Covid 19 Vaccine

There are safe alternatives to Covid Vaccines for prevention or post-treatment that work, why are they not recommending them or telling us about them?

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

                           Just the FACTS!

In case you have not caught on yet, the government’s position on Covid treatment is not about saving lives but instead all about bringing the body count as high as possible to justify the pandemic (planned-demic). They need the FEAR and fear is power and control.

Let me explain. I am talking about an untested vaccine that has been rolled out to the general public when there were other, more safe alternatives to combating this virus. Get it?

First, we must establish just how bad this virus really is or are we being conned into thinking it is so bad. Of course, the elderly and those susceptible with existing health conditions that can compromise the quality of their health are at greater risk. They always are with any new virus so this is nothing new. What was new about Covid 19 is how the FAKE news media exploited it for political reasons and hyped it up in the news. Then there were so many irregularities that took place in convalescent homes and hospitals over this virus to bring the body count up. Most of this could have been avoided, yes completely avoided but that was not the objective. The objective was to bring the body count as high as possible by any means possible. Get it? They needed a lot of people to die. Get it? A good pandemic can’t succeed to create the kind of fear they needed unless people were dying. Get it?

This is why Dr Fauci, the CDC advisor to the president of the U.S., an unappointed, unelected official who fluctuated so much on his medical opinion as to how to safeguard and treat COIVD 19 and its so-called variants. He could have easily supported these safe alternatives to the vaccine I am about to present to you. At the time he did not consult with known doctors who were already treating patients. So why didn’t he? Why did he later hype on vaccines so much? He knew the vaccines were coming and this was part of the plan all along. Get it? Why did he hype on keeping these damned mask on so much when the evidence was overwhelming that they did very little to combat the spread? This we evident when he even suggested wearing up to 3 masks at a time. If a mask was helpful then why recommend 2 or even 3 masks at a time? It was all about FEAR mongering and the masks represent a daily dose of seeing all around you.

THINK ABOUT THIS – if COVID 19 virus was really so deadly then the ones perpetrating this conspiracy on the world would be subject to the same contamination too. Won’t they also be susceptible? Could they also not die? So, this fact alone tells us this virus:

  1. was in fact not as deadly as it was made out to be and advertised by the crooked, fake news media;
  2. tells us they already had some sort of remedy for it and way before the vaccine was developed since it did not get rolled out until much later. These sinister people do not roll out harmful viruses that they themselves could be susceptible from without first having a predetermined remedy that will work for themselves;
  3. Why did the govt, under Fauci’s CDC direction, fund “gain of function” research in the first place which was outlawed? Then we find out this research was later outsourced to China and the development continued over there;
  4. Why did Fauci and the CDC not recommend and then rollout these long standing, safer and easily to obtainable remedies to the general public? Why such an emphasis on this vaccine that we know today is killing people?  Is the big pharma industry driving this vaccine and not common sense and science? Yes, they even got the federal government paying billions of the bill for this vaccine so this is guaranteed money. Now all they have to do is convince people to take it so they can manufacture more and more of it throug their stockpiles, thus get paid for it as the orders roll in.
  5. How many falsified death certificates claiming the patient died of Covid yet the patient already had long standing health issues (like cancer or heart conditions) which lead to their final death. Yet just because they tested positive for Covid on the autopsy, the coroner was forced to put the cause of death by Covid on the death certificate. Who is telling them to do this?
  6. What really is in this vaccine and how does it effect our body? Folks this is new science and not just the same old technology for combating a virus. They have reengineered and rewired the human body by DNA and RNA manipulation. Now, if you take everything I have said so far and then watch this video link below you should be able to even better connect the dots to see what they are doing to us and what their long-term plan really is. But in order to do this you must get over the FEAR and take time to educate yourself. This is the only way we are ever going to STOP this madness and put an end to these controlling bastards.

7. Of course many families are now suing against this negligent practice of falsifying death certificates.

So how many really, I mean really, how many people actually died from Covid 19 that could NOT have been avoided?

If you take everything into consideration it probably would have been almost the same deaths as the annual flu season. Such a pity a great country as the United States of America let these charlatans manipulate us like this with bio-warfare.

In the video blow, Dr Zelenko brings out many very important points in his interview that I think we all should listen to from suspicion in our government as to how they handled this virus right from the get-go and now even the ongoing push to get vaccinated.

Should this Covid 19 vaccine be banned?

Is it actually causing the spreading of Covid instead of the cure? There are many cases of outbreaks in areas where people are heavily vaccinated or given the booster shots versus areas where people have not taken the vaccine nor have worn masks. The evidence is in and it can’t be denied any longer.

I cannot sit here and tell you the vaccine contains poison that will kill you either right away by a reaction or by a long-term heart, kidney or liver failure but this too is suspicious as to why they are pushing the vaccine so hard. Then of course this may also just be consequential of this new technology of DNA and RNA manipulation.

Let us look at the evidence as to why they may be pushing it so hard.

Is it for population control? Why give it to the children when they are the least susceptible to the virus, have the strongest natural immunity and the lowest causes of deaths. Then take Bill Bates comments on population control and the use of vaccines in that direction. Then the Georgia Guidestones on population reduction. Then comments made by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum on “remaking the human” and society as a result of Covid and you have a recipe for corruption and conspiracy. Folks it is right in front of our noses and why do so many people still deny it is happening?

What the hell else are we supposed to think? I can tell you that soon the vaccines will be banned from use as we move to more reasonable, safer treatments for Covid and its variants. NO! This Covid 19 vaccine or boaster shots should never have been recommended or be commonly administered to anyone, never mind the least susceptible, the children.

In general vaccines are a problem to begin with. There are way too many vaccines already administered to children and we have seen the resulting cases of ADD “attention deficit disorder” & ADHD “attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.”  go through the roof as a result.

Why are we not paying attention to what these vaccines are doing to our children?

Then we must also take a hard look at all the radio waves and microwaves in our environment today. When the 5g cell phone networks were in the making a lot of stink came out about the increase in microwaves due to the connectivity issues and towers. But did anyone really want to serious talk about it? Did you know that the 5g cell phones are generating 1000 times more microwaves than the 4g cell phones. I need to mention that the 4g was already harmful and in many cases causing brain tumor and clots.

Of course, the cell phone industry and the networks/technology behind it are huge industries and make lots of money. It is all about speed of transmission and they cannot connect to the robotic technology without the speed. This is the long term plan. In fact there is already a 20g version now in prototype and this will generate 2000 times move microwaves even than the 5g. if this ever get rolled out you can count on massive fatalities from over doses of microwaves in unknowing and unsuspecting people. I can not over emphasize just how dangerous this will be for the human body. But no one seems to care just the Covid 19 vaccines and other vaccines.

We have become a careless society and trust too much on these mad scientists who are bent on thinking that they can play God with our lives. Yes, all for the dollar $$$. But with the money making comes CONTROL and with that POWER to rule our lives through technology. We already had a taste of it with laws mandating vaccines. So, this is not just Mnt Goat ranting and raving about some so-called conspiracy theory.

Oh…did I mention the chemtrails. Yes, chemtrails are real! These are dangerous particulates and chemicals being sprayed in our skies daily for weather modification. This is not even a conspiracy theory anymore since there are multiple suits in the courts over this spraying. Even the news media explained in a short broadcast not too long ago that they would divert their spraying to nighttime since too many people have been complaining over it as they watch the sky over the day. Could these chemicals be the cause of this weather changes and the killing of trees and vegetation. Could the symptoms of global warming actually be from these chemicals? We should also not forget about the HARRP Program where they bombard the atmosphere again with huge amounts of micro waves. This has gone way beyond “experimental” and is now a common part of the weather modification routine. Yes, there is even “weather modification warfare” office in which they create nasty weather conditions and monster storms for sinister reasons. They have been doing this for decades now and we can clearly see the effects on the planet.

Global Warming…… really? Did anyone consider the recent cycle of extra ordinary sunbursts from the sun and that it may be the cause of some fluctuations in weather too. A very natural occurrence and there is nothing we can do about it. We can limit fossil fuels all we want and pass all kinds of regulations, but this is not going to change anything. Of course we all should know by now that global warming is just another ‘platform for change“, (like the Covid 19 Virus), the kind of change they desire to implement more political control and power over our resources, money, land and us.

Sun bursts are sudden releases of energy from the sun’s atmosphere, known as the corona. Although the bursts are not visible to the naked eye, they represent tremendous amounts of power, and they can have an impact on Earth and more distant planets as the energy travels through the solar system.

Who is going to standup and finally say these vaccines are KILLING PEOPLE!

Dr. “Zev” Zelenko: Jab Death Count, Death by Government Tyranny, Censored Real Solutions (fantastic interview)

Dr. Zelenko. “Dr. “Zev”

Sarah Westall interviews Dr. Zelenko. “Dr. “Zev” Zelenko discusses the reality with the experimental gene editing “vaccine” that is killing thousands of Americans while our health agencies are paying for propaganda to lie to citizens on its safety and effectiveness. Unfortunately, the jab is neither safe nor effective. He claims the right to informed consent is no longer being respected worldwide. Dr. “Zev” is the creator of the Zelenko protocol that has saved hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

He has been nominated for the Noble peace prize, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and now provides counsel to multiple governments, hospitals, physicians, and public figures. You can learn more about him and his work at

Dr. “Zev” also wrote the forward to the book “Globalist Predators: We are the Prey” – You can purchase your own copy at

Part 1: Dr. “Zev” Zelenko: Jab Death Count, Death by Government Tyranny, Censored Real Solutions (1of2) (

Part 2: Dr. “Zev” Zelenko: Jab Death Count, Death by Government Tyranny, Censored Real Solutions (2of2) (

The Zelenko COVID-19 Prophylaxis Protocol is as follows:

Zinc            25 mg daily

D3            5000 iu   daily

C              1000 mg daily

Quercetin   500 mg daily

Interpretation–Zelenko says that zinc kills the virus, but it cannot get into cells, where the virus lurks.  It is like a bullet, but a bullet without a gun is worthless.  He says that there are 4 guns:

1.  hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)

2.  ivermectin (IVM)

3.  quercetin

4.  EGCG

He indicated that HCQ and IVM are like 50 caliber machine guns.  They are the best.  And the quercetin is like a 9mm.  Quercetin is cheap and is available over the counter.


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