, we have yet to see how Liz will fit into this picture of helping to bring the UK into the new era. We must watch and pay attention as this will have many connections to the USA as these two nations are like brother and sister nations.

The Mary/Elizabeth vs Elizabeth/Mary Biblical Connection

Next, I just wanted to recap what Chris Reed the prophet brought to our attention about this situation to relate to biblical times. So now let’s look at how God lines things up with the Mary/Elizabeth vs Elizabeth/Mary. Is this coincidental?  Pay attention and relate this to what is happening in the US too.  

Bear in mind that God is very concerned about the innocent young children and the unborn. How can he send his souls here to the planet earth for enrichment and experiences if they are killed or abused, as soon as they get here?

Symbolism is everything. This is all about the coming of the new economic and financial system and a new era. Societies will finally be freed of the corruption and the sucking of the wealth of nations by the corrupt elite, who have controlled all the power through their corruption.

But first the old Federal Reserve and taxation system (IRS) must be torn down and then the new one put in place. Does it surprise you the latest bill passed in Congress allocated so much money to collect taxes with so many armed agents. This is in line with the collection of over 3 trillion dollars in new proposed taxes by the Democrat run administration. Since they just squandered over 12 trillion dollars since in office over only less than 2 years, they will have to find the money somewhere. They know there is going to be resistance too from these new tax policies as to why these IRS agents are going to be armed.

The corrupt now running the world must be dealt with as we the citizens have prayed all too long already for change and God has heard us. Yes, it is coming. But this is not the WEF “great reset” as by King Charles or Schwab or Harari I am talking about. On the contrary, as this old system was put in place as enslavement of mankind, with the current taxation system and we are not heading for more enslavement by the One World Govt but freedom from it to another new and better system. A system that is God centered towards caring for his people. Oh…biblical wise, could this be like another exodus from Egypt? Is the Red Sea about to come crashing down on the wicked who are in the background waiting to hurt and pounce on anyone who challenges their “great reset”? What will this new system look like? If you listen to the prophets, you can see parts of it already being playing out. I cannot get into these details today, as this would take a week or more just to explain to you and is for another day. Remember Kim Clements prophecy from almost a decade ago and I quote- ” there will be a young person who will come forward to slay the giant of debt and socialism, the plan will be so simple that only I (meaning God) could have thought of it”. So God is going to bring this plan to the new administration that will lead the US government.

I. Immaculate Mary and her relative Elizabeth

If you are a Christian than you know that Immaculate Mary was the mother of Jesus and the biblical story tells us she gave birth to Jesus as a virgin as an angle appeared to her and she accepted Gods call to have Jesus. Her relative Elizabeth was pregnant in the Bible because an angel of the Lord also appeared to her husband, Zacharias, and informed him that his wife would give birth to a son, even though she was considered to be too old to have children. Elizabeth’s pregnancy was a miracle, it is important to remember that all pregnancies are a gift from God. Could it just be a coincidence about all this Mary/Elizabeth naming and the overturning of Roe v. Wade also this year? Just asking…. It is happening all so fast!

Remember too that Jesus made a new covenant with his people at this time as the old era was ending two thousand years ago. So this sets the stage to where we are today. What lessons have we learned from Jesus’s life? Today in our time of technology and modern society, this is in biblical sense, symbolic of the ending of the old and bringing in the new. This is our beginning point in seeing the new “birth” of the many new nations on the planet free of corruption and debt slavery. There is so much wealth and prosperity to go around to everyone but by greed, power and control it is all kept by a few. And, just as Jesus was crucified as the messenger of this transition, as these elitists of his days thought him as a threat to their dynasties, these elitists today are not going to just roll over and give up. They will fight to the very end to keep their corruption alive and many to the point that God simple will take them. So, this is the starting point to us seeing symbolism in the names Mary and Elizabeth as signs to us that these people are going to be very instrumental by bringing about yet another new era. I find it simply amazing how God works!

II. Mary Elizabeth (Liz) Truss

The new prime minister (as of Sept 6th 2022) goes by the name of Liz Truss but her full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss. But this is not all. She is a conservative and I do not think she will sell her soul to this communist takeover efforts of the UK by the globalist. I believe, as the prophets have told us, that she could be the savior of the UK but remember she also has a free will and so will she cave in as Boris Johnson did and betray her country? If you notice the elitists keep pushing and pushing their global agenda on the UK just as we now see the same pressure in Iraq under Nori al-Maliki and in the USA under Obama and now Biden. In her career she has advocated more rigorous academic standards in schools, a greater focus on tackling serious and organized crime, and urgent action to deal with Britain’s falling competitiveness. Oh… sounds like many of the same issues facing Iraq and the USA.

III. Queen Elizabeth Mary Windsor

Opps…there’s the names Elizabeth and Many again…The queen was the last global figure to represent decency, honesty, truth and hard work and service to country. She met her first new prime minister as queen as Winston Churchill during WWII. She donned a military uniform during the war effort and worked to support the troops. Her death is the end of an era.

IV. Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Again, another symbolic name meant to awaken us to bring in the new and end the old.   Could Kate Middleton, the wife of prince William of Wales, having the middle name also of Elizabeth and the last name including as “middle”-ton be a sign to us to pay attention to her? Could she be significant in some way, if not the coming new Queen, to a new era (for the good of all) for the UK as we are going to see in the USA?

Is this all tied to the IQD reinstatement?

Of course, it is. Let me explain. This is not the first time I have talked about this either. The corrupt in power around the world do not want the infusion of billions of dollars into the hands of the average citizenship. In fact, they want just the opposite. Control and power come from famines, shortages and debt. We are all too familiar with how the communists controlled their people in the former Soviet Union and now currently in China. They do not want this transfer of wealth to happen. You must understand this basic principle. This would be contrary to their goals. This simply is why the reinstatement of the IQD has not yet happened as it was staged to happen in January 2013 and abruptly stopped and blocked. Who was in the Whitehouse in 2013…enough said?

This IQD reinstatement is a huge event as millions of people will become millionaires overnight and very suddenly. This will be a very large infusion of capital and opportunity to rebuild the nation and to help the poor. But this event will NOT happen until these dark, corrupt elements are out of the way and powerless, if not gone from the earth altogether. This must take place first. This money is for the new era coming and not now. Get it?

Many of you will doubt me and stay on the RV roller coaster listening to these intel gurus that are just pretending to know what is really happening. Then there are the NESARA/GESARA idiot socialist democrats that have infiltrated our investment calls, internet sites and blogs telling us that there is going to be this debt forgiveness and reimbursement of lifetime of payment of taxes, etc, etc. Really? Does the govt spending almost a trillion dollars of debt to pay off student loans sound fair to you? Why are they doing this? Oh…but all you NESARA/GESARA idiots love it and say it’s the new Republic coming and the White hats? Really? Are you that stupid? Okay enough and I hope everyone gets my point. These lies really get my goat since I know better and the people behind these lies.

So, the battle we are now witnessing in Iraq for over 10 months is a battle for the souls of their nation. Will the good triumph over the evil in Iraq? Can they free themselves from the enslavement of corruption and move ahead as a truly free and sovereign nation? If you have been paying attention to all the news coming out of Iraq you know that the One World Govt has its tentacles deep into Iraqi politics. Oh, but why don’t you hear about these international corrupt leaders such as in the WEF, United Nations and the European Union? It is because they hide behind their organizations in secrecy, deception and perception given by the fake news media.

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