Signs of the Times

(We Must Make the Connections)

Oh…you may think that these three signs of the times or, as I call them “subtle reminders”, are just flag waving, support or solidarity for a cause. Even though these causes may sound noble enough there is much deception going on behind them. But there is much more to what we see every day and why these signs must be right in our faces every day. This is all intentional and it is a shame that good-hearted people trying to make a difference are being taken advantage of. So, what I am about to show you is that these subtle reminders are NOT all about FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE as they are portrayed.   

The perpetrators behind the signs are trying to tell us they are all about freedom, liberty and justice. Really? This is the deception. This is how they get us to go along with these very radical ideas. So, I warned you before that whenever an issue is over-emphasized and exasperated to the point, they are now pushing this bullshit upon us, then we must raise our RED Flag and go forward with caution. This means putting on the brakes and taking time to investigate and research prior to just buying in and going off half-cocked, as most Americans seem to have done.

Remember the deep state’s motto- “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  

Remember who the deep state is?

The deep state are the very wealthy influencers, elitists behind the scenes using the United Nations, NATO, WEF and other associated organizations to push their agenda upon the world. Their main agenda they say is for the good of all mankind. Really?

Again, there is always a nice sounding, utopia attitude towards their programs. They use their nice buzz words that are all nice sounding as if the world is going to change and be so much better afterwards. Words like sustainable growth, quality of life, etc. But just look at the pain and suffering it is causing. Isn’t this proof enough of their bizarre plan for society?

Bear in mind as you get information and watch the videos I present today, that their main goal is to reduce the population down from almost 8 billion people to 2 billion people. The Georgia Guidestones even when further done to 50 million. This is their words not mine. I am only messenger. You can go read the UN Agenda 21/30 plan and other documents for yourself. Of course, they have to hide the real intent under “sustainable development”. They want “quality of life” not quantity of life. But this ideology of course is just lofty words to gain total control and power over all resources and this includes your banks accounts and your life. God can only help the day they gain total control.

Agenda 21 .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform (

The only way to do this “de-population” is to slowly reduce it over decades using the tools that they have already implemented and maybe more to come. The depopulations program has already begun and if you look at statics it shows sharp declines in birth rates thus population decreases in many areas. The use a series of narratives like global warming, climate change, pandemic, Russian invasion, Russian collusion, etc. strike FEAR in your mind to accept these narratives. I often wonder what their next new narrative will be going into the midterm elections in 2022.

I will explain how they use some of these narratives to manipulate us. So, they can’t, at least for now, transport us all to death camps as the Nazis did in WW2, as this would be way too drastic and out in the open as to their sinister plan for depopulation. But what is the difference if you do it over abortion rights, drugs, alcohol, vaccines, viruses, wars, etc… It is all the same only we can accept these slow methods easier and many never make the  connection to their depopulation plan as they put logic behind them for us “saps” to accept.

Let me explain what is going on here. There are underlying objectives to bring the United States of America down to its knees. They want your bank accounts and they want the vast resources of the lands of the USA. We can all now see it as it is now right in our faces with only a year and a half of the Biden led democrat administration. They are moving ahead now on steroids with their plans.

They use many symbols to keep pounding into your head the changes they are attempting to make. They are not just symbols but signs of danger. If you study Marxist covert operations on how to take over a country the use of symbolism is very important.

So how is wearing a mask symbolism?

As the pandemic winds down and many of us take off the mask we relax and tend to go back to normal. This is what should happen. But this is not what the deep state wants. They want to continue the fear as they talk about variants and now monkeypox. They must keep the fear going thus keep, at least some of the people with the mask on. These are the most suseptable people who can’t let go of the fear and relationize in their minds these masks really are not much protection,if protection was still even needed at all.

So, there are symbols being used now to keep us in these crises we witness. Even once the crisis is over and settles down these symbols continue to push,push and push more into our minds the crisis over and over again. So phychologicaly the crisis never really ends. It is always there everytime we see these sympbols.    

The first sign being of the course the use of the mask.

Many of us are all too fed up with wearing masks when we know they do very little for prevention of transmission. The mask was introduced when they conspired against the people of the world with the pandemic. The extent of the pandemic was only as real and only as bad as we let it become. Get it? It was based on the theory that we would be fearful for our lives and go along with anything to save ourselves. Yes, people did die but did you find out why?

Today, almost two and a half years later, people are still afraid and fearful to take off their mask. This is ridiculous since the mask really had little to do with protecting yourself against Covid 19 in the first place. This has been proven. Now with the variants and monkeypox people are under a renewed fear and put the mask back on. However, for instance with Monkeypox, it is not even transmitted via airborne as you need an open wound, blood contact or sexual intercourse for transmission. So, there are limited channels even to the transmission vehicle, yet people wear masks. Why? They are not being told the TRUTH!

Get this – with variants of any virus the communicable aspect and seriousness of the symptoms decreases with each new variant mutation. This is how virus mutations work as eventually the virus “peters out” and is no longer effective on most anyone. But this is not how the Covid 19 is being portrayed to the general public. This is not what they are telling you about these variants. Why? Most think that each new variant is going to start a new pandemic all over again thus the mask go back on. How foolish!  When is someone going to openly tell the public the truth as to what is going on?

However, by keeping the mask on some people, it is a grim reminder of the pandemic days. Kind of like a big “fist” that is ready to pound on you if you don’t behave. Is this not Marxism, always putting the population in a state of fear over something? What will this vaccine program lead to? Why so determined to vaccinate our kids when they know science says they are the least susceptible and the records shows that hardly any children, except those that got vaccinated, have come down with Covid? Why push this agenda so much? Is there something in the vaccine they are not telling us?

If we research, we will find that the vaccine is based on breaking down you immune system. Since children have a strong immune system, they do easily fight off the virus Covid. Why vaccinate them then? In adults if you vaccinate you are making the person susceptible to a wide range of diseases since their immune system too is then compromised. Could this be why so many die from pneumonia or something related once vaccinated? Is the vaccine one of the deep state tools of their de-population plan?

But people are too stupid to listen and will still take the vaccine, why?
Is it the brainwashing and fea
Johnny Enlow Episode 14 Elijah Streams

So, even though today I have explained some scientific facts to you about the viruses and how they operate many of you still will reject what I am saying. Why will you do this? You will do it under fear and this fear overrides everything including common sense and logic. My point today is this – since you are buying into the fearmongering you are playing right into the hands of the deep state as you are affecting everyone else around you as hundreds of thousands of lives are now impacted. Yes, you are now the culprit, you are now doing harm to the public not the virus. Get it? YOU should be ashamed of yourself. These masks are no longer a matter of choice but rather a tool used to reignite our fears.


The second symbol is the flying of the rainbow flag.

I can see that just about every church, other than the Roman Catholic churches, fly the rainbow flag outside its doors. Why? Some school classrooms also hang the flag and get away with it too in disregard to school policy and rules. But everyone is afraid to say something and oppose it for fear of being sued. Do these churches also take funding from the United Nations Family Planning Assoc (UNFPA) ? Remember that in many of these churches attendance has been low even before Covid closings. Now with Covid, many people simply are no longer attending services or decided to come back. These churches are desperate for funding. Of course, the minister needs financial support for their livelihood. They get this funding normally through donations. So, now along comes the UN and offers all this grant money. But what do the churches have to do to get it? Enough said….. They are forced to adhere to these Baal policies of the UN. When are many of these ministers going to stand up to this Baal woke living? Yes, it’s the UN again poking its head into another aspect of our lives. With its many organizations they can twist and turn society now in almost any direction they want. And where does all this money come from? It comes from member donor nations. They use this money not for peace and preventing wars instead it is manipulation of society. Do these ministers even read the bible and relate it to what is now going on in our society? Do they even care? Is paying their bills more important? Yes, they should know better. So, then when you take the Holy Spirit out of our churches then what good are the churches? Maybe it is time for the churches to go back to the Holy Spirit for help instead of the UN. Maybe it is this acceptance of the woke attitude that is going to be the downfall of the churches.

So, let’s take a deeper look at this rainbow flag too as a sign and symbol or oppression.

The rainbow flag as they say is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and queer pride and LGBT social movements. It is also known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, the colors reflect the diversity of the LGBT community and the spectrum of human sexuality and gender. Using first the rainbow flag as a symbol of gay pride began in San Francisco, California, then eventually became common at LGBT rights events worldwide. We all know that California is the armpit of extreme liberalism and socialism.

We have to ask what a woman is?
Is this a biology class or a politics?

How did basic biology enter politics?

Like the continuance of wearing the mask, the rainbow flag is right in our faces again. Each time I see it I think of the ungodly, satanic sexual revolution agenda they are pushing on our society. This is much more than equal rights. Don’t we already have a US Bill of Rights? Is this flag really representing freedom, liberty and justice or just more oppression. Yes, all men are created equal in the eyes of God. We should always treat other humans as our brothers and sisters in love, dignity and honor. The exception to this is when they hurt others and we witness the pain. They we are expected as good Christians to read out and help out. I say this because if you look at all the new laws and ridiculousness of this movement it is something out of an episode of the Twighlight Zone. It only results yet in more pain and suffering by broken relationships, broken homes, divorce, screwed up kids, fatherless kids, etc, etc, I can hardly believe this is really happening and so many churches are just going along with it and not fighting back and fighting back hard. Have we become too complacent in our values and morals as Christians? Have we take a lesser stand with the Holy Spirit in our churches? Is there too many of us who now worship Satan without even knowing it, as it has now become the norm, as we are being told?

Hey folks, if you are gay or lesbian I am not knocking  you. That is if you are an adult it is your business and you will account to God later. But let me just say that if the entire world was gay or lesbian who the hell would procreate life? It takes a man and woman to make a new life. Oh….but this is the point of this sexual revolution. Again population reduction. Do you see it now?

Let me go one step further even and again mention a sad and sick ideology that is being taken seriously. It is called “transhumanism” and “social engineering” and it is the remaking of the human. People like Noah Harari and his buddy Karl Schwab seem to think they can make babies in the laboratory according to strict genetic guidelines. Yes, they say we can have perfect humans. They say we can do better than God even. Wow! No more need for sex as their plans for the future call for total sterilization except for few breeder stud men.

So, what is the transhumanism plan for the sexes?

Now go back to the bible and what does it say? In many passages in the New Testament scripture reads that Jesus says we are made in the likeness of his Father. So then why would anyone want to play around with our genetics? We are already perfect, as God wants us to be.

Now don’t get me wrong. We know that science can eliminate pain and suffering with discoveries in medicine and so don’t twist my point here. This is much different than “remaking the human being” and trying to create life outside of the wound as common practice. Get it? If you read the UN Agenda 21/30 plan for sustainable development it clearly moves in this direction too so this is already in their sinister plan for humanity, if they can carry it out.

Do we not now still want our nation to be a God loving and God guided nation?

But let’s not confuse the issues here. I am not talking about disrespecting people or sexual harassment as long as they do not cause harm to others. But do they cause harm? Are there really mentally ill people associated with these behaviors and we are now categorizing it as “normal” behavior? These people are in our government and teaching in our schools. It is time to rid them of any place of responsibility and interfacing with our children.

So, lets now define the term “oppression”:

Oppression defined: prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control or mental pressure or distress.

Are many of these transvestites mentally ill?

Should they actually be submitted to doctors for mental health treatment?

Imagine walking into your workplace and meeting with a co-worker whom you have been working with for years. He takes a vacation for a couple weeks, then when he returns, he is wearing a woman’s dress, nylons, makeup, and a wig. Do you think this is normal behavior of a normal person? He then explains he is no longer a “he” but a “she”. The company policy states she should be treated as such. She (or he) now can even use the woman’s toilet. How would you like to be a real woman in this kind of environment? They used to lock people up for this and throw away the key….   

Transvestic Disorder: Fetishism Cross-dressing itself is not a mental disorder requiring treatment, but dressing in the clothes of the opposite gender to experience intense sexual arousal may be, particularly if it causes significant impairment. An individual with transvestic disorder suffers anxiety, depression, guilt, or shame because of their urge toward cross-dressing.

Some mental illnesses associated with cross-dressing are due to problems with how a person views his or her gender identity, rather than the act of cross-dressing itself. A brief example from the DSM-V, the most recent Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, that involves cross-dressing is transvestic disorder.

I have actually heard commercials on college campus radio stations telling the students that “it is not what sex you are born with that matters, but rather what sex you identify with”. Really? You think we should be teaching college kids this? don’t then take basic biology classes in college? You think people can just chose their sexual identity and then go further even to try to mutilate their bodies to change their sexual organs. Oh…and how about taking of hormones that normally don’t belong in your body.

These mental disorders associated with gender identity include but certainly not limited to dual-role transvestism, transgender, gender dysphoria, transsexual, homosexuality and lesbianism. These are mental disorders and so let’s call it like it is. So why are we now, all of a sudden telling our children in the schools that what sexual makeup you are born with does not matter and what matters is their sexual identity. This creates psychological trauma and can lead to more mental illness cases later in life. So why is the government promoting these teachings? I got a few words – another crisis & de-population. Yet more proof!

You wouldn’t mind it so much (although it is still an illness to be diagnosed and should be clinically dealt with) if these were adults making up their own adult decision in these matters. However, they have now moved this to a new level – to our children. These children are at a very susceptible age and many have not even reached puberty. So, what’s the problem here?

The government buy supporting these WOKE attitudes towards this sexual orientation is actually harming society and not helping it. It is turning society upside down. Oh… but this is what Marxism teaches – “you cannot conduct an organized revolution for real change unless you put society in a state disarray”. In other words society in normal circumstances would never allow such behavior.

Oh…but they say they do it in the name of “protection of rights”. Really? Is mutilation of your sexual organs at an early age something that these young children will regret later in life? Kids at these young ages hardly even know what sex is. They have barely identified even with who they are in society and trust grownup to help them reach an age when they can. So, now they teach these young kids they can now “choose” their sex.  These are young innocent human minds exploited and brain washed for political reasons. Get it? This is a political agenda and not about freedom or liberty.

So, you see these masks and flags are just grim reminders that they are not yet done with us. Their crisis mode continues.


The third issue I have with this ongoing symbolism is the hanging of the Ukrainian flag or display of Ukrainian flag colors.

They claim this is in solidarity with the Ukrainian people for the saving of innocent lives being lost and a fight against Russia to save these lives.

To me when I see this flag flown it is a grim reminder of the bullshit the propaganda news media has pumped out to the American people as to why Russia invaded Ukraine in the first place. Oh…but many don’t know the truth. It is like a bunch of knee-jerking saps who fell for all the mainstream news media propaganda and then felt compelled to hang the Ukrainian colors in solidarity with the Ukrainian people without even doing their own research. We as Americans tend to do this and we are paying the price. This in part the cause of the problems we are seeing in our society. Instead, why don’t we begin asking the questions as to what is really going on in Ukraine and why would Russia just attack them. No, they are not trying to spread communism. Where have you been? Russia has not been communist for almost a half century. By the way Ukraine is NOT winning the conflict either as the mainstream news media leads you to falsely believe.

I agree there are many innocent lives of civilians being lost in Ukraine over this attack by Russia. But war is hell and civilians unfortunately pay the ultimate price in any war. I do not want to downplay the sadness and sorrow of the families that lost loved ones in this fighting. The sad part is many of these same people are liberal socialists who have no problem killing 70 million innocent babies since the early 1970’s over Roe vs Wade.

My point here today is that many who fly that Ukrainian flag don’t really know what the hell they are doing. They need to research Ukraine first and they will learn it is the MOST CORRUPT country on the entire planet. It is the playground of the deep state. It is where the deep state safely operates and manipulate the countries of the world, that is up until the Russian invasion.

Was this invasion way overdue? Why did the G7 meeting years ago talk about finding other sources of energy for Europe off of Russian energy?  

Please go link to the section of my blog titled:

What is really going on with the Russian vs Ukraine conflict”. You might want to take down your Ukraine flag after watching some of this important information.   

I know this may sound very radical as maybe we all should be flying the Russian flag instead, but oh no! They already have us all brainwashed that Russians are the bad guys since this fiasco of lies with the Russian collusion and Donald Trump. We must stick to the deep state narrative or else.

In Summary:

I have tried to point out just a couple of the symbols used as signs f the times right in our faces every day. Yes, they are meant to be that way too. We accept and buy into the madness without stopping to do much research and just follow it mindlessly. Our sense of fairness and heart-felt caring is good but sometimes we need to put on the brakes, research and think about what is really going on. Things are not always as they seem on the surface. The deep state knows how your brain works and will take advantage of your good nature. Get it? This is manipulation and brainwashing! This unscared, satanic movement towards Baal worship is real. The sad part is many don’t even recognize what they are really doing and how it is disobedience to God’s laws, effects the spirit world and our world. The attitude is now “anything goes” and this is so easy to do and to just go a long with it. We must stop and think about the long-term ramifications of this crap on society and the survival of our nation.

If I can impose any one last thought on you today it would be this- we are being intentionally manipulated. This is not just happening. There are manipulators behind the scenes funding these movements and orchestrating them. This is NOT a natural evolution of man. This is not about a “summer of love” and “living and accepting one another”, as I wish it could be. It is all for a purpose and we have seen societies come and go throughout the history of man as a result of worshipping the wrong God. Yes, a God of the flesh is wrong and that is my last point.

Its 2022 not 1940 and they have come for our children…
Prophet Tim Sheets
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